Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Bleed Together

Big whoop I know, People and their lists

The Mrs, . as Frenchie and yours truly as Blanche.
Saturday was the last day of filming and Stephen Moyer's Instagram has photos and memories from the set- It's a wrap on our last Friday/Saturday/Fraturday 5.36am. Goodbye Compton House.
Spotted this today behind the bar in Merlottes/BB&G. The amazing Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris. 7 years ago last week .@_annapaquin and I started shooting in this bar. Finished tonight. #trueblood #truetotheend#tbs7 #truebloodhbo
Heidi Pascoe ‏@Heidiverstunts Wrap party pics!!! #TrueBlood #TrueToTheEnd #tbs7 #bondedbyblood
Looking back with the cast on their memories and favorites from the show on Read all 12 at the link-.Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds),
What was the audition process like? “On my fourth audition, I decided to base the character off of my mother and do everything that my instinct told me to do.” What was your favourite scene to shoot? “Beating up the rednecks in the AIDS burger scene because I found Lafayette's strength.” What was the scariest thing you’ve shot? “The dungeon scene where Eric held me captive and killed the other prisoner.” What is the funniest thing you've seen on set? “Eric in a dress.” What is the weirdest thing you've seen on set? “Eric in a dress.” If you could be any of the fantastical creatures from the series—vampire, faerie, shapeshifter, werewolf, goddess, maenad, witch—which one would it be and why? "A vampire, because the sex seems amazing.”
On set w @gdfearless with a good view of fx blood explosion test. Hair protection provided by my black cardigan. What scene could this be for????
                                        Well lookie, lookie, Crystal Norris after so long.
Cool little IG video here, that looks like a good parteeee.
            Greg Feinberg speaking, Anna and Buckner behind.
Grant Bowler, Cooter, was there and taking pics too.
                                                      Tramaywag #trueblood series wrap party!

                                             Adina Porter tweeted more wrap party pics.
The Globe and Mail interview with Kristin-
I don’t have to tell you why the vampire myth persists, why creatures of the night – of the shadows where all illicit things happen – who are simultaneously young and ancient, wised-up and disdainful about the puny concerns of humans, have always been attractive. One of the great jokes of the show is how much better-looking the vampires are than the mortals. Of course, the mortals willingly give themselves over, both as food and sexual partners. (Having the big Swede Alexander Skarsgard, who plays the vampire Eric, on hand to be their perpetually nude poster boy doesn’t hurt, either.)
But for me, the hero of the show has always been Pam, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten. Eric’s devoted lieutenant, perpetually dolled up in dominatrix-wear, her deep voice dripping venom, Pam sashays through the series doing what she wants, regretting nothing, never apologizing. Not only is she not conflicted about her vampire nature, she revels in it. As the show evolved over the years – the seventh and final season began on June 22 – it became less revolutionary, more soap opera. But Pam’s character remains pleasingly flinty.
“Pam says what we’re all thinking, but aren’t allowed to say,” Bauer van Straten told me during an interview in Toronto. “We’re all living vicariously through her – me included.”

This cemetary sure gets a lot of traffic at night this season, Sookie and now Al, who's next?
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