True Blood has Nudity? No way, really?
From MTV's Kara Walker at NewNowNext Awards over the weekend-
While the True Blood cast are notoriously tight-lipped about what's in store for their respective characters on the show, there are two things we know for sure about the new season: There will be witches. And plenty of nakedness.
When we caught up with fan favorites Joe Manganiello (who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux) and Kristin Bauer (vampire Pam De Beaufort) at Logo's New Now Next Awards, we asked how their characters are dealing with the newest supernatural characters to join the fray.
"Witches cause a lot of trouble," Manganiello said.
"Witches, they're mischievous," Bauer added. "Pesky."
"I don't think vampires or werewolves are too fond of witches," Manganiello continued.
"No," Bauer agreed. "There's some shenanigans."
Clearly there is not much the stars can reveal, so we went to an easier topic: How much are people naked in this season? Who is able to keep his/her clothes on?
Bauer perked up at that question, while Manganiello laughed nervously. "Joe? Joe?" Bauer teased, indicating he might be better equipped to answer. A lot naked," Manganiello admitted, implying fans will be seeing a lot more of the husky werewolf this season. "I'll say a lot. A lot. A lot."
And despite the fact that Manganiello seemed a little sheepish about his lack of wardrobe, we mentioned that plenty of fans will be delighted to hear the news.
"Yes, and that's probably why I'm nominated for this award," he said, speaking of Logo honoring him with the Because You're Hot honor. "So, I have my lack of wardrobe to thank."
There's a video of Joe at, no denying he is hot naked or dressed.

Not a spoiler but sometimes we just need some candy

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By Gianna Sobol

The reason? Nudity. I can't say who or why (Shift? Sex? Something else?) All I can say is that it's in an episode written by Alan himself.