Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul of Fire, Rolling to True Blood Weekend

I never read that Stellan was asked to be on TB before this Eonline article-

How cool would it be to see Alexander Skarsgard act opposite his dad, well known Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, on True Blood?
Pretty cool.
Sadly, it ain't happening...

Stellan, who you may recognize from Good Will HuntingPirates of the CaribbeanAngels & Demons, many Lars von Trier films and even Entourage, tells me he's been asked to be on the show, but, well, he's too busy.
"I don't have the time," he told me while promoting the upcoming DVD release of his latest flick, Thor.
Good to know it's not because he doesn't appreciate his son's work. "I think it's very well done and he's great in it," Stellan said.
In fact, he wants you to know that he takes no credit for Alex's massive success. "I don't give him any advice at all, because for my kids, from the age of 16 their lives are their responsibility," he said. "If he had the feeling that it was thanks to me that he had any of his success, it would just be half a success. He owes everything to himself."
From HuffPo's interview with Joe, more at the link-
 The only move he'll be making is on Sookie. With only two episodes left in the season, many "True Blood" fans are wondering what's going to happen between the werewolf and the Southern fairy, who seems preoccupied by her own blood-sucking ménage à trois.
"They really dangle that carrot," says the actor. "Alcide is really starting to change. You see that alpha wolf start to come out of him--for better or for worse--and that was something that was really exciting to play. With Debbie back on the V, you'll start to see that escalate and boil over, 
but Sookie and Alcide haven't had their final moment yet."
Collider has an interview with Kevin Alejandro asking what he's doing with his hiatus, 
which will turn put to be a funny one if he is killed off in the finale. Read it all at the link.
Did the fact that the relationship between Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jesus is not in the books and therefore wide open in its development, help in making this role less nerve-wracking, since there were no preconceived notions about this character?
ALEJANDRO: I think so. And the way they’ve written both Jesus and Lafayette, just leaves more room for people to form an audience relationship with them and grab onto the characters.

With the year jump in time this season, did you talk about how the relationship between Jesus and Lafayette changed and evolved over that year?
ALEJANDRO: Yeah. It’s one year later, so a lot happened during that year. Also, Nelsan and myself are comfortable with each other as friends now. We’re a lot closer as Kevin and Nelsan, so we play off each other more and we just feel a little freer. I’ve learned so much by working with that guy. He is a genius, when it comes to our craft. He’s one of the best at it. I love working with the dude. I might be a little biased because I had a lot more to do, but the writing was really good this season. The stuff that Nelsan and I got to go through together was really great this year.
kevin-alejandro-nelson-ellis-true-blood-imageNow that you’ve gotten to play this character for a little bit, how do you see Jesus? What kind of person is he to you, especially after this season?
ALEJANDRO: Without giving anything away, Jesus is considerate, kind and loving, and he’s so in love with Lafayette. But, there’s a darkness in him, too. He’s a well-balanced character. With everybody, there’s good and bad. It’s to-be-determined which one prevails.

In learning about this character, what aspects of him have most surprised you?
ALEJANDRO: It was not necessarily surprising, but getting into his backstory, figuring out where he came from and who he was as a child, and the different parts of the world that he lived in, was intriguing to me and interesting to learn.

Has it been fun to see the witches become this unexpected and very real threat to the vampires?
ALEJANDRO: Absolutely! It’s so cool. It’s very fun. With this show, in particular, it’s not very often that you get to play with everyone. This season, everyone has been all over the place. There are relationships with everyone now. I get to go through all the Bon Temps people.
Did you have any particular favorite episodes or moments this season?
ALEJANDRO: From Episode 5 to the season finale. Everything just blows up. When I was reading it, I was like, “Oh, my god!” I haven’t seen any of it, but if it shows anything like it read, everyone is going to just be amazed. It’s pretty cool!

Carrie Preston on Blogtalk Radio, the whole thing is there
Carrie spills on what it has been like to film scenes with some of the original Bon Temps crew. “It’s nice to get back with some of the original cast members. The show is so big and epic, and I think that is what makes it exciting, but sometimes you do kind of get lost. A lot of times we feel like we are all on different TV shows. I feel like I am on the show with the bar, and other people are on some vampire show. I don’t know what that show is. I’m on a show about a bar, so it’s fun when those worlds collide.” If you are wondering whether or not Sookie and Arlene will touch bases again this season, Carrie believes that she has “one more scene with [Anna] before the season is over.”
There are just two episodes left, and Carrie shares a little bit on how True Blood will end this season. “This show does a really good job of wrapping all of the storylines up and also leaving you with a massive cliffhanger, and that’s definitely going to happen. You’ll definitely get to touch down with everyone else.” Carrie also says that viewers will “freak out at the cliffhanger this year.” Hopefully it is a good freak out, and not a terribly painful one, but with True Blood, who knows.

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