Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was thinking about the ghost that saved Little Mikey, she might be a good spirit who saved him from the evil Dolly. Just a thought that came to my widdle mind. Starting out late today due to RL and Big Brother live feed addiction.

                 They look pretty sweet together, poor Hoyt. From Inside True Blood Blog

          Happy we'll see Dr. Ludwig again, Goblin specialist of all supernatural ailments.

Interview with Chris Bauer, he talks about getting the part and the show.

What scares Stephen

Some good screencaps of the last episode at Skarsgardfans, and from the preview also.
                                          Ginger, scream queen of the show.
                                                      what did Maxine see?
                                     Looks like a vamp with rollers in their hair, lol.
                                                there's many more caps at the link above

The Vault has the transcript up of the live chat with Sam Trammell from yesterday

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