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True Blood, Soul of Fire S4 E11.

The next to last episode of the season seems to be all kinds of exciting and surprising. I don't expect many of my speculations to be right on, since this show always has sharp twists and turns. Let's get to prepping the ep.
Canyon News turned out to be a good source for pre-episode info, they deserve props for their season 4 coverage.

This week in Hollywoodland, “True Blood” is down to two more episodes, with tomorrow night’s “Soul of Fire” about to eclipse in excitement all other episodes so far this season. Marnie/Antonia may unearth a powerful, demonic and lethal ally in her war against the vampires, which has been declared by King Bill Compton of Louisiana last week. We have one more exclusive never-before-seen photograph of Michael Jackson from 1978, and two major Hollywood icons, actors Shia LaBeouf and Matthew Fox made news for all the wrong reasons. But for now, back to your exclusive “True Blood” preview of tomorrow night’s gripping story.
On Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood,” titled “Soul of Fire,” viewers can expect a lot of twists and turns in the magnificently written, acted and directed episode. Last week Marnie/Antonia kidnapped Sookie and Lafayette, who were running toward the Moon Goddess to save Tara, Holly, Jesus and the Wicca followers, who are now being held against their will by Marnie and the 400-year-old witch Antonia, who is in possession of Marnie’s body.
Also, after Sookie’s fairy powers broke the spell Antonia held over Eric, King Bill of Louisiana decided it’s war; and he’s not about to allow Antonia to kill anymore vampires. As the episode ended to the hit song “Burning Down the House,” viewers saw Bill, Jessica, Pam and Eric headed to the Moon Goddess with missiles, bombs and firearms. Unbeknownst to the vampire warriors, Marnie/Antonia now holds their beloved Sookie with her group inside the building and she’s not about to go down in flames quite yet.
Tomorrow night, as the Wicca-vampire standoff reaches a critical juncture, Sookie (Anna Paquin) summons her faerie powers to prevent Marnie (Fiona Shaw) from bewitching Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) into a suicide march. That’s right, Sookie has now become more powerful and she’s about to match wits and determinations with Marnie/Antonia, and anyone else who plans on destroying the Viking vampire (Eric) or the Civil War hero (Bill).
Sookie will have an ally, when Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) decides to cast a secret spell designed to un-bind Marnie/Antonia and break the witch’s deadly defenses. The spell however may backfire, and place someone he loves in grave danger.

While Tommy’s death is still fresh to viewers, it’s even more raw to brother Sam, (Sam Trammell) who once and for all, settles a score with Marcus (Dan Buran). Sam finds a werewolf on his side in Alcide (Joe Manganiello), who is pushed to the brink after Sam’s confrontation with his pack master, and then Alcide confronts Debbie (Brit Morgan) about her allegiances. Truth is, viewers know that Debbie is only allied with herself, and Alcide may not find that out in time. Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer) finds unexpected passion in the forest, on his way back home after Terry’s successful intervention to get Andy to stop using V. And for Truebies, we all know that Lafayette is a powerful conduit that manages to bring back spirits from the dead, yet tomorrow night on “True Blood,“ Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) becomes consumed by the past.
In a shocking twist, expect Marnie/Antonia to unearth a powerful and lethal ally in her battle against the vampires, which reaches a fever pitch just in time for next week’s season finale, which will leave viewers breathless. (!!!!???)
Is Newlin dead? and he comes out of the grave to help Antonia/Marnie? I wanted him to either be turned or come back as his crazy self. What a waste of a good villain if he's dead and gone (after this one time).
Sure looks like the Reverend Steve Newlin across from Nan to me, but I am more wrong than right when it comes to guessing Ball's twists.
Loving True Blood in Dallas thinks Andy meet's the Maenad in the woods.
EP 11 Andy finds unexpected passion in the forest...ep 12 and the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face. We know who Sookie found in that forest and who was attracted to addicts.....just sayin'

All the previews in a row.

Hold on t-t-together baby
gotta get out of here
hollow moon is rising
and the sky is clear
so I got a feeling
I got a frenzy (?)
of burning fires
till the darkness ends

Oh see the witch you can see now (?)
gotta let your mind go
gotta free your body
gotta have a drink now
I've seen the serpent
I've seen the spirit
oh the smoke has told me
that I cannot hold it
Look out!

