Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid Week True Blood Bitsies

From the LA Times
EXCLUSIVE: Alan Ball has one of the most popular shows on cable with HBO's "True Blood." Now he could be a double threat via HBO's sister network. The creator will executive produce a new series called "Banshee" that will serve as a key plank in Cinemax's original programming push.
"Banshee" is not expected to affect Ball's schedule on 'True Blood." Ball recently told the Television Critics Assn. that he's close to a deal for a fifth season of the Anna Paquin-Stephen Moyer vampire show. The fourth season is currently airing on HBO.

Zombies. Ghost Lisperers. Smoking hot vampires. Like sands through the hourglass, these are the makings of this week's episode of Blood Work!, in which Brian and Andy from dig their teeth into "True Blood" Episode 4.7.
Also on the slab are Spanish witches, "Urban Cowboy" references, chemical peels, annoying siblings, and the lamest werewolf party since "Teen Wolf". That, and Andy almost loses his face. Enjoy!

They said the same as I did here about Hoyt Bubba, great minds do think alike!

                                    Some photos from Wetpaint for the second half of the season

        Some caps from Promos by Skarsgardfans, I hope Tara isn't holding that gun on Sookie
                                  The hair in this one doesnt look like Sookie's, hmmm?
                    Barbara has a cap with Marcus wearing the same gloves as in this one
                            What the hell is wrapped around Lafayette? Looks like Gaga's meat dress
               Those are Jessica's silver burned up wrists, what she doing to Jason? Feeding?
 Andy holding down Terry, what would Felix do?

          Showing the TCA video again, MUITO OBRIGADO to Michael Coelho!

True Blood 2011 TCA Trailer from Michael Coelho on Vimeo.
will we get our scene of Pelt with a gun aimed at Snookie? She looks like she is out for blood.
                                             way more caps HERE
  Pammy getting her beauty back, Doc Ludwig seems to be enjoying it. The make-up was some of the best I've seen in horror, movies included.

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