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Spellbound Rewound

Ep. 44 - Recap

Lil recap from TMA Hulu

Rolling Stone's Recap is up in full at the link
It seems that the threat of their immortal lives coming to an unexpected end pushed the vampires into new emotional territory. Bonds are strengthened, others are broken and most everyone is hyper aware of the consequences at hand — even if they're not immortal. As Amnesia Eric says in perhaps the wisest moment of the season so far, "There is no right and wrong. These are human notions." So the real question, then, is what is controlling tonight's episode: conscious decisions or spellbound actions?
After Elton's, again just posting snippets, whole article at link-

Mantonia  casts a spell that induces some sort of supernatural fog (you don’t play Harry Potter's Aunt for six movies without learning a thing or two) exacerbating the confusion. In the midst of it, several key things happen:
– Tara shoots a vamp with a wood bullet, getting herself covered in guts. But then Pam easily snatches the gun from her with a snappy, "You dropped something" She enthusiastically announces she's about to eat her (and not in the good way, either).
But then none other than Bill puts a stop to it, commanding Pam to cease and desist. Pam is all, "This is so f**king lame," but he's her effing king and, as his subject, she is forced to comply.

Buddy TV's, Showdown in the Cemetary
Jessica's Dilemma: After being saved from the light by Jason, she kisses him and quickly realizes she needs to dump Hoyt. First she dreams of a scenario where she kills him because he's so whiny and pathetic, then she goes outside for some hot car sex with Jason. That sounds like a good plan, but in reality, Hoyt uninvites her from his home and, when she tries to seek comfort with Jason, he somehow resists his overpowering sexual urges and uninvites her from his home too. Poor Jessica went from having two men pine for her to having none in a matter of seconds.

Jethro's recap at THR
Sam’s (Sam Trammell) luck with the ladies hasn’t gotten any better. Wolf pack leader Marcus (Daniel Buran) has discovered he’s dating Luna (Janina Gavankar) and we’re thinking things are about to get very bad for all of them.

Meredith's Pros and Cons are posted at, I wait for these every week. More at the link.

Pro: Sookie allows Eric to feed off of her (it's a trust thing). Later Eric bites into his hand and asks Sookie to join his Sisterhood of the Traveling Sex Pants. She agrees.

Pro: Deputy Ellis makes a cameo and adorably predicts the weather. "Betcha it's gonna rain tonight. I can always feel it where that panther tore my throat open."
Pro: Not to be outdone, Andy shows up and almost gobbles up the gooey remnants of Beulah Carter proclaiming, "Jesus Tits and God America what's wrong with me!" Sorry Ellis, you just got Bellefleured.

Con: Meanwhile Eric and Sookie are high from all the blood drinking and have fantasy snow sex in the wintertime woodland Narnia sex retreat of their minds. IT'S TERRIBLE. Look, I know a lot of you have been waiting for the snow shower sex scene but watching a cherub-faced Eric ask Sookie if they could make love in the magical bed, just no. NO. It's like putting your penis in a puppy. It's wrong and gross and I don't care how much Sookie grabbing Eric's ass you're going to show me. No, camera. No more Eskimo cuddle kisses. I expected humping a vampire viking on a pile of animal furs to be, well, sexy. This Is Not Sexy! What this is, is puppy rape pure and simple.

Pro: Tommy steals a bunch of Maxine's muumuus (and adorably picks out the proper matching shoes) so he can skinwalker into Maxine's skin and get the gas money from the gas people. This is fine, we didn't need the additional scene of Tommy in Maxine's dress throwing up, because I'm pretty sure we all got it, but hey, it was still funny.
                            Screencaps below from Skarsgardfans, more at the link!

How fast is Jody! 
I couldnt believe how I laughed at Maxine doing Tommy doing Maxine, they all have Marshall's moves down, I love that lil Scrappy Doo loser brother of Sam.
EW has the usual indepth review up-
Death Becomes Her
Jason got to carry Jessica back downstairs to the cell like he was in An Officer and a Gentleman, which I doubt he's ever seen. Even for a teen vampire, that had to be fairly swoonworthy. She was upset seeing the guard she’d killed under the spell, but Bill assured her all guards know the risks of their job and his family would be well compensated. Bill knew they weren't safe until sunset so Jessica had to be silvered again, which Jason did while trying to get her to think of good things like hot summer days and barbecuing. Oops. He meant the moon, never gettin' cold, and Tru Blood. Mercifully, Bill told him they needed their rest and he and Jason agreed not to report the death of the guard (for Jessica's sake) or the injured watchman Jason had shot in the arm in the front yard (for Jason's sake).

