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True Blood Hiatus Has Begun

I don't think Tara is dead, it was just another excuse for Sookie to not only do the fug cry face but her fug scream face. Look at the photo, she's out cold and will need a vamp blood healing but I see no brain bits, yawn. Here's another article, this one's from TVLine (the other is from yesterday's blog).-
“I have to say it was actually kind of cool having my brains blown out,” confesses Wesley with a laugh. “All of the special effects and everything… It was cool.”
If she sounds surprisingly chipper for someone who just lost her job on one of TV’s most successful shows, it’s probably because well…she didn’t actually lose her job. In the following Q&A with TVLine, Wesley confirms that she will be back for True Blood‘s fifth season — but that’s only half the story.
TVLINE | When did you first find out Tara was getting shot in the head?
[Series creator] Alan Ball himself pulled me aside early on and told me that this was happening. And I was like, ‘OK, that’s cool.’ I know I’m coming back in some capacity, I just don’t know how I’m coming back. It’s scary as an actor to be in that position. Whatever they do, I think it’s the Golden Hour for Tara. But I don’t know how they’re going to revive me or if I’m dead. And that’s the big question: Can she be saved?

TVLINE | Has your contract option for Season 5 been officially picked up?
Yes. I know I’m coming back. I just don’t know in what capacity.

TVLINE | If she is brought back to life, it seems unlikely she’ll just be the same old Tara.
I like playing a human on the show. I like not having any powers. I like being the voice of reason. But it wouldn’t be a drama if we didn’t have a shift in things. Everything’s up in the air because half of my head is missing. [Laughs] I know Alan has big plans for me next season. But has he shared those plans with me? Not really.

TVLINE | Have you entertained the idea that she might become a vampire?
Not really. Some of my fans actually talked about that a couple years ago. They were like, “Wouldn’t it be great if Tara became a badass vampire? Wouldn’t that be amazing?” But as I said, I like being human. [Laughs] We don’t have that many on the show. And then I’d have to figure out how to talk with the fangs and all that crazy stuff. But with that kind of injury, even if I got the vampire blood could that really save me? I don’t know.

It's just a flesh wound!

Season 5 Posters from True Blood's Facebook via The Vault, I had such a hard time with posting the the photos individually from FB that I was happy to see the Vault did it.
Blogger really sucks the suck sometimes.

Some scoopage from EW's InsideTVBlog
Since the citizens of Bon Temps dropped like flies (RIP Jesus, Marnie, Nan, and possibly Tara) on True Blood's finale, season 5 will introduce fresh meat and showcase some familiar faces. “There will be a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year,” says co-executive producer Raelle Tucker. “That will be a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you’ve heard of before.” We will also once again visit the fairy world touched upon at the beginning of season 4. Says Tucker, “Season 5 will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies. We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons.”
Scott Foley’s Patrick, who we met in the finale, will bring trouble to Terry (Todd Lowe) and Arlene (Carrie Preston). Says Tucker, “His arc has to do with Terry’s past coming back to haunt Bon Temps and Arlene and their life they’re trying to set up together.” The identity of the wolf seen growling at Sam (Sam Trammell) in the final moments will be revealed — and, according to Tucker, is “someone you have never met before.” Tucker, who wrote the season finale, won’t confirm, though, if said werewolf is Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) father, Jackson, who is featured in book 5 of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. The unearthed King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare), will be back. “Russell is not dead,” says Tucker. “It’s safe to assume the king of Mississippi is not gone for good.” Also look for former Fellowship of the Sun leader — and now vampire — Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian).  Teases Tucker, “I will say that Steve’s reason for returning to Jason is not at all what you expect.”
Then there’s Sookie, who blew off three supernatural hunks to be alone. Fans of Eric (Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) and Sookie’s romance will be sad to know that her independent streak will continue next year. “While there will always be romance in Sookie’s life, Sookie at the moment is choosing herself over all of them,” reveals Tucker. “I think that will continue to play into season 5.“ At least there’s the potential for a new bromance — or a Thelma & Louise-style fugitive friendship — between Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) now that they’ve killed Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck). Teases Tucker, “The consequences of their actions in the finale are going to chase them for a while next year.”
The wolf is a newb??? Steve isnt there for what we think, so he isn't hot for Jason? That look said otherwise and those aren't Halloween fake teeth either.  More fairies, ok, I at least have a Terry storyline to look forward to. Who could be the woman we've heard of before?
When Kevin Alejandro found out Jesus was going to bite it he says it was all his idea to have it be by Lafayette in this interview with Access Hollywood.
It was around the time they began work on Episode 2 that Kevin heard from “True Blood” writer Alexander Woo and creator Alan Ball, that his character, Jesus, would be meeting his end in Season 4.
The actor, who joined the HBO drama just last season, after leaving “Southland,” confirmed what Nelsan recently told Access — it was Kevin’s idea to have Jesus die at the hands of his boyfriend, Lafayette.
“It was, actually. I thought it would be interesting. The direction that they put the characters in [was] so ‘in love,’ where we balance each other out,” Kevin explained of his idea. “What an incredible statement to go into the show, creating such love and having the one person that you love the most have to take your life.
“It was really sad for me, ‘cause it’s the inevitable end. I know what’s coming, we all know what’s coming,” Kevin told Access. “Nelsan wasn’t exaggerating when he said that we’ve become extremely close. My family loves him. When we found out that I was gonna die, he was the first person out at my [home]. We were talking about it and trying to figure out if it was something that we did, just trying to figure out why exactly they were going in this direction with the character.
The decision actually had to do with creator Alan’s much-talked about idea that happy couples don’t make good TV, the same notion that led to Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse splitting up in Season 3.
Good times! 
                         See, this is the scoop we need, whodathunkit? I blame Nan.

You know Sookie screaming for help at the end of the ep has me thinking, maybe she has some fairy power that she can whip up. What about a fairy popping in to save the day? Tinkerbell would. Why Sookie STILL has not explored all her fae traits is beyond me, lazy writers?

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