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Fangovering in the Last Season

                   The  gang takes it on the road to check out another decimated town.
We're going for the Guiness record for World's Longest Blogger Post.
                                    Photobooth Friday posted by Chris Bauer on Twitter.
Q&A with Rutina- just a bit, (love this girl)- 
The last time I accepted my own mortality:Whenever an actor passes away, like when Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger died. Hollywood can jack you up and then help you fall, but it can also raise you up. It makes me realize that I have to stay strong, remain humble, and know that nothing’s promised to me. 
 a sweet goodbye to us. 
From Ryan's facebook-Behind the scenes (and camera) of Rio, I Love You.
From the American Black Film Festival, Nelsan has been there several times before, this year they had a True Blood Party-Universal Pictures promoted Get On Up, their upcoming James Brown biopic through a panel about the making of the film that featured cast members Chadwick Boseman,
Nelsan Ellis, Tika Sumpter and director Tate Taylor. Festival attendees were also
treated to a remarkable exhibition “The James Brown Experience,” that included original

clothing and jewelry worn by James Brown, and fun interactive music related features.

Good interview with Carrie by one of  my favorite writers, Jim Halterman, read it all at the link this is just the TB bitsies-
TV Fanatic: So is it kind of getting to the point where there are a lot of last scenes you’re having with people and things like that?
Carrie Preston: Oh, yeah. It’s definitely happening, so it’s starting to get sad and also very crazy with everybody wanting to make sure that everybody says their goodbyes and the wrap gifts and the wrap parties. It’s definitely feeling celebratory and sad. It’s not taking a break.
TVF: I won’t ask you what actually happens in the end because I know that’s very hush-hush but are you personally a fan of happy endings when a series or character wraps up?
CP: Well, I don’t like being prescriptive about it. I feel like there’s no such thing as a happy ending if you want to have a good conflict and all those ingredients that create good tension. I wouldn’t say that Breaking Bad had a happy ending. However, I was very satisfied with it. There was a lot of controversy about that ending and I thought that was great because I feel like if people aren’t talking about something and they’re passionate about it and there’s good, healthy, excited conversation about it, then we have done our jobs and so I’m hoping that that will be the case with True Blood, that people will be invested in it and have a dialogue about it and feel passionate about it.
TVF: I never think of Arlene as a quitter, even with all this stuff they’ve thrown at her. I don’t think she’d quit.
CP: No, she’s definitely too strong to quit.
TVF: How would you tease Arlene’s journey in this week’s episode? Because things are definitely not looking good as she’s in the basement with the other women.
CP: You’re going to see Arlene rise to the challenge that’s created in that situation.

Joe Manganiello is a presenter on The Logo Trailblazers Awards, June 26, 9pm est.
                                                           From The Talk on twitter.
I just looked at stats, the old Warlow Speculation thread has over 24 thousand hits, wow, thank you peoples of earth, muito obrigado!

As an Official Judge of the 2014 Lower East Side Film Festival, Denis O'Hare gave us his take on what makes independent filmmaking so exciting and important. Thanks Michelle!

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
Imagine how tough it would be having an amazing job about which you can reveal very little, even to your closest relatives and friends. We’re not talking about the CIA. We’re talking about starring on a hit show in its final season, HBO’s “True Blood.” Amelia Rose Blaire plays Willa, Governor Burrell’s newly-turned vampire daughter. Fans have watched her struggle with her allegiances between her father and Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard) - the man responsible for turning her into a vampire. She talked to Jeff Michael and Christine Devine about her role, the show’s final season and keeping work secrets from her sister.
This is interactive here on EW. 'True Blood'-lines: Untangle the web of relationships
After six seasons and change, keeping track of all the interactions on ''True Blood'' requires a memory as strong as Bill Compton's. Or, a web tool. Click the plus signs in the upper right to see the links between the show's many characters.

Denis with a nice group of TB villains, Michelle Forbes is on Orphan Black, a great show. 
                                                       Milk in Canada.
From McMillz instagram, guess there will be a villainous special this season.
Joe at the LogoTV 2014 Trailblazers in NYC. photo Bryan Bedder via Zimbio
From Deadline-The season premiere of the final season of HBO‘s True Blood tallied a gross audience of 5.8 million viewers Sunday night, across its four plays — up from last season’s debut night haul of 5.6 million viewers. At 9 PM, viewership averaged 4 million viewers — down about 500,000 compared to its sixth-season premiere – with another 1 million, 498,000 and 262,000 added at 10 PM, 11:30 PM and 1:00 AM, respectively. Last season, the vampire drama logged an average gross audience of 10.7 million viewers.
Joe will be partying in Pittsburgh June 27th, all proceeds will be donated .
Some people mentioned how The Figure turned out to be much ado about a John Goodman look-a-like.  I said he wasn't going to be, they added him in a reshoot for one episode so, ya know. In fact last week Buckner said this to EW- 
While most seasons of Blood have featured a scene-stealing villain, in season 7 the virus itself is the Big Bad. Says Buckner, “There are certain things I don’t believe we can top. So the writers and I decided from the get-go that we’re not going to take screen time away from our series regulars to build a new character who becomes the focus of the season.”
Still, we might see the return of a few familiar faces, like Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin. “We know who the fan favorites are and we’re going to do our very best to weave everything in,” says Buckner. “As we say in the writers’ room, ‘Try to use the whole buffalo.’”

In my mind I still hear an HARUMPH from old timey Bill, look at that face?

In the weeks to come.
                                            We have a map and we will use it!

                         Nice photo, tweeted by Stephen after the premiere.
Waited for Meredith's pros and cons, yeah they're up-
CON: So the massacre is over and it's revealed that Tara has died. Off camera.
Look, you all know I'm not the biggest fan of the character Tara. But this… this was some buuuuuuuulll sheeeeeeet. After surviving 6 years of rape, kidnapping, murder, maternal abuse, the death of boyfriends and loved ones, and even being taped pantless to a toilet so she could do whatever it is she needed to do while her vampire captor slept, I feel like the very least this show could do for her is give Tara an ONSCREEN DEATH. No goodbye? No big battle scene? Lest we forget, Tara is a trained cage fighter now (lol forever, but STILL).
True Blood gave new character Nora the full Little-Women-Claire-Danes-Cry-Face-Beth-Dies scene. But a six-season series regular dies with the fanfare of a Thumbelina fart. And every character is just like "I am very upset about this." NOT OK, GUYS. NOT OK.
Pro: Cut to a very slim looking Andy Bellefleur! And he's still using a flip phone. I missed you Andy; you can sit by me.
Pro: Alcide repeatedly calls Sookie's phone because that's totally the kind of boyfriend he is.
Pro: Sookie decides instead of hitting "ignore," she's just going to throw her entire phone away, which is a good decision made by someone with good decision-making skills.

Ep. 72: Preview

Only Jason would eat old pizza, but truly if it was that old and in the heat of Lousiana, it wouldnt look that good, not to mention the gnats or worse it would attract. Can't imagine anyone but Ryan in this role.

Classic horror trope, girl alone in the grave yard, but she sure should know better by now.

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