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Waiting Sucks: Sookie and Alcide       Yeah Baby, ON THE LOOSE!

Skarsgardfans has tons of caps of a second promo with Alcide and Lafayette as well as the featured one from tonight. Nelsan looks a little rounder.
Tommy Lightfoot Garrett has some info on the new fae cuz Claudette, sounds like they are backpeddaling to book Claudine with this character, good idea. I hope he's talking about Salome as the new kind of vamp, read it all at the link..
Last season we watched 1,000-year-old Eric Northman, the local Viking vampire Sheriff of Bon Temps tackle and devour Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine.
 Well, coming up, we’ll meet Claudette, played by actress Carmilla Luddington, who is Claudine’s sister.  Claudette is less frightening than Queen Mab, that’s for sure, and she will not only help Sookie, but also will help Jason, who from the clip of the season teaser “True Blood” released last week before the premiere of “Game of Thrones,” we know he’s going to need help to survive the season as well. Claudette’s mission is to help Sookie become a better fairy! She will be tested this season, and her fairy god-aunt will be there by her side.
Also, this season our “True Blood” set-side source says, “We’ve seen different types of vampires. We’ve seen those like Bill, who still have some semblance of humanity left in them, we’ve seen uncaring bitches like Pam and Eric, not that Eric’s anyone’s bitch. Just that they seem to be very narcissistic and their mission is self-gratification.  We’ve seen powerful ancient demonic-like vampires like Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi, and drama queens like the late Queen Sophie-Anne of Louisiana. But this season (5), you will see a new vampire emerge. So far, it’s just been one upcoming episode, but it seems to be really fascinating to Alan and the other writers, this one, quite powerful, dangerous, but not in the same ways that the current or previous vampires have been.” When pressed, if this vampire will have some sort of superpowers, the source said, “I’m not losing my head to King Alan (Ball). You’ll just have to wait.’
Thank You Kenways for the promo GIFs
Bond, James Bond.
This is from today's Brussel's International Fantastic Film Festival, the Glorious Ms. Barbara Steele cutting the ribbon. If you don't know who she is, you don't know the horror genre.
From Trueblood HBO's Twitter-TONIGHT!!
Psst! Tune-in to  a few minutes before tonight’s 

Skarsgardfans has photos from Oz's Herald Sun Play Magazine, including the cover, seems like Battleship is getting mega media blitz.
On why he chose to do Battleship: “I read the script, it’s big, epic, fun, a really cool story, but I care more about the brothers, the relationship than the explosions. The process of making the movie, that’s what’s fun as an actor obviously, and this is my first big studio movie, so I didn’t really know. I heard stories from other actors on other movies where sometimes they feel that they are being micromanaged and there’s no creative freedom, they can’t really have fun with it. [But] Pete Berg, who is an actor himself, is very open.”
On adjusting to life in Los Angeles: “In Stockholm, all my friends live within five blocks of each other, we wouldn’t even have to call each other, I would just go down to the local coffee shop and I would run into friends and see them. In L.A. that doesn’t really 
On how his father Stellan Skarsgard taught him to keep his life private: “He was always very protective of the family, and us kids and he could be very open and talk about his work and himself and his characters, but you wouldn’t see like 25 house tours or ‘Welcome to the Skarsgard family and this is my home, what’s in my fridge’. I think that keeps you kind of sane, and that’s important for me as well, to not share every thing with everyone.” MORE MAS
From Michael McMillian's Twitter.

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