Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Run! True Blood Wednesday

                                 RUN! or Let's Get Out of Here, geez, pick one and stick to it.
From Ausiello, is this the teeniest spoiler he ever gave us? There's a photo of it below.
Question: Any intel on where True Blood‘s Jason/Jessica/Hoyt triangle is headed? —Marina
It’s headed for a major turning point in this Sunday’s episode. Hint: It involves the back of a pickup truck.
Jason thinks with his man bits again, is the character never going to wise up on the show, like he did in the books? Photo courtesy of

Wetpaint asks the same questions I see at many fan boards for the show, this one especially. She had Eric's blood before also.-
Why was Sookie's reaction to Eric's  and Bill's blood so different?

When Sookie drank Eric’s blood she went on a full-blown V bender, which transported her to fur-filled fantasy land. It was a total mind-fangbang!
But when Sookie drank from Bill to heal herself in Season 1, she merely had a heightened sense of smell. Of course, we can’t forget that she publicly masturbated on Bill’s porch, but she wasn’t nearly as aroused as when she drank from Eric.
Is Eric’s blood just more potent than his king’s, or did Sookie use so much of Bill’s blood during the healing process that there wasn’t enough left to get blazed on?

Mark Blankenship has his Sucker Punch review of "Spellbound" up.
This week's Sucker Punch, though, comes much earlier in the episode, when we learn that Mavis' white boyfriend killed their baby. It's a horrible thing to contemplate, and it powerfully justifies everything that Mavis has been up to this season. Read it all at the link.

The boys are back in town, here's Brian and Andy's weekly recap- 

This week's "True Blood" was a cross-dressin' doozy, what with Lafayette getting possessed by a dead lady and Tommy doubling as Maxine Fortenberry. Plus, Jessica broke up with Hoyt (twice!) and the witches ambushed the vamps in the graveyard ... or is it the other way around? Brian and Andy are clearly too drunk to make heads or tails of all the double-crossing, but let's watch them try! Brought to you by
I think Bill saved Tara because Tara helped save him in Mississippi, even though she kicked his ass out of the van when he bled Sookies almost dry, he still owed her.
                                                                New HBO GO advert.

New "The Buzz" posted by HBO, kind of late since SDCC has been over for weeks.

The Vault has some new HBO promo pics up, more at the site, look at Nelsan's face!

Some song ideas, depending on what the title really is, "Run" just sounds cooler to me.
or is it RUN?

The title is definitely "Let's Get Out of Here" as per HBO's True Blood Page.

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