Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek True Blood

Blood Work's Weekly Thang!

This week Brian and Andy found themselves smack in the middle of the path of Hurricane Irene, which is pretty much the same as a witch war, if you really think about it. While they're stuck, they discuss the latest episode of "True Blood", including Lafayette's ridiculous clothes, Banana Flanagan's shenanigans, witch idiocy and whether or not all dogs go to heaven. From!

I was saving Skarsgardfans screencap spoilers from the promos for our middle of the week fillerupper. Many more at the link.

The Vault has scans of the TV Guide article that was posted here previously, more at the site-
Mark Blankenship's Sucker Punch, makes me verklempt all over again, read it all at the link-
This brings me to shifter country, where Debbie and Marcus begin the inevitable Mating of the Skanks, where Alcide chooses Sam over his own murderous wolfpack, and Sam vows revenge for the death of his brother. At this point, these characters are living in their own series, and Alcide's flexible loyalty is only a shade less artificial than Tara's, but I'm still digging it. I know a lot of you disagree with me, but dammit, I really like Sam and Tommy, and I'm tickled by the possibility of a Marcus-Debbie union. That's going to be trashy, y'all, but it'll also be defined by loyalty and passion. Bring it! While the witches and vamps are fighting, I'm ready to make room for the spin-off series starring the wolves and shifters.
It'll happen without Tommy, of course, who finally pays the ultimate price for turning into other people. The script clarifies that he dies because of skinwalking, not the beating from the wolfpack, and that becomes a testament to Tommy's sad life: Everyone wanted to turn him into something -- a dogfighter, an ideal brother, a surrogate son -- and he dies trying not to be himself. He repairs things with Sam, but he doesn't exactly die in peace. His final moments are filled with grief and regret. They are messy and painful.
The series lets Tommy die like a clenched fist, and he hits me right in the gut. He's the Sucker Punch of the Week.
More photos when Barbara was at the filming for Sunday's episode, the VTeam in action.

I watched this about 5 more times, I thought it was Jason tied across from Eric then the overhead shot looks like Bill (0:31), Jason looks like the explosion caught him in his pretty face. Later in the week I'll get to some of Barbara's speculations and my own using her caps of this promo.

Sometimes it takes a while to get into the roll of it, but they have some good points.

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