Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Teasers

From Eonline's Watch with Kristin, talk about sparse...

L_Vlaho: True Blood!A set spy tells us that True Blood is heading back into the Louisiana wilderness—and it seems that somebody might be going a hunting expedition. One True Blood stage is currently being filled in with dirt, and another is festooned with dead animal carcasses, possibly deer. Mmm…which supernatural creatures have a taste for deer? (Besides Cullens, of course.)
Spoiler Chat

This just popped up earlier though it's from Wondercon which was over a week ago. Looking online I see a lot of new articles today from Wondercon, go figure? Better late than never. I am having a hard time posting the video so just click the link to view, sorry.

Exclusive: True Blood Composer Nathan Barr Sets Tone on Season 4 + New Characters & Premiere Teasers

In this interview, we discuss True Blood Season 4 with series composer Nathan Barr.
Barr has created a style of his own, coming a long way since working as an assistant to living legend Hans Zimmer. He remarks on creating a real-world atmosphere for True Blood, as well as what will be different about the Fairies in Season 4 from fairies you’ve seen in other genres. Barr also discusses changes in Tara’s character that began in Season 3 as well as his favorite supernatural character to compose music for. In regards to Season 4, Barr lets us know that we’ll be in for something very different in the first 10 minutes of the True Blood premiere as well as new characters in the works.



  1. Very cool!! I love it!! I can't wait for TB to come back and am on pins and needles for its return. Please keep the info coming!

  2. The last week was dry as far as spoilers, but I'm searching like a bloodhound. Thanks for dropping by!