Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shapeshifter Sunday and More

The Waiting Sucks promo coming up tonight (before GoT) is supposed to center on Sam and Luna, fingers crossed Sam isn't going to suffer more heartache.
Here it is! Same curtains, different couch. I wonder if she is crying over Sweetie's victims, they were shifters in Book 5.
Extended promo-

The Mambo Clothing line had their launch party and mambo boy Ryan K was there.

Carrie Preston won an award at the Nashville Film Fest for "That's What She Said", Best Film by a Female Filmmaker.
 She tweeted this pic and the one below is from the panel she was on in Nashville, The Evolution of Women Behind the Camera.
Justjared has many more pics, look at Joe walking around Coachella, he's 6'5" and that body. Poor any guy who stands next to him. 
They also have many more pics of Askars at the Skyy Escape at Coachella. Justjared
Remember it's Earthday, reduce your carbon footprint like Bill ( via an HBO tweet and FB).
Thanks to the Nesters and Office Tally for this news- Chris Bauer will be on The Office, they already have one angry Andy tho. His episode airs May 3rd.
Kristin coming back from Vancouver, look at her, all pretty and all natural. Justjared

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