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I Found You S7E2

Episode 7.2  "I Found You"  writer: Kate Barnow, director: Howard Deutch
A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur’s attack looks to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the H-vamps. Sookie and Jason visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a young woman’s diary offers clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps. Spurned by Lafayette a desperate Lettie Mae turns to Willa to channel her family past. Vince whips his fellow vigilantes into a dangerous frenzy. Pam’s search for her maker leads her to a very familiar place.HBO.

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           Before Jason gets the upper hand, you don't deny Jason Fucking Stackhouse.

Recaparama commencing first up is a taste of Vulture's talk with Kristin, go to the links to read more of the recaps/interviews- 
After abandoning her vampire bar Fangtasia (which became a base for Hep-V-infected vamps) and her progeny Tara (who since found the True Death), Pam finally found what she was looking for — but was she too late? At least Eric didn't die during his nude sunbathing session, but he's got a separate affliction now, something he shares with 1/8th of the world vampire population — Hep-V. What does this mean for our favorite Viking vamp, and his progeny? Kristin Bauer van Straten chatted with Vulture about Pam and Eric, playing Russian roulette, and her new appreciation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Pam has been wandering the world trying to find Eric, and when she finally does...
... she finds out he has V, Hep-V. Her worst fear was that she couldn't find him, or that she would be too late, and then she finds him, and she sees that he is dying. What I imagine was that Pam looks at her life, at the end of season six, and looks at her life without Eric in it, and can't face it. She has to know that she did everything in her power to find him. And then of course when she sees him, we'll see how far she'll go to try and keep him with her as long as possible.

From EW- Cut to Pam walking solo into a home (or church?) in France's Rhone Valley. "Un-f---in' believable," she says, then heads downstairs. There are two lingerie-clad women, one who complains that "he" won't take her blood. Pam sees who it is. We know. It's Eric. "You found me," he says, echoing the opening scene with Jason. He's sitting in a chair. His black tank top shows the Hep-V veins on his chest. Even his hair looks sad. Nooo. We've spent the last nine months wondering how Eric would survive bursting into flames—still going with an avalanche theory, personally—only to lose him to Hep-V?
Arlene convinces teacher vamp to help them get out and she feeds her from betwixt Arlene's legs (what a sight) and hep v vamp dies, splats on Arlene's chartreuse dress. 
TVLine's- REAPER MADNESS | Over at Fangtasia, Arlene hatched a hair-brained scheme to save herself, Holly and the ever-relevant Nicole from the Hep-V vampires. The craziest part: It actually worked! (Though not the way Arlene intended, necessarily.) Recognizing the vamps’ designated “reaper” as an old acquaintance from Bon Temps, Arlene convinced poor, confused Ms. Harris — a nod to author Charlaine Harris, perhaps? — to help them escape using what little time she has left. She eventually agreed, but when she went in for a pre-rescue feeding around Arlene’s lady parts, she melted all over the screaming restauranteur. (Does Arlene have some sort of antidote coursing through her lower half? Can we get an actual doctor to weigh in on this please?)
Annie this is your best work, lol, damn Marcellus is jealous (a Haiku) IHFS
Some raslin's then some sexing in Jason's mind, daydreaming in church.
IHFS also did this with the quickness, Jason is a top. Get your man Stackhouse.
Artbeat's BlogSeason 7, Episode 2 Talk about fan service! On Sunday night, “True Blood” opened with its two resident studs, the Viking vamp Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and the Louisiana lech Jason (Ryan Kwanten), getting it on — shirtless, kissing, dim light, chamber music on the soundtrack. It was as if Cinemax had broken into the HBO satellite feed.
It was a dream, of course, and the best thing about the scene was Jason, in his deputy’s uniform, waking up in a church pew and falling over while making ecstatic little noises. Mr. Kwanten knows how to make every little detail funny, and the mixture of curiosity and alarm on Jason’s face as he stole a look at his crotch was priceless.

TVFanatic start's off with our couple of the week-
Somewhere Steve Newlin's spirit shed a tear as Eric made his return on True Blood Season 7 Episode 2 via Jason's steamy dream. Having been brought back from the brink of death by everyone's favorite Viking, Jason's subconscious showed it was still under the influence of Eric's saving blood.
Jason: But I can't get you out of my head. You probably hear that a lot don't you.
Eric: For a thousand years, only twice have I felt it in return.

