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Cold Grey Light of Dawn Recapapalooza

The recaps are not slowing down, but  have to give props to Tara Buck, she is a such a good comedienne.

Yeah Meredith's Pros and Cons are up! From read it all at the site, good screencaps also

True Blood tells you to Go Silver Yourself

Dear vampire God, last night's True Bloodwas a whole lotta nothing for a long damn time. There were about 45 minutes of important vampire meetings and then five minutes of vampire screaming into the wind.
But let's break it down pro/con style, shall we? Spoilers ahead...
Con: Also this would be the second mentioning of zombies on this show, and later on Pam yells at a pack of pedestrian gawkers that she's "NOT A ZOMBIE." Going by the gentle smack-the-audience-in-the-head-foreshadowing technique that Alan Ball loves to sprinkle throughout True Blood, it's safe to say that we'll probably have to deal with zombies sometime in the future. Sigh.
Pro: Also on this note, real references are real! I do so love how shoe-horned "reality" is in this show. I love the random shout outs to Google and Fox News. It's totally natural, just like I'm always walking around asking my friends if they want to get a Coca-Cola product while we shop for Reebok sneakers. It's not product placement, it's quality supernatural grounding material. Vampire Bill uses Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, just like us! I'm aware that name-checking TMZ is supposed to make me feel like this vampire alternate reality is really real! But in order for you to distend my grasp on reality, you probably shouldn't have made a bunch of were-panthers rape my favorite character for three episodes. Or just not have were-panthers at all. That might help me swallow the fact that there a fairy war happening in another dimension, and they all need Starbucks Frappuccinos! Seriously this is not a Con, this is a Pro. Because this is the delusion-fodder that I drink up. I drink your milkshake,True Blood, I drink it up! MORE

From, the whole article is at the link, and where you can get the looks the cast wore, including the lingerie.

We Take Wardrobe Cues from Lafayette's Head Scarf, Marnie/Antonia's Talisman Necklaces and What Jessica Wore to Meet the Sun

Well, last week the sexual tension finally got some relief with a spared-from-staking Eric reunited in a patch of moonlight to get it on with Sookie. That’s about the only good thing that happened, with Jesus almost dying from a Grandpa-inflicted snake bite, Tommy having sex with Sam’s girl Luna while shifted into a Sam clone, and Antonia getting full control of Marnie’s body. Looks like there’s trouble ahead, so let’s just hope they give us a bit more Sookie and Eric before the inevitable chaos.
Kill Bill
-Bill’s guard, sometime-lover, and witch-undercover Katerina gets killed by an under-Antonia’s-control Sheriff Luis.
-Marnie/Antonia (let’s just call her Antonia here on in; bad tabloid names like Martonia or Antarnienia, are so ’00s) escapes from King Bill’s while Luis goes and shoots him full of silver before self-staking.
-Not to worry, this isn’t a Who Shot J.R.? Situation. Bill fully survives, and now he knows what Antonia is up to.
-Bill has Jessica over to tell her about Antonia and her powers—do we really need Jessica asking dumb questions to explain to us what’s going on? Is this a mid-season catch-up for those who haven’t been watching? Boring.
-Bill instructs his remaining sheriffs to silver themselves and tell all others to flee the state. (Hmmm, why just this state? Does she only hate Louisiana vamps?) They question his orders. (Ugg, are they really that dumb?) Also, why isn’t he calling Nan Flanagan? Doesn’t he tell her like, everything? Maybe they speed-texted.

My hometown paper has a humorous recap HERE where you can read it all but this is what I'm talking about
Tommy is in the hospital, telling Sam he got food poisoning from something he ate on his run last night. (Yeah, Luna.) After Martonia's escape, Luis tries to assassinate Bill, shooting him to slow him down and then grabbing a stake. (Honestly, why would Bill have those just lying around? They need to be in the vamp equivalent of a gun cabinet.)

