Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reprising Burning Down the House

RIP Tommy, my lil Scrappy Doo, I will miss you and miss Marshall Allman. I had a feeling and posted it at Loving True Blood in Dallas, I was hoping I was wrong.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry live blogs while watching the show it's a good recap-
Antonia and Marnie separate and Antonia is upset about all the people who died at the festival.  She tells Marnie they are no better than their enemies.  She tells Marnie she did not come back to hurt the innocent.  Marnie tells Antonia they are not innocent they are collaborators.  Who knew Marnie is the big bad bitch after all.   She is trying to convince Antonia that that the people who are not vampires are not worth helping.  Marnie tells Antonia that fate brought them together to fight evil.  She goes back into Marnie’s body, Marnie has convinced her.
TVFanatic Has the whole recap at the link

After all, this is war, right? Isn't that what Bill said in response to Tara's possible death if his plan to blow up Moon Goddess went forward? It's a perfectly reasonable point of view, but will it be one he can maintain when Sookie is included among the casualties?
It's easy to take a stance when you have nothing at stake. Let's see what the King decrees on behalf of his kind if it means killing his favorite fairy.
On that note, the scene with Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric going all Reservoir Dogs to close the episode was absolutely awesome, but it did continue a frustrating trend on True Blood: the show always concludes an hour mid-scene, which is a lazy way to create a cliffhanger.

Sookie used her fairy powers (she still is a fairy, right? There are two episodes remaining. Did the writers devour some shiny apples and forget all about this storyline?) to reignite Eric's brain, he said he still loved her... and that's was all we got? I'm actually sick of this love triangle (seriously, Sookie loves them both, we get it; either go with the threeway relationship, kill someone off or make her single), so I was happy with a focus on Marnie and the danger she has brought to Bon Temps.

Skarsgard fans has caps up-
                                                                             A Vamp with a gun, that's a first for me

 You can see Jason wearing that maroon hoodie in the promo, he is harmed! Uh oh, mo blood from Jess!

From TVOvermind-

True Blood's fourth season is winding down. Only two more episodes until the season is finished. The show has already been renewed for a fifth season, however, and will return again next summer.
In the meantime, the most recent episode of True Blood saw a continuation of the vampire/witch war, although both sides experienced a few changes. After Eric attacked Bill while under Marnie's spell, Sookie managed to let loose some power that broke the spell and caused him to regain his memory, which means Pam is thrilled her maker is whole once more.  But there's a lot of conflict between Bill and Nan on how to handle the witch threat, with Bill firmly on the "blow up the Moongoddess Emporium and kill everyone - including Marnie - inside" side.
Meanwhile, after losing control of Eric, Marnie returned back to the store, where Tara and the other members of the coven were still trapped. When Antonia expressed doubt about continuing on their current path (because of the human blood spilled during the most recent attack), Marnie convinced her that they could accomplish their goal and kill the vampires.  Jason teamed up with Sookie, Lafayette and Jesus to rescue those inside the store before Bill could bomb it.  But everything went to hell when Tara and Holly managed to escape the store, only to have the two women, along with Sookie, Jesus, Lafayette and Marnie herself disappear while in a force field, leaving Jason alone in the street.
Tommy, unfortunately, didn't survive the beating by Marcus and his pack members. Alcide had tried to get him to a hospital, but the two met up with Sam along the way and Tommy asked his brother to let him die. Now Sam's on a rampage to dole out justice to Marcus.
The episode ended with Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam ready to blow the Moongoddess Emporium to kingdom come.
In the September 4 episode of True Blood, Sookie once against summons her faerie powers in order to stop Marnie from bewitching Eric, Bill, and Pam into committing suicide.  Jesus casts his own spell to try and un-bind Antonia from Marie.  Sam will finally face Marcus while Alcide confronts Debbie about her allegiances.

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