Tuesday, March 27, 2012

THIS Is How it Starts.

Wheee, the media run to Season 5 is afoot peoples! I feel better and my true blood is pumping again, promos, season 4 re-shown, this is it.
Rhoswen7's casting info-
Here's a revised casting notice that changes the age of a character:
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #508, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (Revised Role of Sarah)
Start Date: approx. 4/2/12
[SARAH COMPTON-HARRIS] Female Caucasian 40-45. Seen in a flashback to 1931, in a scene with Bill (Stephen Moyer). One day guest star 
That's an interesting change. She can't be Bill's daughter unless he made her a vampire around 1900. If she'shuman and 40-45 in 1931, then she's got to be his granddaughter or a neice. This revised casting notice doesn't mention anything about her being sick or near death.

 UPDATE C/O Rhoswen7- Another casting notice for episode #508: 
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #508, "Somebody That I Used to Know" 
Director: Stephen Moyer
Writer: Mark Hudis
Location: L.A.
Start Date: approx. 4/2/12
[RECEPTIONIST] Female, 20s, perky vampire, any ethnicity. Co-star. No lines in this episode, but will recur.

The new Inside True Blood Blog has the Echoes of the Past videos up.
The shoes - very aptly named “The Fang” - are the result of the fifth collaboration between the Dutch designer and United Nude. “It's always a thrill to work with Iris van Herpen,” states United Nude Creative Director Rem D Koolhaas. “She always comes up with something extraordinary and it's always a challenge developing and making her shoes. Yet we are a good match for collaborating with her as we are experts in difficult shoe constructions and, in her case, we can develop a product from a single sketch.” Source
From Kristin's FB page, celebrating JustJared's birthday-

From Tunesbaby: it's an oldie 

New tweet from Carolyn-Evening muffins, vamps and bangers. Got the BEST mid-season gift today on set. Great jacket, cool logo...all will know my au-THOR-i-tay!
This is from her last night-Blood, gore, hunks, feeding... sometimes, the day is just perfect!

Tommy Lightfoot Garrett, who wrote about True Blood for Canyon Times and always had scoops has written about the Echoes of the Past video series for Highlight Hollywood, more at link. Thanks to Skarsgardfans!
Time for a little taste of heaven!  “True Blood” returns for Season 5 this summer, and you can bet the past is going to be haunting the president.  HBO has released three new teaser trailers set in Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) bar, Fangtasia; Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) home; and Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) house.  And it looks like more of the infamous trio will be showing us a lot more of themselves in June.  The teasers theme happens to be “In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever!”  The teasers are full of shrieks of desperation, declarations of love, introductions, blood-sucking sound effects and even a gun shot, all of which are key moments from the series. At the end of each of these three new teasers, which don’t provide any look at the characters themselves (We’re still dying to see Christopher Meloni in his new character), the text, “You can’t escape your past” appears on the screen.
You can pre-order the TB cookbook HERE, I wonder why Charlaine didnt do this first?
Slash made a video to benefit the Los Angeles Youth Network which provides support services to homeless youth in Los Angeles including emergency shelter and more. Kristin Bauer is one of the stars as the runaway's mom, You can buy the single and make a contribution at the same time HERE

Michael McMillian is super talented, crazy funny, AND a Laimewad! He’s awesome on True Blood, but he’s even better in our living room discussing UFOs, botox, name changing and lying. He even mediates as it gets a little heated between us hosts. We loved having him on and we know you’ll love hearing him. Enjoy!http://totallylaimepodcast.com/
Kristin's Tweet-  and I at the LA citywide adoption press conference 2day.
From SocialiteLife, pics at link-Joe Manganiello warns fans that Magic Mike is not for the faint of heart.  ”No one could possibly be prepared for what they’re going to see,” Manganiello told In Touch (via AZ Central).  ”You can kind of mentally prepare and think in your mind, this is the way it’s going to be, but people really have no idea what they’re in for!”


  1. I liked those teasers. They surely did their job in echoing past seasons, and made me even more anxious for season 5 to start. I am looking forward to Mr. Meloni in a big way, as well as the other characters we've seen casting for. So much craziness, and so much fun!

    1. Seems like there is no slacking this season, and we sure never had guest stars like this, this many. Peter Mensah and Chris Heyerdahl, 2 giants among men, Carolyn Hennesy who does the witty barbs bar none,Denis O'Hare who I'm so looking forward to seeing again,Scott Foley AND Chris Meloni! I only wonder how much attention our regulars are going to get.