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Last Week of True Blood Hiatus Support!

                    Yes, Pam, I know it was stupid to sunbathe with my fair Scandinavian skin.
This is gonna be a loooonnng post, hang in with us, the red carpet premiere is warming up. 
                                                        so easily distracted, ha!
                                                               Killing it!
                                              Rutina Wesley, kicking it.
                                                     Tara Buck, such a cutie.
                                                                            Joe in a tux
Tanya Wright talks about how Kenya was supposed to only be in 1 episode.

                                   Chris looking cool, calm and collected.
                                                       Amelia Rose Blair.
                                         Carrie, Michael and Carrie's sis.
                                           Nathan Parsons, NuJames.
                                                                      Gregg Daniel
                                                                          Karolina Wydra 
                                                                  Bailey Noble 
                                                               Riley Smith arrives.
Lauren getting done up for the red carpet.
Carrie's almost ready, good lash job.
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so who is next? from Audry Fisher's twitter.
Audrey Fisher tweeted this pic of Pam's new shoes, carumba! True Throwback Memorable Maker Moments 
Just as Truebies celebrated their fathers yesterday, the vampires of 'True Blood' have a lot to thank their makers for. Few of the series' relationships are more robust than the bond between vampire maker and progeny. Just consider the (ever-evolving) connection between maker-progeny duos like Bill and Jessica, Godric and Eric, and Eric and Pam.
Today we continue our True Throwback series that celebrates the best of 'True Blood' with a round-up of what we're calling "maker moments," or touching occasions between a smattering of these indelible 'True Blood' duos.
In advance of the Season 7 premiere on June 22, enjoy seven such "maker moments" that recognize the many ways makers "parent" their progeny.

Some bites from an interview with Carrie Preston by the DailyQuirk, more at the link.
TDQ: The seventh season of True Blood is premiering this June! Can you tell us what this season has in store?
CP: Well, I can’t go into specifics or I’d have to get a vampire to kill you! Every moment counts, because it is our last season and everyone knows that. I’m actually grateful that they announced that this was going to be the last season a long time ago. Everyone, including the audience is really trying to make every moment count. And that’s certainly the case with the writers and the cast on our show. It’s going to be very exciting, it’s going to be very sad. I trust that it will be a fulfilling way to wrap up this extraordinary journey.
TDQ: The season finale ended with quite a cliffhanger! Will the story pick up right where it left off?
CP: Yes, in True Blood fashion, we pick up right where we left off. We see the affects of this band of infected vampires descending on the entire town. You’ll be feeling the aftermath of that for several episodes.
TDQ: What’s in store for Arlene Fowler this season?
CP: I’m very excited about this season and Arlene. The stuff that the writer’s have given me this season is more than I could have imagined myself. I’m really excited to share it with the audience. Without giving anything away right now, I’m confident that it’s going to be something that the audience isn’t expecting, and I hope that they’re going to enjoy it as much as I do.

HBO is posting Maker Moments on YT-

What a good human and good actor Sam is.

 . talks Chris Bauer through an important scene while filming episode 1 of . See more 7/16 at 9p New show for Chris Bauer, that great news.

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