Thursday, September 8, 2011

True Blood Finale Countdown- 3 More Days

Ball changed so much but not this? I was hoping in vain.

Sam with his bags of money couldn't get my Scrappy Doo a gravestone? Maxine's granny panties, TMI. Wait till she finds out he sold the oil rights to her land.

Ep. 48 Preview

More screencaps courtesy of Skarsgardfans

Hoyt is going to kick Jason's ass, he looks like he just heard the news about Jason and Jess.
CinemaBlend on the previews
It’s kind of hard to predict what’s going to happen on this Sunday night’s season finale of True Blood. Though last Sunday’s episode ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, it seems like a big chunk of the season’s momentum was used up at the MoonGoddess Emporium. These two clips from the final episode do do address some unresolved issues, neither of which have to do with Marnie.
We’ve been so caught up with Sookie’s choice of vampires, that Alcide and his whole mess of issues sort of fell to the side. While Sookie may still be torn between Eric and Bill, Alcide is putting another offer on the table.
Only in a world like True Blood’s does choosing the werewolf seem like the “safe choice.”
Meanwhile, I nearly forgot about what Tommy was up to prior to getting himself killed. The conversation between Hoyt’s mother and Sam is, if nothing more, a reminder that Mrs. Fortenberry may not have a home for much longer. Did Tommy ever finish up that deal to sell her land? If so, I’m guessing Hoyt’s about to be up a roommate pretty soon.

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