Thursday, April 7, 2011

Season 4 Props and More.

Props for Props

By Gianna Sobol
Prop Master Tom Cahill dropped by our office recently to find out which cross Alan likes best for use in an upcoming episode. Which one would you pick?

HBO's Inside True Blood's Blog
Will the cross be used on a vampire we like ?

Part 2 of  Wetpaint's Chris Bauer Interview-
Only Slightly Spoilery-
He hints that Andy won't tell anyone about Jason's part in the the Eggs killing, it's water under the bridge in the True Blood Universe. I think most of us fans figured as much. He talks about the great chemistry Andy and Jason have, like the good relationship he also has with Ryan. He brings up the great writing for these two and how they keep growing and suprising us. Chris hopes Andy stays human, how on TB being human is becoming exotic, funny but isnt that so true? As the sheriff, Andy will fight crime in Renard Parish, whether witchy or otherwise. Andy fighting witches, throw in Jason and we have comedy gold. He says this about season 4, "Lots of surprises, and some very thoughtful insights into characters we know quite well at this point. The writing is imaginative and unpredictable and funny and moving. I love being on this show".
Totally non-spoilery but very insightful about this cast-
What's your favorite on-set memory?We work so much at night. There have been many nights over the last four years where it's been three in the morning and my cast mates and I are crowded around a space heater in the middle of a forest or back lot telling jokes and giggling like we were at a sleepover. Some of the people on the show — Carrie Preston, Sam Trammell — I've known for 10 or 15 years. We started together in New York. It's been really gratifying sharing this with them. Others like Michelle Forbes, Bill Sanderson, have been great company season to season. The people have been the highlight of this experience.
Read the whole thing at Wetpaint

From NY Mag's Vulture Blog's Interview with Jim Parrack-
Jim Parrack on True Blood Nude Scenes and His BFF James Franco
True Blood's fourth season is in the midst of shooting, but Jim Parrack couldn't tell us much when we ran into him at the Dressed to Kilt fashion show last night. "Alan [Ball] just debriefed us last week and said, 'Be very, very careful,' so there's not much that I can say about what actually happens," Parrack explained, but he happily teased, "This is the most shocking season yet. The things that happen with the relationships between people and creatures are so unpredictable and severe, it's wild." Parrack did report that, Detective Andy Bellefleur will be super-buff in the new season, which begins June 26, just in case he's called on to do nude scenes. "Chris came into a table reading a couple weeks ago and he had on his cop uniform, and I stood up and I said, 'I would actually do what this cop says to do,' because Chris's muscles were just popping," Parrack said. "I'm not kidding, he got fit. Chris'll whoop all of our asses now." While he wouldn't confirm whether or not Bauer gets naked on-camera, Parrack's character Hoyt Fortenberry does not have any nude scenes so far. "There are certain people with a certain quality of physique, why not get those people naked instead? And so they do," he explained.
Good interview, read it all at Vulture Blog

Casting notice for Ep #409, "Run":
TRUE BLOOD, Episode 409, "Run"
Writer: Brian Buckner
Director: Romeo Tirone
Location: L.A.
Start Date:

[JOYCE WATNEY] 20, this self-satisfied young woman "who loves the sound of her own, bleeding-heart voice" hosts the "Just Say No to Hate" festival of tolerance and media event, to join together vampires and humans in common cause. She's proud of founding the "Living Dead Student Alliance" at her school. 3 speeches & 1 line, 1 scene.

[DEALER] A male V dealer in his mid 20s, he meets a customer in a seedy alley and warns her against taking too much V. He's disturbed by the customer's appetites. 3 lines, 1 scene.


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