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True Blood Finale Extravaganza Continues

Rutina talks to EW's InsideTV about the finale and Tara's future, the whole read is at the link.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think when you read the season finale script?
RUTINA WESLEY: Well I mean, I knew ahead of time that it was coming. It’s always a scary place as an actor to go there. I don’t know what 
their plans are for next season. I know that Alan has said there are “big plans,” but I don’t know what that really means, and things can always change. I’m not for sure, but I trust him completely. At the end of the day, it’s hard to see how I’m coming back, seeing as half of my head was just blown off. I don’t know. They may figure something out. I mean it’s True Blood. There’s always flashbacks. There’s phantasms. There’s all this crazy stuff. It’s very possible. But I’m excited either way. If it does all end, I’ve had the most amazing time of my life. It’s really great.

In your mind, is Tara dead?
Well I mean half my head is missing. I’m just gonna keep saying that. You know, it’s True Blood. I feel like anything is possible. If anything, it is the golden hour though. If she is able to be saved, it’s like she’s got 20 seconds. It’s not a lot of time. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with all of it. I hope I’m back. But again half my head is missing [laughs].

Maybe Tara will just wear a lot of hats?
Yeah I mean yeah she can wear a lot of hats. Put some gauze on it. But people are going crazy! [Laughs]

Are you signed on for a season 5?
Yeah. It’s out there that Alan has already said that he has big plans for Tara. But things change. I don’t know exactly what they have in store for me and how long that will be. It’s tricky. And if I did know, I’m just not going to say. [Laughs] But again — half the head is missing. The cool part is people are talking. And that’s the question is: Is she dead or is she not? Because people can survive head wounds. But we have people on the show that can make things happen — you know what I mean? I don’t know what’s going to happen the first episode of next season. I’m just as excited and curious you are. I hope it’s good. I hope I stick around for a while. That would be nice. [Laughs]

EW's episode recap makes good points
I'm confused: On paper, this episode has the makings of a killer season finale: Multiple deaths, a hot Jason and Jessica sex scene, a moment of Bill and Eric shirtlessness, and Pam lines we'll be quoting for days to come. So why am I underwhelmed? I think it's because Marnie walking off with the other spirits like it was the end of Field of Dreams was anticlimactic.

UGO has their recap done as a play by play, the whole deal at the link-
Back at Merlottes, we get a look at Arlene's kids. They do say the darnedest things. Lisa is dressed as a Janelle from Teen Mom 2. Ahem, Arlene gets her kids to behave by threatening to have them trick or treat in the trailer park. ''Do you want a bunch of empty Coors cans and food stamps or do you want candy?'' Sam introduces Emma, who spills her guts about being a shifter. A man from Terry's past comes back... someone he's never spoken of to Arlene. Apparently this man was saved twice by Terry. Anyone else worried about what they'll do to Terry as well as being curious about his war experience? Alcide drops by to tell Sookie that the two of them should date. Sookie lets him down gently.

Ever see that news article about the woman whose weave stopped a bullet? Tara?
Skarsgardfans has great screencaps for the finale

