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Back to Our Regularly Scheduled True Blood Program

Drinking with the Stars with Kristin, it was filmed the same time as Ryan's.
Last day ever shooting exterior Merlottes/Bellefleurs Bar and Grill yesterday.
Another good interview with Ryan from the Daily Beast, he is so smart and that's why he can play dumb so well.
Interview with Kristin from TVFanatic, the spoilie parts are in Spoilers 4-
TV Fanatic: I know I’m not sure I’m ready to let go of this world yet. How are you feeling about it since you’re still in the thick of it.
Kristin Bauer: I feel the same way. I feel like it’s such a magical world, creative minds, such incredible people, supported by the greatest network. They really let artists do their thing, and also, on top of that, I’m surrounded by people I’ve loved like family for seven years.
I’m running my last scenes with people and it’s killing me. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. It’s like high school, where you don’t want to leave. It’s like this is the greatest, I think every single time I worked, at some point, I looked at the people around me and go, ‘We are so lucky. We’re at work right now. This is actually a job.’
TVF: Is there anyone that you wish that you had more story with over the years, that maybe you just didn’t get to explore enough of that you wish you could do more?
KB: I’m a huge fan of Jason Stackhouse. That character is so much fun, and Ryan [Kwanten] is a frigging genius, and would entertain myself endlessly at the table reads or in my mind or while I watched the show to what Pam would do with Jason. And we only got to see them in past years in big action sequences. So, technically, we’re in the same scene, but we really have only interacted once, for I think three lines, when he came to Fangtasia in year two or three. But that’s a character that I really love. Much more HERE

Carrie Preston with Eonline-"All I can say is I'm really pleased with the journey my character has gotten to take. She starts off one person and by the end of the series she really has transformed in a lot of ways. That's just a testament to the writers, they saw fit to give me that," Preston tells E! News. "I feel lucky that they trusted me with that, it's everything an actor would want, to have an arc like that instead of just playing the same character every day who is sort of the same person. That's fun and everything, but it's more fun to be thrown challenges that make your character grow and they definitely do that with me this season."
After being in Arlene's skin for seven years, Preston said she'll miss her spirit the most. "She's just got a lot of tenacity and I can relate to that. My friends call me 'Tenacious C,'" she said laughing, "because I have a tendency to grab a hold of something and not let go. She's similar to that. When she sets her mind on something, she's just going to do everything she can to make it happen and so I really enjoy getting into her skin and experiencing her passions and her emotions and her humor. Although, I don't that she's always trying to be funny, but I know the audience finds her amusing a lot of the time, which is by design. I will miss the whole chemistry of all that."
"I haven't really thought ahead of what I'm going to do, I'm sure on my last day appearing as her on camera it will not go by easily. I have my own personal things that I do. They're stuff I wouldn't share with anybody because it kind of contains the magic, and sometimes it's best to keep those things to yourself," she said. "I know that as a cast we've got a couple of group scenes coming up and those are going to be celebratory. There was some talk—we have a night shoot coming up—of everyone going out to breakfast after we wrap, which we've never done before. Everybody wants to go home at dawn. We've talked about something like that just to mark the specialty of these events and not let them just go by and treat it like another day, because it's not."

Foreplay for Ike and Marcellus.
Nice article on the wonderful Audrey Fisher at RealStyleNetwork.
Costume designer Audrey Fisher has been dressing the sexy actors of True Blood since the very first episode. She began her career off-Broadway and then moved on to working on television with the show That 70s Show, the movie Milk and then her spot on HBO’s True Blood. Now heading into its seventh – and sadly final – season on June 22, Audrey has had her fair share of supernatural creatures to dress. Each character has their story to tell and their costumes are an important part of that. Real Style interviewed Audrey all about her costume designs and how she dresses Sookie and the gang.
Real Style: Who’s your favourite character to dress for and why?
Audrey Fisher: I don’t have a favorite character to dress, because each character, from Sookie to Pam to Lafayette, has a unique style, and it’s always such fun to find the look for a specific scene and discover the costume that the script requires for that character’s journey.
Real Style: How do you style Sookie? What do you take from the novel’s descriptions?
Audrey: In the beginning, I liked to use actual references from Charlaine Harris’ books, and that language of clothing helped to form the backbone of Sookie’s “look”. And I still love to stick with the iconic basics for Sookie, because even though she’s grown so much through the seasons, those basics still suit her character so well: classic pieces in pretty floral prints, feminine silhouettes…and this season she’s more sensual than ever!
Real Style: What’s it like dressing the hottest bodies in Hollywood? Any good stories to tell?
Audrey: It’s a dream because the clothes fit so beautifully! No good stories as a discreet costume designer never fits and tells! MORE

