Monday, April 16, 2012

Terry's True Tribulations

Seems like what happened to Terry during his time in Iraq will finally be revealed, war is bad enough but this sounds very shifty to me. The past isn't staying buried for our big hearted short order cook either. Did Patrick bring this vet to Bon Temps or is he tracking down his fellow soldiers one by one and Patrick just came to warn T? UPDATE Extended clip below. Seems like GellerKeller is worried that IT's following him, and he has been in that hideout for a couple of years! The Evil, well that really pinpoints things, very Buffy-ish.
Skarsgardfans has more screencaps from this last promo, at the link. Damn what does the dude mean "Did ANYTHING follow you here? Is Patrick one of these things or just a vet? So many questions.
The extended is up YT now, yeah!
THR's Jethro has some thoughts on the promo. More at the link.
Foley first appeared on last season’s finale and we learned that Terry believed he was dead. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to writer and executive producer Alexander Woo at the time about what Patrick brings to the series. “Terry has bottled up a lot of his own past, so much so that it’s not even clear how much Arlene [Carrie Preston] really knows about his past,” Woo told THR. “So, when you have someone from his past coming in, you can probably piece together that this is going to be a struggle for Terry.” It’s unclear whether Patrick is a good guy or a villain, but Woo said neither should be assumed about the character. At any rate, he does make life more difficult for Terry. "In many ways, it’s actually a very human and relatable story,” he said. “And anyone who’s been through a traumatic period and has put that behind them knows that when you have a reminder -- it doesn’t even need to happen in a supernatural show -- the drama can be very real.” Supernatural or not, Patrick's return clearly falls into HBO’s tagline for the upcoming season, “nothing stays buried forever.”

HBO Spring Image Spot with some new caps from Skarsgard fans, there many HERE

This is a sweet little video because of how they look at each other, sniffles.

From the best place for all things KBVS- At the premiere of "To the Artic".
Tommy Lightfoot Garrett has a question, the series or the books, you can chime in HERE
Good news Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgård fans! If you check the website, you can find the schedule of the next two True Blood Waiting Sucks videos. This coming Sunday will be one on Sam & Luna, but on April 29th we will finally get to see one on Eric & Pam! (The schedule below shows On Demand date, which always follows the HBO airing the next day.)
Talk about Synchronicity, Carolyn Hennesy tweeted this today-Just found out that True Blood premieres on my birthday!!!

drop fang | dräp faNG | verb, slang phrase 

When a vampire reveals his or her fangs, either in confrontation or arousal: Turned on by what she sees, Jessica DROPS FANG!

Derivatives: drops-fang, fang-drop, click

Entry by Jon Massey, Visual Effects Supervisor, Zoic Studios

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