Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bleed is ON!

We are turning the corner and seeing the finish line, or the beginning line of season 5 in a big way. The Jessica video isnt on her blog yet but it will be soon, her vlogs are always fun. Hoping to grab a better  video with Lafayette telling off Alcide, Lala is not THE ONE to mess with. Thanks to Pbartteacher on youtube, this is a real trubie who tapes it on their phone.

Here's the whole promo in one piece.

Still want this Lala back.
They are filming E8 now with Stephen Moyer directing as previously reported, this is from Carolyn's latest Tweets-Great day on set! And being directed by Stephen Moyer is just wonderful.
Michael Mcmillian tweeted this-Shot all day today. Laughed all day today. I'm so happy to be back on my favorite show. 
Carrie had an "in" for TB, longer interview at the link HERE
We have to talk about True Blood since creator Alan Ball is from Atlanta. He sure is! I first met him when I did a film called Towelhead, and that was about five years ago. When we were shooting that, we got to be friends, obviously because of the Georgia connection, and we were on set one day and I asked, “What are you doing next?” He said, “I’m actually gonna be doing a vampire show for HBO and I might have something for you.”
I can see you two getting together and dishing about the South. I think being southern was just one way for us to connect. But yeah, there’s definitely a shorthand there.
You’re probably best known as Arlene Fowler, the redhead, but you’re also a redhead in real life now. It was a wig at first because when we shot the pilot, I was a blonde in another film, so I couldn’t change it. The character in the book is a redhead, so I wanted to keep her that way. Each season of True Blood is like two weeks, so there was literally no time for the character to have cut her hair or anything. Once we got to season four, there was a bit of a break in the timeline, so everybody took that opportunity to change their looks up. I wanted to get rid of the wig and use my own hair.
Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler returns from her AOTS field duties to join returning special guest Michael McMillian (True Blood, the show and the comics) for reviews of DaredevilAll-New Spider-Man,FataleAmazing Spider-ManAction ComicsTwelveSwamp Thing, and Danger Club. Enjoy the goodness…

Best interviewer EVAH! Singapore rules.

Wetpaint asks if Tara is really dead.
Blood art for vamps everywhere-

Janina's interview starts after the 2 min. mark 

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