Small spoilers for next week, Source-
Sookie's Dream

The Aug. 21 episode of “True Blood” is must-see for followers of the phantasmagorical, socially relevant and often hilarious series. Not only is the witch-versus-vampire war at full pitch, with various “shifters” running loose in the night, but Sookie has a dream sequence that will be much buzzed about: a fanciful feminist take on the vampire/human/vampire three-way. Something not everyone has considered before…
In a season mulling the ideas of altered identity, stolen identity and faked identity, (when does one’s most humane part excuse one’s basest behavior? when do we all engage in shape-shifting and masquerading?), the intimate relations of the three central characters remain compelling. A wild, invigorating ride.
TVFanatic on "Run"-
Sookie has a revealing, sexy dream.
Antonia comes up with a plan against her enemies.
Jason and Jess try to resist their feelings for each other
Lafayette embraces his inner medium.
Sam and Luna take the next, HOT step.
Best Moments:
"If I can’t have you I don’t want to be alive." Pathetic, clinger boyfriend alert. – Hoyt
“You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter OFF THE GROUND?” Because that’s the really gross part of that sentence? – Jason“I’m only good on the V, dude.” And you're not even that good then. – Andy“Can we make love in it?” and “We will be one.”  I could provide a complete list of all the ridiculously sappy things he says throughout the entire episode. – Eric “I think I made some friends tonight. A couple of really nice bitches. Feels like I belong.” Well if the shoe fits... –Debbie
“You just pissed on the wrong boots my friend.” That’s what I call a fashion faux pas. – Marcus 
“This is so f**king lame.” You gotta love Pam, she’s had a hard year, but the shots seem to be working at least. –Pam

From AV Club Stray observations:
Tommy's little interlude as Mrs. Fortenberry was hilarious (her foul mouth suited her rather well) and inevitable, but what the hell is next for his character?
Jessica has an Urkel-esque response to the dead security guard. "Did I do that?
"Hoyt watches a TV show featuring a 10th Century Viking skull. A friend of Eric's, perhaps?
Andy had some nice comic notes this week too, as he talked about the pressure of people's expectations and wanting to "hit them in the head with a bat."
Sookie and Eric's love scene included a tastefully placed bit of fur over his crotch.
I guess Hoyt owns the place he lives in with Jessica, and she ain't on the lease, because he kicked her out pretty easily.

         Ain't no party like a vampire party in the cemetery! Laissez les bon temps rouler!
                                              Dear Vampire Bill, please kill that bitch Holly, your fan Urno
                                                                           It's Snow from Game of Thrones!
                                Witchie-poo always wanted to pet a Viking, this Antonia is a cuddler.
                                          Many more screencaps at Skarsgardfans

Jessica's new blog-

On my fifteenth birthday, after having dinner at the church with my family, I snuck out with a few friends. We said we were going to get some root beer floats at Linnea and Tony’s Diner, but instead we went to the park one town over, where the public school kids would gather with brown bagged forties and stolen vodka. I had never been before, but my friend Erica used to go all the time and she was introducing me to everyone. I forgot most of ‘em, but there was this girl there, Nikki... she smelled kinda bad, and her hair was all tangled. I think she did it on purpose, she called them dreadlocks or something, but it didn’t look so good. I asked where she was from and she said she was born in De Soto parish, but she lived on the streets now. When I asked her why, she said got nowhere else to go. Then she shrugged her shoulders, lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and smiled at me like I was the biggest idiot she’d ever seen. I never felt so sheltered, you know? I knew I was going home to my cozy little house, where my mama would be folding my underwear and baking fresh cookies or some shit. And although my daddy could be mean as a hell, I still had a roof over my head. Even after I was turned, I had the old Compton place. And then Hoyt and I had a home, all to ourselves.
But now? I really got nowhere to go. I wonder if Nikki’s still living on the streets or if she found herself a home. Or maybe home is just a feeling, and it doesn’t matter where your feet are. Maybe wherever you are, that’s home.

From the Wall St. Journal, always a good recap-
Poor Andy. He’s called to investigate a seeming vampire suicide, i.e., the one vampire who walked into the sun at Antonia’s call, and is transfixed by the steaming remains on the ground. Cue Jason: “You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter OFF THE GROUND?” Because eating off the ground is of course the most offensive part of that sentence. Andy, still struggling with his V addiction, tries to explain that he’s “only good on the V.” Someone get this guy to rehab.
Sookie and Eric spend the rest of the episode exploring each other’s bodies, bolstered by three seasons of pent-up demand and one hit of some extremely potent V. It starts snowing in the bathtub and a bed appears in a Narnian-like wood. Eric asks cloyingly, “can we make love in it?” Sookie replies, “Like we would ever stop.” It’s official: True Blood has crossed over into late-night Cinemax territory. One hint to the writers: no one in real life says “make love.” Let’s agree to an entertainment-wide moratorium on that phrase.

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