Jethro Nededog has his short little cap up at THR-
This week’s True Blood may have finally given viewers the reason to call this the season of the witches. Antonia/Marnie (Fiona Shaw) dominated the episode and her end game became clear – she aims to reenact the spell she cast as she was burning on the stake during the Spanish Inquisition. She plans to make all the vampires in the area walk out into the sun to their death.
If the last episode belonged to Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), this one could be dedicated to Bill. There’s something very beautiful in the way he behaved in this episode. After all the deception he was guilty of in the previous seasons, it’s becoming clear that he’s at least partially using his new position to protect the people he loves. He called Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) to his home, so they can suffer the silver chains and spell together. He also honored Sookie by going to her home to inform him of the spell to be cast and how she can protect Eric.
What’s interesting here is how True Blood is exploring the gray areas of good and evil. After all, don’t Antonia/Marnie and Tara (Rutina Wesley) have very good reasons to want the area swept clean of vampires? The have indeed raped, tortured, and imprisoned them. Yet, as viewers we have a certain connection to the vampires. We love Eric. We feel for Jessica. We admire Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten).
On the other hand, shouldn’t we be rooting for the humans, because, well, we’re human? And are Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) newly revealed powers as a medium to be used against the vampires or to help bring down Antonia/Marnie? It’s complicated, isn’t it?
Other quick thoughts from the episode:
-- How funny was it when Bill ordered sun-bent Jessica to come back, so she can remove his chains too?
-- This episode’s soft porn brought to you by Eric and Sookie. Wow.
-- Honorable mention goes to Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Debbie (Brit Morgan) for their almost there sex moment.
 -- This week’s saw it coming award goes to Sam (Sam Trammell) and Tommy (Marshall Allman) who break up more than Ross and Rachel on Friends.
TVFanatic's Roundtable Discussion Recap
CNN's Marquee Blog is always a good read

Jessica has a new blog-
Do you ever get the sense that something big is about to happen to you? Like you might fall in love or fall out of love or you might fall through the cracks of the earth and disappear into it? Lodged in between layers of rock and dirt with feet pounding over your head so many miles away, it just sounds like a million muffled heart beats...? There’s no reason or explanation, it’s just a feeling you can’t shake and you can’t really make any sense of it. It’s kinda like the way I felt right after losing my virginity. Well, technically I’m always losing my virginity, but you know what I mean. The first time. I was walking around and my legs felt different, my arms looked different, older or longer or like they moved in new ways. And there was something in front of me, in my future, that just wasn’t there before. Maybe it’s because my blood is in another man now, or maybe it’s because I’m growing up and this is just another growing pain. Or maybe, just maybe, something really is gonna happen. And then I can say I told you so. I guess we’ll have to find out.

Camp Blood has a mini mini recap to hold y'all over till they do the vlog.

Jessica Sees the Light
Get the door, Jessica – it’s Domino’s! … PSYCH
Anyway, this week’s episode of True Blood wasn’t one of our faves … but thank God MVP Ginger hopped on top of that mechanical bull of a coffin and pulled things out in the last inning, eh? (See what I did there with sports metaphors? I can pass!)
We will of course be posting our full take on the goings-on in “The Cold, Grey Light of Dawn” in our Blood Work!video recap later this week. But for now, here are a few of my favorite moments:
  • Dr. Ludwig, harder and more often. Related: [barfsinownmouth]
  • Tara, you are officially an idiot. Again.
  • Sam, join Tara under the dum-dum tree.
  • Luna, I want to watch you at work all day instead of listening to vampires talk in bed.
  • Zombies!
  • Bucky!
  • Lafayette can officially add “airbnb for the dead” to his resume (after “hooker” and before “drug dealer” … or should it go under “Interests”?)
  • Ginger should know better than to put a quarter in Pam‘s coffin without strapping in first.
  • And of course, the did-they-or-didn’t-they with Jessica meeting the sun. My guess is “no”, but what the hell do I know.
Let Nick Lowe sing us out into the light-

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