Look who's back? Jess' Vlog
Margot Robbie talks about filming Tarzan with Skarsgard.
Sticky Fingers on Set? The Cast Reveals Their Parting Mementos
The cast of 'True Blood' strutted down the red carpet yesterday at the Season 7 premiere in Los Angeles. We snapped shots of the stars and asked the group what souvenir they'd swipe from the set. Check out the goods below – the eye candy should more than tide you over until Sunday's premiere at 9pm ET.
NELSAN ELLIS- Souvenir From Set: "I would take Lafayette's eyelashes to make my eyes pretty."
KRISTIN BAUER VAN STRATEN- Souvenir From Set: "I would take this velvet painting that shows a past president as a vampire."
DEBORAH ANN WOLL- Souvenir From Set: "My Red Riding Hood cape. It was a custom piece."
JOE MANGANIELLO- Souvenir From Set: "My sock."
CARRIE PRESTON-Souvenir From Set: "I would take one of the Merlotte's uniforms, including my signature fanny pack."
CHRIS BAUER-Souvenir From Set: "My sheriff's badge."
MICHAEL MCMILLIAN-Souvenir From Set: "The best souvenir would be Eric's throne."

New promo clips, spoilers!

                    The Manganiello Bros at the La Bare Premiere from Access Hollywood
Joe and Nick Manganiello, Kristin attend the after-party for 'La Bare' at Lure.Source: Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Whew, he sure did a nice pitch, no 50cent action at all, Sam is good at everything obv.
Ike and Marcellus know how to throw a Barbecue, from Stephen's photo Album at EW.Thank you my friend Annie for always sharing with this bitch. IHFS

Remember this oldie?
True Blood has been a huge hit for HBO, ­averaging 11.4 million viewers a ­summer, but for Paquin and Moyer it’s been life-changing. The pair met filming the ­series, married in 2010, and had twins, Charlie and Poppy, in 2012. Says Paquin, “Because it has lasted ­seven years and because of the relationships, not just between us but the way they all evolved as a family, it’s been extraordinary to have that experience that is completely life-changing in all of the best possible ways — and with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. We will always have this.” For this week’s cover, EW sat down with Paquin and Moyer at Bellefleur’s, in the very booth where Bill first saw Sookie.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Speaking of nudity, in the first ­episode of the new season, Stephen you directed a love scene between your wife and Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello.
STEPHEN MOYER: There are moments where I’ll be watching on a monitor [and say], “Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna’s breast. Good. And can you move your right thumb just a little bit towards her nipple? Great.” And then I’ll go, “Babe, babe, enjoy it.” I’m certainly talking to her as “babe.” “Darling, go for it. Yeah, feel the nipple.”
Prove that you’re #TrueToTheEnd in our Twitter Q&A with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer this Sunday, June 22, from 8-9 p.m. ET. Submit your questions now with #AskAnnaAndStephen and follow along Sunday as you quench your thirst for moreTrue Blood knowledge.MORE

From Ausiello, not a spoiler- Question: Do you have any scoop on True Blood? —Charif
Ausiello: The table read for the series finale took place earlier this week, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, Stephen Moyer confirms. “People turned up that we hadn’t seen for ages — [series creator] Alan [Ball] was there,” he tells TVLine. “We’re sitting in the same room we’ve been reading in for seven years… that stuff’s really deep.”

Some photos of the hottest summer stars, according to TVFanatic, at the link.

a couple more pics from Extra with Kristin and Joe  Source: FameFlynet Pictures

This was filmed last week, but I kept asking when it would be up.I still don't know why they are dressed alike. 

                               More Premiere Videos

                                           This such a great gif I had to share with some of you weres., 

                                       Yeah I went there but it is funny as all get out. 

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