The past will soon come back to haunt everyone on True Blood.
So teases the extended promo, which teases the September 11 season four finale, titled "And When I Die."
Look for the episode to fall on what Holly describes as "Witches New Year," which does not appear to be a festive occasion. Get your first look at how the season will wrap up now, as Lafayette looks to be taking his skills as a medium to a new, scary level...TVFanatic

Sam (Sam Trammell) is still on the hunt for Tommy's killer , Antonia has realized that she possessed the body of a mad woman, and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) doesn’t let the Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) take Sookie (Anna Paquin) for granted. THR

Episode #47 (S4, Ep. 11):  “Soul of Fire” 
Debut:  SUNDAY, SEPT. 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
As the Wiccan-vampire standoff reaches a critical juncture, Sookie (Anna Paquin) summons her faerie powers to prevent Marnie (Fiona Shaw) from bewitching Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) into a suicide march, while Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) casts a secret spell designed to un-bind Marnie/Antonia and break the witch’s deadly defenses.  Sam (Sam Trammell) settles a score with Marcus (Dan Buran); Alcide (Joe Manganiello) confronts Debbie (Brit Morgan) about her allegiances; Andy (Chris Bauer) finds unexpected passion in the forest; Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is consumed by the past.
Los Angeles - The "True Blood" season finale is just a few weeks away, so what better time to have actor Joe Manganiello... who plays hottie werewolf Alcide Herveaux... come by the Good Day LA studio to dish about the show?
Stick around for the end of Joe's interview and you'll find out something very interesting about the season finale!

Wetpaint has a deadpool up, go choose who's next to go bye bye.

The panel from DragonCon is up on youtube, the video isnt so good but the audio rocks, this is in 6 parts. Look at CH's costume! So Anne Rice.

Is Pam still rotting?


THR interviews Alexander Woo

The Hollywood Reporter: Can you explain Eric’s sadness as a result of his memory returning?
Alexander Woo: Alex Skarsgard did an extraordinary job of conveying that. He was an innocent again, but all of the things he had done as a vampire kind of vanished, and we saw at his core this kind of humanity that I think Sookie fell for. I think the way Alex has played Eric is very moving and very touching. Both he and Sookie kind of know that that can’t last forever. As we’re getting toward the end of the season, this builds us towards the climax of what’s going to happen between Eric and Sookie, because now they’ve fallen for each other and the person he was when they fell for each other is now gone again. And whether they can last will feed their story line at the end of the season.
THR: Eric behaved very coldly to Pam after getting his memory back. Is that forming another triangle involving Sookie and Pam for Eric’s attention?
Woo: You’ll see that there’s a very explosive struggle within Eric between the vampire that he was, and then he doesn’t forget how genuinely happy he seems to have been when he didn’t have his memories. He doesn’t want to admit this to himself, but there’s a part of him that was happier, and he won’t admit necessarily his feelings for Sookie now that he has his memories back, but it’s tough because he was so content and so happy with who he was, and then he was a different person and was so content and happy with what he was then, too. Now that he’s on the other side of this, there’s a struggle with Pam pulling him one direction and Sookie pulling him in the other. We will have that to look forward to in the last two episodes of how Eric decides to negotiate the struggle.
THR: Some fans have still not forgiven Bill for all that he has done to Sookie in service to the former queen. Do you and the other writers believe you’ve done a good job of portraying Bill as someone Sookie can still be in love with?
Woo: I still think we feel very strongly that he was Sookie’s first love, and there’s something always very special about your first love. It wasn’t all that long ago either. It’s a very recent first love that was very, very deep. Even though there are all these things that have happened in the interim in the time of the show, we’ve had four seasons since they first met -- but in their world, a little over a year. I think it still resonates that there is this awakening that came about in her life with Bill, and he will always be a very special part of her life. I think in the world that [creator Alan Ball] has created Bill is certainly going to be a part of that world.
He doesn’t necessarily have to be Sookie’s lover, but he’s always going to be a huge part of her life. I can’t say for certain that we’ve made any hard and fast decision, but to me it feels very strongly that Bill is always going to be a presence and always going to be a candidate for her affections.
Eric, by the way, in the world that we’ve created is also now, as much as he sometimes hates her and as much as she sometimes hates him, he’s always going to be under her skin for the life of the series as well. I don’t think that can go away either

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