Sunday, April 1, 2012

Game of Vampire Thrones or

I fought the authority, the authority always wins, the Russell Edgington story.
New promo with Chris Heyerdahl narration in his best Dracula voice, a lot going on in this. Newlin! Patrick (or another vet) knocking out Terry, then Terry looks like he is in a trance or night terror when Arlene sees him. Is Sookie and Co. burying a body (Debbie?) that close to her house? Who is in the hoody, ok I can see it's Lafayette by his clothing in a screencap at Skarsgardsfans. Is that Pam at Sookie's? Is that why the "are we sure about this" looks between Sookie and Lala? Eric sucking face with his vamp sis, she must be helping B&E. Oh Nate! Is that you dragging a body to leave for someone, like a certain king who werewolves had allegiance to? Of course more of Sookie's screaming ugly face. 
Season 5 Clip Trailer
Barb already has caps up, what a slacker! Pam looks heartbroken.
From THR-“So as the beetle nourishes the lark,” the ghostly voice says. “So shall human nourish vampire.” 
New Echoes of the Past-"Merlotte's House"

Tommy Lightfoot Garrett reiterates Carolyn Hennesy's Fearnet's interview posted here last week, all at the link.
Carolyn will be portraying a Vampire Authority member named Rosalyn Harris, in “True Blood’s” upcoming season 5,and did she ever dish  quite a bit, and really good teasers, as Carolyn is known for. She knows just how much to give to get our attention, then the beauty pulls back! She is a consummate professional and fan favorite, for good reason! Firstly, the beauty revealed that there is a battle brewing between vampires who want to go mainstream in the world, and those that don’t. “The Authority members are purely for mainstreaming. We want to be taken seriously. We want to be accepted into this world. We want to be able to live with humans, who outnumber us. That will ensure our survival. There are two differing factions. Are we going to be able to coexist? That is really what this is all about.” Guess which side our Pam is on? Yes, she’s also going to be involved in this battle as well. Look for beautiful Pam to have a say, in a very tricky way! The next thing Carolyn revealed is about her own character. Rosalyn, the character doesn’t have any romantic entanglements. However, she does have a crush on someone we all know and love.  Two hints! He’s a vampire! So, what did you think, it’d be Jason Stackhouse? No, that’s just white trash from Bon Temps, were-panthers and Truebies! Lastly, beautiful actress Hennessey revealed that, “there is a real push for mainstreaming. A real push. And then what ultimately results from that tremendous push.”  Ok, you think we get the point yet? Leave it to Carolyn to emphasize the positive of things! She is positively the most divine actress, and leading lady!A set-side source tells Highlight Hollywood, “Alan [Ball] loves working with your pal Carolyn Hennessey. She will most likely end up in more than the seven episodes she’s already shot.”  Well, it’s too damn bad “True Blood’ is only limited to so few episodes each season. Truebies can’t get enough of the show.  The source also added, “Tommy, there are big changes coming, and someone is coming back that you won’t be able to guess who either. It’s a big secret, they plan on filming 2 days next week an even more “Closed” set than normal.  It will mean big trouble for Sookie, Eric and Bill!”
Anna at the Academy Of Televison Arts & Sciences Foundation's 33rd Annual College Television Awards - Show via Zimbio Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America MORE
Interview from the Sunday Telegraph with Askars, link is for the interactive e-paper. More pics and text at Skarsgardsfans
From Tumblr, Alexander doing more Battleship promos in Japan, more at the link.
More pics at JustJared, whose grandma is missing a chair?
This is from last season, Hulu might remove it as they usually do.
what is the year future dweller?
Joe tweeted -Just came from ADR for the first two episodes of season five... So great!  


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