We've had a day for "And When I Die" to marinate, and there are both good and goofy things about the episode. It wasn't boring that's for sure, but some things just were a bit much, mostly the ridiculous withchipoo goings on. Where to begin with the Marnie-itis?
 How would she know that Jesus family's personal demon would ever go into a stranger? Y'all had to notice we jumped right into Eric AND Bill being silvered to a telephone pole and surrounded by shutters and other pieces of wood with no idea how she did that. She didn't have Antonia's necromantic powers to command them, that sure must have been a lot of wrestling around with the 3 of them.
I'd love a scene next season with Maxine waking up to all her shutters and pieces of her house missing, lulz. What with all the super-sized spells suddenly being common knowledge, I guess we should just move onto Holly having a spell to stop Marnie up her sleeve too. How the hell did Sookie and Tara know the spell to start chanting it? Makes my head hurt to think of it all but I am glad it is over with, it was weak. Weak was how I would describe 2 vamps feeding off of Sookie at once and girl didn't even need a glass of  orange juice like when I donate just a pint. C'mon, give the girl a bottle of  TrueBlood at least (what's up with them not drinking it lately?) and why don't these guys have a freezer full of blood at their disposal?
 It was wonderful to see Lois Smith again, she's a scene stealer. The rest of the waking the dead was lame, they did nothing but stand around, I was hoping for a Civil War soldier or two that fought with Compton to come to his aid, but nooooo. What was Rene on about? The dark past of Terry, hmm, is that Patrick or as has been on boards since season 1, there's something about Terry? I don't think Tara is dead, it looked like it grazed an ear off, she has two after all. The same can't be said for Debbie, that double barrell was right on the mark.
Everything Pam says is gold, she is so right about Sookie, Eric is a weak puppy around her and for what? Fae smae, he has too much pride and too many years as a vampire to be reduced to THAT.
 The Ginger and Pam scene was perfect and sweet. So who released Russell, it had to be a vamp if the construction dude was glamored. My only thought was that he'd be a nice chubby meal for the king, was he hustled off?  Maybe someone doesn't trust Nan to do the job of getting rid of Eric and Bill, so they want Russell to finish the 3 of them off once and for all? We always knew Steve took a shine to Jason, as much as Sarah did and he looks like he wants to make up for lost time, lol. Jessica and Jason? While I like both characters and actors I don't want to see that, and does this mean we won't see Hoyt much next season because he has no plotline? If someone was making me porkrind anything I'd move the hell out a lot sooner than Hoyt did. Hoyt is lucky he isn't going on the biggest loser with that diet. The wolf snarling at Sam could be anything, could be an old friend shifting by, Patrick pissed about Marcus, maybe the motorcycle were who looked like Alcide getting revenge because now he doesn't have a job. This is just me thinking about the ep, sounds like I hated it but I didn't at all and like I said I am happy that witch shit is DUN.

The WSJ's Speakeasy Recap-
“True Blood” finales always have a tendency to be more miss than hit, so it was it was nice to see that the fourth season closer (“When I Die”) managed to end things with a bang rather than a whimper.
Tara arrives at Lafayette’s and finds Jesus dead. She can never just show up and find puppies, can she?
At Bill’s, Nan shows up to tell them she’s quit/been fired from the AVL and the Authority. She wants them to join her against them with other factions that have gone rogue. Sick of her histrionics, Bill and Eric cut her off (literally) so she and her gay stormtroopers are rendered into puddles of red goop on the floor.
Jethro at THR has a bunch of tweets from last night and a lil recap
Alan Ball talks about Vamps

Celebitchy Wonders If True Blood Jumped the Shark, and has some of the better one liners-
 Sookie asks Holly if she’s ever cast a serious spell like the one she’s going to attempt to save the vampires from Marnie’s ghost. “Goddess no, usually I just light a candle and ask the spirits to make sure my boys don’t end up in jail or knock somebody up, but so far that’s worked out ok.”
Meredith from io9 thinks they killed all the right people, her pros and cons-
Con: Sookie explains how Marnie channeled Gran all those days ago, notes how she took none of her advice. Sookie continues on saying that she "feels like her Gran is here," like really, really here. Which in True Blood foreshadowing language means, "Grams is coming back in about 20 minutes." So yay?
Pro: "What are we magnets for fucking craziness?" Yes. And clearly Sookie is keeping said magnet in her vagina.
Pro: Haha! Tara tells Sookie that she hopes she can sit on her fantasy future porch watching the sunset in the future. By the laws of True Blood foreshadowing, Tara will now become a vampire and never able to watch said sunset on said porch with said Sookie. (yeah!!!)
Pro: Hoyt Truths: "You could have anyone, she was the only one. You make fucked-up selfish piece of shit choices." Yes. And as much as I hate Jason for causing all this distress for Hoyt, it's still Jason. I still love you Jason, you and your crazy eggplant dick (remember that good times).
Whew, think she bought that? Yep, thought she's never leave, come here and pillage me.
one more time for the recap.

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