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Jesus Gonna Be Here

Episode 7.1 "Jesus Gonna Be Here" Writer: Angela Robinson; Director: Stephen Moyer
A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur’s, with
shocking results. As Sookie seeks refuge from accusations that she’s
somehow to blame for the chaos in Bon Temps, the “one vampire for every human” plan
moves forward. In the face of a vigilante insurrection led by redneck Vince, Bill receives aid from an unexpected source. HBO press release. More info on cast HERE  SPOILERS

Just some of my observations: Oh Bye Deputy Kevin, we truly hardly knew ye and thaz ok. One thing that True Blood has been mentioning several times through the seasons is that these vamps dont breathe, so of course we have a scene with NuJames sucking on a bong. Ye gods of continuity please introduce yourselves to Angela Robinson.  When did poor farmer Compton get so rich, we saw how they lived when we had one his FBs with Lorena? That Vince sure pops up everywhere, and before the popo. Andy should deputize his nosey vigilante ass, he is on the job without a check anyway. We are on twitter since earlier afternoon talking about the whistle that made the Hep V sceevy vamps run away as a group. What the hell, they are trained dogs? So unvampish and who called the shots on that?
I wonder about Adilyn, how is she going to ever learn about her fae powers and get out of her dimwittedness without some kind of fairy godmother (not RuPaul) or godfather, like Niall for instance? She easily could have been dead like her sisters, she was told her smell is smack to vamps and what does she keep doing? Opening the window and then coming outside where there's an open field, she needs fairy schooling immediately.
Recaparama still going down in this final season, visit links for the full deal.
PunchDrunkCritics, Batshit in Bon Temps-
+ I think the show has floundered with what to do with Andy for a while now, but I did like his random speech about gun violence: “Firing a weapon at another human being is a big fucking deal. … You are crossing a line you can never come back from.”
+ I think Violet is superfluous, but this made me laugh: “Go fuck your depressed homely housewives with your tiny little dicks.”
+ In the category Stupid Things Sookie Did Today, I’m sure walking home alone and throwing your cell phone away WHEN HEP-V-INFECTED VAMPIRES HAVE JUST EATEN AND KILLED YOUR FRIENDS is not the smartest idea.
+ Why is Iranian comedian Maz Jobrani playing a nameless fight organizer in Marrakesh? Oh right, because those are the only roles available for Middle-Eastern actors in Hollywood. MY BAD.
+ “He told me, ‘Morning is coming.’” So Tara’s mom’s preacher husband is basically adapting Game of Thrones here, am I right? I can see him being a Stannis fan. Boring as fuck.

+ “Oh my god, I can’t die down here, I got kids!” Yes, Arlene is captive under Fangtasia, being held by the Hep-V vampires with Andy’s girlfriend Holly and Sam’s baby momma whose name I can’t remember, but she was so much better on Friday Night Lights than she is on this crap. Until next week, everyone.
Lady of Solitude is back, she used to do some fun recaps and she is at it again-
What in the name of Lassy is going on with Sam?!! Who is he these days? Not that he’s been shiny perfect or anything, but there were some recognizable underlying qualities to him that seem completely missing lately.
VINCE: “You are a dog!”
Yes, Vince, he is! So it begs the question: Why can’t he follow the trail? Why can’t he at least TRY?! The latest love of his life, pregnant with his child, has been taken. And he … what? Goes home with his pet vampire to feed it?! The hell? Andy is out there with Bill looking for nests. He could use a dog! For the love of …
Sam, the guy who once declared “this is my town! These are my people!” and was willing to sacrifice himself? Of course that was two women ago, and he forgot about the previous one the next day after she died, and is now BFFs with the guy who is partially responsible for her death, so … Who knows what this Pod Person is anymore. Sam’s gone.
Oh, and hey, let’s put Nicole in mortal danger! Let’s carry on the funny, funny joke of Sam “All My Women Are Endangered” Merlotte! ‘Cause that’ll never get tired.
And you will never guess where the nest is! It’s in Fangtasia! Now abandoned and occupied by the Hep V gang. And Holly, Arlene, Nicole, and a bunch of others are shackled in the basement. And … Deputy Kevin is dead. Gruesomely. Because the gruesome quotient wasn’t yet filled by the earlier massacre and the Jason/Violet sex.
A bit of Eonline's take on the episodeIn their search for Arlene and Holly, Bill and Andy came upon a new group of anti-vampire raiders, led by Vincent, who was up against Sam for mayor. He happened to see Sam transform from a dog to a person back at Bellefleur's, and is now fairly upset that he was beaten in the mayoral race by a Collie.
Jessica, who was still feeling incredibly guilty for eating Adilyn's sisters, stood guard outside Andy's house to protect his remaining faerie daughter. Her protection came in handy when a large and very hungry infected vamp showed up in search of food. Adilyn wisely refused to invite Jessica inside, but changed her mind at the last second as the sun was coming up, allowing Jessica to run up to the attic, after taking a brief second to consider eating another young Bellefleur, obviously. What a lovely blossoming friendship.

