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Soul of Fire, Then There Was One

Ep. 48 Preview
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Sometimes, back when I was human, I used to pray. The real kind of praying. I had to fake it all the time when my parents were around, but when no one was looking, real late at night, I’d clasp my hands together, get down on my knees and squeeze my eyes shut as tight as I could. I’d think so hard it hurt most of the time. I don’t know if I really believed that god would hear me, or that maybe just the universe would catch wind of it. I wasn’t praying for me or for something I wanted, it was more about reaching people outside of my little life. Hoping that some missing kid I’d seen on the news would be found, or people coming home from war would be safe, that the deaf could hear and the blind could see again.
And even though I’m getting a little tired of having to save Jason with my blood, since it’s mixing up all our feelings, making it hard to tell what’s real and what’s the blood, I’m real glad I got to give him his sight back. Maybe my prayers are coming true, or maybe some things really do come full circle. Not sure what that says about god, about me, or about vampire blood, but I think it says something about the universe.
True Blood Review: The Ties That No Longer Bind- TVFanatic Where you can read it all.

Ding dong, the wicked witch is not actually dead.
Jesus used a dead body, some mysterious babble and a bit of self-mutilation to unbind Antonia from Marnie on "Soul of Fire" - thereby rescuing Sookie from one of the least impressive CGI fires in recent memory - only for that pesky supernatural to take over his boyfriend's body later that night.
Seriously, don't you hate when that happens? 


Out in the woods, making his way back home, Andy encountered a faerie named Maurella, who first attacked him and then had sex with him.  When he returned home, he told Arlene about the faerie, who disappeared shortly after they slept together, but Arlene convinced him that it was just a hallucination.
The season finale of True Blood will air on September 12.  Samhain is upon the town.  The spirits of the dead rise in Bon Temps.  This brings a new incarnation of Marnie, but also gives Sookie allies to fight her.  Jason confesses his secret to Hoyt.  Sam and Luna wonder whether they can have a happy ending now that Marcus is dead.  Debbie, angry about being dumped by Alcide, confronts Sookie and Tara.
In the last moments of the most recent episode, Marnie's spirit surfaced again and invaded Lafayette's body.
AV Club

Well, I won’t deny it – that was pretty watchable. There was a lot of action and suspense and whatnot, a big thrilling cliffhanger, and a pretty good resolution to the Marcus subplot. But when you think about it, the penultimate episode of True Blood’s fourth season was kind of a big waste of our time.
All of that suspense was just utterly meaningless. Are the vamps gonna blow up the place? No, we already know there’s a forcefield around it. Are Bill and Eric gonna commit suicide? Please. Not ten minutes later, they’re almost dead again as they’re slowly dragged into the forcefield (for some reason, Marnie couldn’t make them move fast this time). Pretty much the same exact thing, and once again, they were fine. Finally, most ridiculously of all, Sookie gets trapped in a circle of flame and we’re supposed to entertain the thought that she might perish. Hell, even if she gets burned, she can just drink a little more blood! All of these scenes were tense but the stakes were never really there.
Jethro at THR has jokes!
This may have been Jesus’ finest hour. He calls upon the masked Mexican wrestler, who apparently rules his family’s magic, to help unbind Fiona and Antonia. Once accomplished, Antonia escapes and the protection spell disappears. That allows the vamps to get inside the store and Bill shoots Marnie dead.
We aren’t done yet. Back at their home, Lafayette has a visitor: Marnie’s ghost! She takes over his body and we’ll have to wait until next week’s season finale to find out what she has cooking.
Marnie may not be the only reunion that will go down in the finale. While Andy (Chris Bauer) is making his way home after Terry (Todd Lowe) left him to walk home, he encounters a beautiful fairy. Horny and ready to go at it, she asks him to protect her and he swears on her lit E.T. finger. We see a fairy uprising coming and we wonder if Andy’s promise will become very pivotal when it does.
Cinema Blend's full recap at the link-
About halfway through tonight’s episode, I had to double-check to confirm that this was in fact, the second to last episode of Season 4 and not the finale. Everything seemed to be wrapping up too quickly and then, cliffhanger! And a good one at that. One more episode to go before Season 4 finishes up!
“I bind you Nancy...”
I feel like The Craft lied to me. I thought a binding spell was to stop Nancy from doing harm against herself and harm against others. In True Blood lore, a binding spell apparently means locking a ghost’s spirit into ones body. This is what Marnie did after Antonia attempted to evacuate the dance floor, deciding that she’d had enough of Marnie’s power-hungry shenanigans. Antonia definitely wasn’t down with Marnie’s quick decision to kill one of her captives and tried to leave. 

Some info on the Fairy Maurella , Mahalo Damon! Read it all HERE.

This morning I asked her a few questions regarding tonight’s episode and she said the following:
“My characters name in tonight’s episode of True Blood is “Maurella” and “It may be a recurring role… it’s up to the producers and HBO… We won’t know until later in the year when filming the next season starts up again.”

Just some stray thoughts while watching
I have to say they pulled a lot of this season, especially the latter part, out of someone's butt. Marnie/Antonia can make groups of people disappear, well then why didn't she use that when she was tied up to burn? Then Marnie has stronger spells than the spirit witch which can trap Antonia, either Antonia is the strong one or Marnie is. Pick one writers. The one liners were good anyway, Pam had to miss her mani-pedi and we know Eric by now, he'd never cast Pam off for anyone or thing, not ever. Gash in a sundress, Pam, you're reading my mind.Anyone else think the motorcycle shop were looks like he is Joe's stand-in? They looked so alike, he was very hot too.As if any straight chicklet would prefer greasy sparse haired Marcus, he must have a magic twanger.Vintage Cartier, oh Pam you are reading my mind, girl knows her stuff. Marnie had one good line to Pam, "don't laugh too much, wouldn't want your lips to fall off." Guess that answers the question if Pam is still rotting inside. 
Two wolves don't smell two shifters and a were coming into the house, at this point I think they just throw continuity out the window and we, the viewer's should too. Jason's Walking Dead makeup was excellent. Only Andy would ask a beautiful woman why she's on top of him but tell her he's been cutting back on carbs. He's a great character, hope they don't fuck him up too.ET finger action and she poofs, way to end a fairy booty call.
Bye grease ball Marcus, I did want Sam to do the honors, he already has a high body count. What's one more?
When the vamps were being pulled into the barrier to burn up, didnt you think of the Bananna Boat song from Beetlejuice?

Sookie, using her fairy blasts so randomly but not when she is in a burning circle, ok, makes sense.
Eric did a nice "There Will Be Blood" homage, drinking up Roy's milkshake, great scene. Oh shut up Arlene, Holly, really? NOOOOOO, Andy and Maurella sitting in a fairy tree, please you crazy writers on V. They need to go back to Jason's first 3 season's hair color, it was brown in this episode, if it turned grey I could accept it easier. More highlights please! Casey (the witch  Jesus tasted) was played by the daughter of one of the best sci-fi actors ever, Brad Dourif! Fiona Dourif, we hardly knew ya but hope to see you in more shows and movies. 

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