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True Blood Recaps and More Monday

From the HBO's TB newsletter
Inside the Episode"It really became more about the feelings and emotions of it." Writer Raelle Tucker and director Jeremy Podeswa discuss the confrontation between Bill and Eric. 
Read the live chat with Sam Trammel started 2pm @HBO Connect, it's ongoing

Meagan Cherie
"Can you tell us what's coming up with your character and his brother Tommy?"

Sam Trammell
"There could quite possibly be hell to pay . . . that's all I'm saying."

Jody posted the Eric scenes. Some of the vids I looked at had fan wars going on in the comments on youtube, to say it's stupid is an understatement. I hope it's just kids and these aren't adults who think the show is real, people do the darndest things. Just a reminder, the big spoilers we got from Reddit (re-posted here on Wednesday) ran out last night, they were only up to episode 6, now we have to work for our spoilers.

Image credit: John P. Johnson/HBO
LOVE BITES Bill (Stephen Moyer) knows that if you love someone, you have to let her go... have sex with Eric.
 EW has their long ass recap up, they are good but I can never finish them. Here's a bit-

Bill gets his chance to end Eric, but to no one's surprise and Sookie's delight, doesn't.In last week's recap, I said Sookie sleeping with Eric would be even sexier if Bill knew it was happening. And it was -- but not for the reason I anticipated. It wasn't the added joy of revenge I felt watching the episode's final moment, it was the knowledge that the love triangle at the center of the show would remain interesting. Just when you felt comfortable disliking Bill because he lied and told Nan that Eric didn't understand his place in the vampire world or recognize the authority so he could get a true death warrant, he did something fair and merciful -- he let Eric go. He believed Eric truly loved Sookie and that he wanted her to be happy whether it was with him or Bill. Bill letting Eric go proved that he loved Sookie, too. They're both worthy of her at the moment -- and so the triangle is finally a juicy isosceles. (That could be the first time "juicy" and "isosceles" have ever appeared next to each other in a sentence.)

Sam Trammell was great as Tommy, he had all of Marshall's mannerisms down perfectly, his walk and  talk, just had to mention that. Stephen  was doing his best acting also IMO, Bill is still in love with Sookie and wants her to be happy even if his heart is breaking.

From the LA Times, as usual read it all at the link.

True Blood' recap:Full moon fever.

When there's a full moon in the Bon Temps sky, seems that just about anything can happen.
And Sunday night it did.
Yes, Team Eric, our Viking vampire god and his part-fairy protector have taken their relationship to the next level, and to think, Bill is to thank for it all. It's the king who walks in on Eric and Sookie on the couch at the start of the episode, after a rotting Pam has let it slip that Eric's lost his memory and has taken cover at Sookie's. The vampires tussle before Eric realizes Bill is his king. Bill restrains him and places him in the basement detention center he's built in the same cell with a veiled, mournful Pam. Sookie objects, but Bill informs her that for once, it would be wise for her to stay out of vampire affairs. 
Jethro Nededog's recap from THR, whole recap at the link
We felt the ground tremble last week when the two star-crossed lovers kissed, but we’re pretty sure the fan reaction to the couple’s love scene would probably register off the Richter scale.
We have to say that the scene was well earned for both the characters and their fans. The two have been on a collision course since the first season. Eric’s memory loss has acted like a reset button as he’s forgotten all the hate that has built up since Godric (Allan Hyde) changed him and his family were brutally killed. What’s left is a man who never wanted the life he was given and in effect never lived it.

Screen Junkies has their GIF recap up, I found them when doing GoT  stuff at LTV, this one make me  sad.
                                                                                            And this one is just cool

Meredith from has her recap up, I look forward to her pros and cons every week, they crack me up. Like this bit-
 Con: Sookie and Eric end the evening boning on Bambi's front lawn. How cartoon birds didn't land on Sookie's extended hands, I'll never know. Thank you for destroying my first ever real look at Eric having sex,True Blood. Afterwards, Sookie fed, burped, re-diapered baby Eric, and laid him gently back into his baby bed cubby. 

Inside the episode
Jody put up Alcide scenes too-
Promo for next week's "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" 

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam's not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy's date with Holly doesn't go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack.

HBO posted this on the TB youtube channel, Pam get's a peel (beauty is pain afterall), Skarsgardfans has the screencaps .

New Baby Vamp Vlog

The poster who made those big spoilers on Reddit doesnt have an account there anymore, he might have been banned (tho that doesnt make sense) or just deleted his account and all of his posts.  I was doing spoiler hunting to see if I could stalk contact them. 

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