TVGuide's Interview w/Rutina-
When and how did you find out that Tara was going to die within the first five minutes of the final season?Rutina Wesley: I found out over my hiatus that I was going to die, so I had to keep it in the whole time. It was kind of crazy. I was like, "Wow, OK!" But that's what makes it True Blood. We're in our final season. We have to keep it bloody. Somebody's gotta go! I think they wanted to do that to get people right in there. I was OK with it. I'm sad. It's kind of bittersweet because I'm going to miss everybody, but on to bigger and better things. It's been a wild ride so far.
Does it bum you out that Tara had such a depressing run at things? She had terrible taste in men, a horrible relationship with her mother and a serious anger problem. She never really achieved happiness. Did you ever hope for more for her, like getting a happy ending or having a stable relationship?

Wesley: Yeah, I did. I ultimately wanted Tara to end up with Sam. That was always my ultimate fantasy for Tara. I think her and Sam would just be perfect together. But I was never really bummed about her journey because I always found it very interesting to see a young woman who has earned defenses and for you to try to figure out why she has those defenses. I enjoyed playing her and trying to figure her out and why she was the way she was. It's been a lot of fun trying to pick her apart.
What was it like filming your death scene, which was mostly off-screen. Do you wish you had more of a decisive death scene where we actually saw her perish?
Wesley: No. Because I went out fighting. I thought it was really cool that they gave me this big fight. I thought it was awesome. I have no regrets about it or anything. I thought they did a great job with how I went out. You have Adina, who plays my mother, wailing. She's amazing. I love the way that they did it. It was great to see Tara go out fighting.

How do you think Tara's death will affect everyone, particularly Pam, who was looking for Eric when she died.
For Pam, it's going to be interesting to see how it affects her, to see if she shows any emotion at all. I'm curious to see myself actually. Gifs IHFS

Who'd thunk bored vamps go to Morrocco to play Russian Roulette? Pam knows.
                                                       can't say I missed this cry face, oi. one is pure recapping every scene for those that missed it.
I hope these 2 crazy kids can make it werk. IHFS
TVLine gets to the point- Tara Dies
ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (AGAIN) | I’m referring to Tara, of course, who suffered the most tragic death a character possibly can: an off-screen one. Sookie’s BFF’s big farewell simply consisted of Lettie Mae screaming — there’s going to be a lot of that this season, so get used to her piercing vocals now — while covered in her daughter’s goopy remains. But here’s a question for the group: Is Tara really gone? “Death” has always been a relative term on True Blood, and with T’s manic mama screaming about having visions of her around the house, I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Tara. (Now, let’s just hope she comes back with a muzzle for Lettie Mae, because OH MY GOD THAT VOICE.) all at the link.
NYTimesArtsBeat- Laugh with, laugh at: in recent seasons HBO’s “True Blood” had definitely become more of a laugh-at proposition. The Vampire Authority, the Book of Lilith, Warlow the smooth-talking faerie-vampire — each new development felt like a half-baked ploy to keep the popular series going when all you really cared about was how the human-faerie Sookie and her Confederate vampire, Bill Compton, would get back together. (These plot strands might have been taken straight from the pages of the show’s source, Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels, but if so it didn’t make them any more interesting or dramatic.)
So it’s nice to report that Sunday night’s episode — the premiere of the show’s seventh and last season — was largely a return to form, a straightforward blend of fantasy, action and romance with only a light frosting of social-political symbolism and no invisible faerie nightclubs or naked goddesses rising out of pools of blood.

