Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Slice of Talbot

Let's take this moment of our hiatus support group to remember Talbot and his last happy moment, ever. He was a Prince in Byzantium, an excellent chef, lover of antiques (after all he was one himself) and though he was jealous and petulant, he was one hell of a dinner host. 
UK Promo with DAW, HOT!
Last night, March 12, Robert Redford hosted the first-ever New York benefit celebrating The Sundance Institute Theatre Program at The Bowery Hotel. Participants included Sundance Institute Theatre Program alumni Denis O’Hare (Performance of An Iliad, at New York Theatre Workshop).From Broadwayworld-
Denis doesn't come into the vid till 8:56

From Kristin's Facebook page, pics of the Stop Staring Fall/Winter Fashion Presentation.
Interview from last year.
Charlaine Harris, author of the books that inspired the HBO series “True Blood,” has donated several edited manuscripts to Archives and Special Collections at the University of Mississippi’s J.D. Williams Library. 
“Though I’ve lived in many wonderful places in the South, it only seemed right that my work found a home in Mississippi, my state of origin,” Harris said. “No matter how many places I live, I was born and bred in the flat fields of the Mississippi Delta, and it’s a part of me.” 
Wetpaint cracks me up, this is their what to expect if Meloni goes shirtless post.
Don't forget to vote for True Blood News at NNN Awards HERE
Janina just tweeted this, who is she talking about, Meloni, Mensah, or Heyerdahl?
 table read. Sometimes I just fan girl per these guest stars. Can't help it. 

Look's like Satellite of Love is debuting in April, from Indiewire-
The Dallas International Film Festival, which will run from April 12-22, 2012, has announced its 2012 lineup.  The lineup features several world premieres, including the debut of Timothy Armstrong's "Cowgirls N' Angels" and Will Moore's "Satellite of Love." 
Some photos and short videos (w/Janina) are on the official Facebook page.

Wetpaint has the Comic Book Resource interview with Michael McMillian (we posted it here in February) but the pic (by Lindsay Dreyer) is what I like, how cute.

Lauren Bowles looks so much better here than on the show.

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