Monday, March 5, 2012

Part 1 of Season 5 Spoiler Recap

I'm digging back to the finale for bits and pieces, I hope to get everything (even the stupid crap) here with a link on the side. Blogger and I have problems, like in every relationship, so please bear with me, hopefully it will be worth it. We'll start out with the finale and  move into the future with cast interviews about the future. I will keep looking for anything I missed and update to make corrections/additions. Videos aplenty, roll em!

Sorry about the missing photos in the archives, should have hosted them all but... I suck. Yet there are a lot of articles, photos and vids I forgot about that are very cool to re-watch/re-read.
Michael McMillian talks about his future on the show and more.

Get More: Music News

Get More: Music News

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