                           Look at Lafayette's shirt, ha! It's a sad occasion but I had to laugh.
If you know so much about vamps, have Fae jazz hands and yet here you are, why? I thought I heard a high pitched scream an dthen the vamps took off , was that from her? If not why did they take off en masse so fast?
Vulture had a very different review, worth the whole readSo, right up front: Were you prepared for how dark and serious season seven might be? Because the season premiere was very dark and very serious! True Blood has never lacked for audacity, but the sudden gravity that's descended onto Bon Temps may be one of its most shocking turn of events yet. Even the show's broadest caricatures — like Lettie Mae or Andy Bellefleur — were suddenly grounded and tragic in ways we wouldn't have expected. Whereas past seasons looked to bigger and more powerful threats — an even oldervampire! Even higher ranked vampire bureaucrats! — this season returns all our characters to their cricket-soundtracked living rooms for tense confrontations about death itself. Past seasons have been about largesse, but this one promises intimacy. The notable lack of levity might be considered a betrayal of the True Blood mission statement I just defended, but seven seasons in we're ready to see these characters — characters we've known and (mostly) loved for a long time — face dark times. Not to compare this show toThe Deathly Hallows, but yeah, maybe I will. "Jesus Gonna Be Here" was like Harry and Hermione slow-dancing to Nick Cave in a tent all alone in the world. In other words: For whatever fun and colorful origins it had, True Blood has now earned the privilege of quiet sadness. And it's a straight-up thrill to behold.
Towleroad chimes inShe may be one of the most poorly-handled characters on a show full of poorly-handled characters (remember when she was suddenly a lesbian cage fighter?), but she has been an important part of True Blood since the first episode. Now? We don’t even get to see her get the true death. Instead, she leaps to her mother’s defense against an attacking vamp, and once the siege is over, all we see is Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) sobbing in a pile of Tara parts.
AV Club's review here- The biggest issue with True Blood at this point in its lifespan is that it’s essentially stopped delivering on all the things that made it unique in the HBO landscape of shows. True Blood was never the prestige show; what it offered was ridiculous, over-the-top, supernatural sex, gore, and twisted humor. But most of all, True Blood offered fun, and that’s where this season premiere falls down. Picking up immediately where last season’s finale left off thrusts the characters immediately into the middle of a battle with a gang of Hep V-infected vamps who descend upon the party at Merlotte’s. Instead of being tense and exciting, however, it’s really just confusing and disorienting, as familiar characters fight a bunch of mostly unseen and unknown forces, for no real discernable reason. (Why? Because the plot says so!)
Here’s the thing about the Hep V-infected vampires, though: They make no sense. Didn’t the show establish with Nora that the Hep V weakens the vamps? If they’re so weak, how are their packs of them able to kidnap Arlene, Holly, and Nicole while there were plenty of other non-infected vamps around the party who could have defeated them? And would a pack of vamps who were near death really want to kidnap people to save them for later? Logic be damned, though, because Arlene, Holly, and Nicole have been captured in order to give Sam a storyline as he attempts to rescue his partner and their unborn child.
You Do Not Fuck with Jason Stackhouse 
Hitfix has the laughs in their recapDoes Andy still have any of those goddamn faerie daughters who amounted to the single most jarringly out-of-left-field plot development on television since Mitch from "Baywatch" started a detective agency? He does! Her name is Adilyn—faeries are real hippies when it comes to things like spelling their names—and she’s stuck alone at home while Andy is out being a lawman. But not quite alone: Jessica, who has taken over Tara’s role as the show’s resident punching bag, apparently now lives on the Bellefluer’s front porch, crying tears of blood and hoping for a chance to redeem herself for eating Andy’s other daughters and making so life so much easier for the writers who, had she not done so, would still have the task of keeping track of all of them.
From EW-Speaking of Jason, he pulls off the road on his way home because he can't take it any longer. Violet won't let him do his job, but more importantly, she's still not letting Mr. Blue Balls f--k her. After exchanging dialogue that includes 10 uses of "f--k" in its many variations, Jason gets the first sex scene in the final season of True Blood because he's finally demanding enough for Violet. Despite how sexy Violet looks in that conveniently short skirt, and how hot Jason always looks when his shirt's turn off, this scene wasn't as steamy as you'd think. There are no feelings there, just incredible bodies rubbing against each other and the hood of Jason's cop car.
