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After LGOoH, Post Episode True Blood News

New Baby Vamp Blog, Poor Jess-

The Stuff of Life

I kept a diary when I was human. I wrote silly little girl things in it, about the boys I had crushes on or the fights I could hear my parents having or what I wanted for my birthday. The stupid stuff that feels so big when you’re young. And I remember, I kept this list in it, I called it “MY STUFF.” Like a catalogue of all the things I owned. The mix tape my friend Stacy made me, with that Backstreet Boys song. My headband collection from Claire’s. The postcard my cousin sent me from New York City (she called it “The Big Apple” and said she’d never had pizza so good in her entire life). The Aerosmith CD with all the nipples on it, which I nicked from a garage sale and never told my parents about. 
But now that I’m a vampire, and I’m gonna live forever, it’s weird to think about owning things. That STUFF would ever be mine. Possessions come and go. They’re found, lost, they deteriorate or lose their value. Even sentiments fade away eventually. Look at me and Hoyt. We used to be as real as anything on that list, and now, well, we’re just a dusty ol’ memory being stuffed in a box.
Skarsgard Fan's has caps up, here's some, more at the link.
                          Like a little kid with Chocolate all over their face, except it's not.
EW's Inside TV's Blog-Stephen Moyer talks about Bill's and Sookie's future together, if they have one that is.

“This season has been difficult for Bill, because it’s been all about how he’s having to learn from his previous mistakes,” Moyer told EW. “If there’s anything that Bill has been guilty of in the past, it’s probably that he hasn’t been very truthful, because he’s trying to protect the person he loves and he felt Sookie wouldn’t be able to accept that truth. If that isn’t a lesson in love, I don’t what is.” Thankfully, Moyer has a little relationship advice: “If there’s one thing he could learn, it’s that it may hurt to tell the truth, but in the long run it’s better to tell it straight up rather than hide it. Bill has to man-up—or rather, vamp-up—and do the right thing.”
That’s all well and good, but what about that Eric-Sookie hookup? “We’ve seen Sookie tempted by Eric for four years, and it was just like, ‘For f—k’s sake, just get it on already,’” Moyer says. “It was the longest foreplay I’ve ever seen.”
So does that mean that Bill and Sookie are officially finito? “It comes down to whether Sookie can forgive Bill for his past, though I think she realizes that he made some of his mistakes trying to protect her. She might be able to forgive him, but the idea of seeing herself together with him is something else.”
Still, Moyer hints that Bill partisans have reason to take heart. “The great thing about our show is that it gives you what you want. It might not give you what you want for very long, but it does eventually give everyone what they want at some point.”
Bon Tempers, are you digging the direction True Blood’s taken in its fourth season? And do you think Bill and Sookie have any future together?

Recap Round-Up, as usual full reviews at the links
In "Let's Get Out of Here," emotions are running high, and more dream sequences help us dive deeper into everyone's inner psyche. While a jarring reminder of the differences between reality and subconscious desires, the dreams have thus far served as a glimpse at the carefree camp that True Blood has slowly shifted away from. And, in the process, Sookie gives one hell of a performance as a seductress, feminist and supernatural heroine. "Let's Get Out of Here" is one of the most entertaining episodes of the season, all the more so for giving us a vivid reminder of the social commentary True Blood has been making since day one via the treatment and tangled interaction of its various supernatural species. Except for that one scene where the Lafayette storyline accidentally turned into an episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Vampire blood-driven dreams have been an effective narrative tool in HBO’s True Blood. And Sunday’s episode gave viewers another example of that when Sookie (Anna Paquin) had to drink Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) blood to survive the gun shot that hit her during last episode's Witch War II.

As a result, Sookie had a very telling dream that brought Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill together for a talk. And wearing red lingerie doesn’t hurt when trying to plead one’s case to two men, either. What unraveled was Sookie’s decision that she loved both men and would like to find a way for them to be OK with that, as well. Ah, dreams. That would never fly in the real world, but it does reveal where Sookie’s mind is when it comes to the two men. Or does it?

TVFanatic- Too Much of a Bad Thing
True Blood offered up one of its greatest mysteries this week: How did Jason and Jessica end up in the back of his pickup truck?!? I can imagine a few scenarios:Perhaps that's where Jason keeps his condoms... Maybe he got a flat tire, Jessica assisted and then he couldn't help but give her a few pumps, as well... They may have believed Bill was home and wanted to keep their affair a secret... Or possibly it was simply there and, hey, Alan Ball figured: why not!?

IGN's Review-

First of all, why did it even matter that Alcide rescued Sookie last week and carried her off wounded if Bill was just going to break free of all that silver and just rush in to grab her from Alcide because he's faster? I suppose it worked to help make Debbie more suspicious later on, but it also totally negated the set up from last week's final moment. And that's always been a big problem on this series; taking things back too quickly. Making us think someone's in danger when it's all either a big trick or the situation just resolves itself with little fanfare. And again, like I mentioned last week, no one in their right mind would ever think Sookie would be in mortal danger. This whole thing just led to Bill saving her life so that he could once again be brought back into the romantic mix. Except that I think the thing that most of us liked the most about Bill this season (aside from being made King) was that he was out of the mix. 

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