Tuesday, June 17, 2014

True Blood Season 7 Premiere Continued

                                                       And it begins. 
    At the True Blood Premiere. No biggie>thanks Matt..

This video has everyone, newbs, our favorites and some WTF's too. Ryan is adorable, that is all.
this one has some short interviews and 2 new clips so that part is spoilery.
MUCH thanks to wonderful Chelsea Lauren for the 411 that she was again bringing it to the premiere.
single and ready to mingle, this girl is on fire!
barbaraguillaume on Instagram

                                                                           Michael Buckner/Getty Images          

girl is good at keeping  it close to the vest or boobies, whatever, she looks great.
Most pics are from fans, HBO CL and from our Man of Mystery, who had a great time! He only had his cell so the pics might be a wee bit blurry. He said the food was great, ha!
Interview with Tara Buck.
Newb Brett Lorenzini more at JJ.

                                                   DAW, Miss Purdy girl
                   Adina Porter, you forget she isnt Lettie Mae, she is that good.
Dale and Patricia, Jane and Maxine, I would so party with them if I was lucky enough to go.

Janina Gavanker, glad she showed up but where is Denis O'Hare if past cast is there?
                                     No smile from McMillz? Missing Denis too?
                                                 Anna Camp
                                       Mariana Klaveno, still no Denis.
                                                   Party Pics from the Masked Man
                       I cut him out altogether, sorry Maskie, but Anna looks lovely
what is he doing hanging with vigalantes?
Adina got away from his maskedness, she always looks good on a red carpet or party.
Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America
 Kristin, Carrie, Anna, stunt double Heidi Pascoe and Mariana Klaveno Photo Michael Buckner.

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