 I forget where I got this gif, maybe Annie but if it's yours I'll credit you, thanks.
Interview with Rutina By Diana Band
Rutina Wesley, the actor behind Tara Thornton, dishes on her set souvenirs, her personal favorite ‘bad thing,’ and the craziest thing a fan has ever done.
What’s been your favorite part of playing Tara on ‘True Blood’?
My favorite part was being turned vampire. It was fun to do something different, and a little challenging. I got be sexy, too -- it was great. And, of course, I got to play alongside the beautiful Kristin Bauer van Straten.
Apart from being turned vampire, do you have another favorite storyline?
I really enjoyed working with Sam Trammell. I thought the whole Tara/Sam storyline was sweet and that it could have worked out, but you know that happiness doesn’t make for good TV. [Laughs.] I liked being a vampire, but I also really enjoyed being a human in those early seasons.
Do you have any favorite memories from those early seasons?
I love the first season. Season 1 was awesome -- it was just like sparks flying off the screen. It was amazing. I also loved working with James Frain [who played Franklin Mott] and Michelle Forbes [who played the Maenad Maryann Forrester]. Working with the talent that has come through the show has just been insane. That’s been one of favorite experiences on the show -- working with so many talented actors.
What initially attracted you to the role?
I audition for everything that comes my way because you never know what’s going to come out of something. When I got the script, I thought, “This is great. She’s funny, she’s feisty” -- something I thought I could pull off. I got the role three days after the audition process finished, but it felt like three years later. [Laughs.] I was in shock when I found out. I’d just graduated from school, and all I could think was, “Wow! I’m going to be on an HBO show -- this doesn’t happen that fast!”
Have you taken any souvenirs from the set, or is there anything you’ve got your eye on?
I really want my fangs, and I don’t know if I can fit into them anymore, but those jean cutoff shorts that I wore all the time in the first few seasons? I kind of want them for my womancave. Put ’em in a frame or something.
Do you think that Tara made her peace with being a vampire?
She wasn’t happy about it, but she learned to deal with it. Ultimately, she was happy to still be around. And she really got to bond with Pam -- it was nice to see the two of them together. Pam finally met her match.
Tara also makes peace with her mother right before her death. Why do you think she was finally able to forgive her?
Tara just realizes that it’s time. She can look her mother in the eye and see that she’s being genuine, that she really means it this time.
It’s a nice moment for the two of them.
It’s one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever done. I love working with Adina Porter. She brings out the best in me! She’s just so good!
Is the True Death really the end of Tara?
I’ll just say this -- she’s dead -- but that doesn’t always mean gone on ‘True Blood.’
And what are you doing next?
There’s a film that came out in April called ‘13 Sins,’ starring Mark Webber. I play his fiancée. It’s a cool little indie horror flick. I also did a film with Patricia Clarkson called ‘Last Weekend’ that just premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival -- hopefully that will come out in the fall. I’ve got a few things on the horizon, but I can’t speak of them just yet.
Can you see yourself playing another vampire?
I don’t know. I’d actually like to be the leading lady in a ‘Notting Hill’ type of film. I love comedy -- I love being silly and crazy and sweet -- and I also love drama, so it’d be nice to do something completely different from Tara.
What’s the craziest thing a fan has done or asked you?
Somebody asked me to bite them. And they had fangs on. No -- wait -- this one’s better: A girl got my autograph tattooed on her leg. She had me write it in Sharpie and then she came back the next day to show me the tat. It was kind of insane.

You played a vampire on the show, but if you could be any supe, what would you want to be and why?
A shapeshifter because you can turn into any animal. It would be fun to experience different life forms. And you could actually be a fly on the wall!
‘True Blood’ is famous for its love of ‘bad things.’ What’s yours?

In-N-Out Burger.
You know, I’ve never had it.
What? No! You are missing out. Missing. Out.
What do you recommend?
I get the cheeseburger no onions, fries and sometimes a strawberry shake. That strawberry shake is like my guilty-guilty pleasure, so I don’t always get it. And when I’m being guilty but healthy-guilty, I get the cheeseburger, protein-style, on a bed of lettuce. I love it!

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