Right about the moment I swore to never eat another carb, Jason woke up in a church pew of all places, and brought the episode back to Bon Temps.

Skarsjoy couldnt wait to cap, she shot the tv screen, dedication.
Hitfix's is pretty good this week-
n the real world, the hunt continues for the vampires who made off with Holly, Arlene, and all those other bodies without names. Andy confesses his frustration over not knowing how to “narrow the search.” Sookie, taking a breather from looking downcast over all the hateful messages coming over her telepathic CB antenna, announces that she has an idea. “I found a dead girl in the woods last night,” she says. “I didn’t recognize her, just like I didn’t recognize a single one of those vampires. So what if they came from another town, and brought the girl with her?” Whatever else you can say about “True Blood”, it’s still the only show where the line “I found a dead girl in the woods last night” is likely to turn out to just be the pretext for a road trip. Having deduced that the girl is from the nearby town of St. Alice, a posse consisting of Andy, Sookie, Sam, Jason, and Alcide head out to see what’s what. Before they leave, Sam, in the folksiest touch on this show in many a moon, asks that everyone set to work tidying up the restaurant, so that it’ll look nice for Arlene after the rescue. (He has an ulterior motive: he hopes that giving the citizens a busywork project will keep them from lapsing into hysteria and despair.) Sookie, seeing the words “The Brutal Indifference of Life” on a tombstone, is moved to deliver a soliloquy on the theme. I missed most of it, because I was trying to remember if “The Brutal Indifference of Life” was the title of a “True Detective” episode.
                                      and he makes a perfect Martini.
Kenya is still mad about Jason being higher up the ladder than her, tsk tsk.
Entertainment Weekly's Lost and Found-The clean-up effort at Bellefleur's takes a nasty turn when former mayoral candidate–turned–vigilante leader Vince shows up. Sam being on a mysterious field trip and the discovery of corpses in the freezer makes this the right time to tell the scared townsfolk about Sam shifting into a dog. Hoyt's mother, Maxine, says it wasn't just the NyQuil then that had her seeing Sam shift from a bear a year ago. Somehow Vince and his followers convince the sane townspeople that dog Sam, telepathic Sookie, and Bill-protecting Andy are in cahoots and can't be trusted. They have to arm up. Luckily, Adilyn overhears dead cop Kevin's lady friend/coworker Rosie thinking about the weapons at the police station, so she convinces her crush Wade to leave. His brother Rocky stays behind and, on Vince's suggestion, starts tearing apart Bellefleur's to make stakes.
With Kenya, the other cop in town, at the station, Adilyn warns her that the vigilantes are coming to arm up, and together with Wade, they start to hide the department's arsenal... but they're too late. The mob arrives and, in Kenya's words, tries "that NRA hillbilly bulls---." She knows more of them would have been killed last night if they'd been armed, but then, she's asked to think about Andy not promoting her as promised and about him giving less-experienced Jason all the real work. Is it because she's a black woman or just because she's not a lead character on the show? It's a smart card to play. Kenya goes to handcuff Adilyn, who Maxine had pointed out was a newborn the last time they all checked, and Adilyn fairy-zaps her. Adilyn and Wade are led away, and while Jessica can sense it, with it being daylight, there's nothing she can do. (Throwing your cell away was so stupid, Sookie.) Let the mob target practice/party commence. This is why you don't give these people guns, though that shot of Maxine practicing her trash-talk in a computer screen is perfection.

Ep. 72: Preview
               Damn doggie couldnt you just sniff out all those dead bodies in the pit?
Pizza forensics? Jason proves it to be a real thing, but what he is really good at...

Lafayette was right on about drunkie/junkie Lettie Mae, damn, she burned her hand on a iron skillet to get some vamp blood from Willa, then she Hallucinates Tara on a cross with a Boa.
                                                   Number 1 Asshole on to die list.
Sookie, sneakysneaky gets Al to take a shower and she runs off to go see Bill, alone, in the grave yard, smart. 

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