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True Blood Hiatus Support Group (HSG) W2 Cont'd

Well, Well, Well, look who is here all chill till his next kill, Count Blacula! Remember how he would get extra hairy when his fangs came out, never understood that part? Is it true once you go Blacula you never go backula? Ok, no more cornball crap, let's get on with this session of our TBHSG.

Rutina was on Good Day NY

Rutina Wesley:

Ryan in Men's Health UK
Kwanten: Women love confidence

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten credits his sex symbol status to his character Jason Stackhouse being so confident.
The 34-year-old Australian actor admitted to Men's Health Magazine that his character is a bit of a 'knucklehead', but thinks women like his cockiness.
Ryan said: "With all the guys on the show there's a rawness to them. With Jason it's very unabashed. He's very comfortable in his skin. I think from a female perspective, that kind of audacity or confidence can be sexy.
"Although I don't think that a guy like that could be sexy all the time. It is a little too full on... but then again, I'm not a girl.
"Jason has been shot at, raped and danced around in his underwear wearing a Laura Bush mask. The fact that he is still standing there is kind of... intriguing."
The former Home and Away star confessed he's been blown away by the show's success, but tries not to let it go to his head.
"It continues to amaze me. I saw (True Blood creator) Alan Ball yesterday, and even he is overwhelmed by the way it continues to grow. It's exponential. It is rating above any other show HBO have ever had including The Sopranos.
"I try to live in a little bubble. It's an Australian and a British thing not to take things too seriously. It's fantastic that it's a success, but you need to keep a hunger and an ambition to have more, and want more."
The full Ryan Kwanten interview is published in Men's Health November issue - on sale Monday October 3.
Michael McMillan and Cat Deeley? Cute if true, it is from a tabloid.
The So You Think You Can Dance host and McMillian were first spotted together back in June.
Read more:

For UK readers, Season 4 should start in January on FX then on Channel 4
From WetPaint, Joe on the set of his Magic Mike movie-
The 34-year-old True Blood hunk will be baring all, not really, as Big Dick Ritchie in the new movie, which just so happens to be based on Channing Tatum's real-life dancing days. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere! 
Sam Trammell has a supporting role in a new movie according to Collider, The whole article at link.
Sam Trammell (True Blood) has joined the cast of Long Time Gone, the directorial debut of Precious producer Sarah Siegel-Magness. The story centers on “a broken family who must cope when Gordie Iris (Anthony LaPaglia) leaves his wife, Augusta (played by Virginia Madsen), for another woman.”  Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights) and newcomer Graham Rogers play the two sons who have no idea how to comfort their despondent mother until Amanda Crew (Charlie St. Cloud) steps in.

Just Jared has pics from the set of "Disconnect", Askars newest movie, looking a lot like Bill Pullman, lol. Why fight the hot?

I'll remember you Dr Pecos, and all you've done to protect us from the undead.
On September 10, celebrities from film, music and television converged at First Point, Surfrider Beach in Malibu for the Surfrider Foundation's 6th Annual Celebrity Expression Session presented by Cali Bamboo. Sam Trammell does his thing this year again in Malibu.

From HBO's store French Quarter Issue #2

Askars Talks Melancholia with Keifer Sutherland

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True Blood's Hiatus Support Group Week 2

Big Daddy Drac is opening the door to our weekly support group. "I bid you welcome". 

Character poster from "Melancholia" via Slashfilm
True Blood Werewolf  Lands Two and a Half Men Role, From EW
Joe Manganiello is using his off-time from HBO's True Blood to appear in an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men on CBS.
The man known to Truebies as Alcide the werewolf will play the boyfriend of Bridget, Ashton Kutcher's character's ex-wife (to be played by Judy Greer). Bridget drove Kutcher's Walden Schmidt to a suicide attempt in the season premiere and looks to not be entirely out of the Internet billionaire's life.
Manganiello just wrapped his fourth season ofTrue Blood but he’s definitely staying ripped for other, um, important endeavors: EW already reported exclusively that he will play Big Dick Richie in Steven Soderbergh’s movie about male strippers. He’s also set to star opposite his old school chum Matt Bomer in an episode of USA’s White Collar that will air in January.

If you ever saw TB's pilot you know that this was the original Tara (she was in the soap Passions), hard to think of anyone but Rutina in the role now. I saw the pilot before I saw the first episode so  was surprised by the casting change at first. Here's a video of a scene that Rutina re-did.

Pre-order French Quarter Comic Issue # 5 at HBO's Shop
 This is over a year old but still fun to watch

The True Blood couple stepped out last night to attend the Point Foundation's Point Honors scholarship gala at Jim Henson studios in Los Angeles last night. The organisation provides financial support, mentoring and leadership training to students who are marginalised due to sexual orientation or gender identity. The Daily Mail

The MCC Theater world premiere of Jeff Talbott's The Submission, starring Tony Award nominee Jonathan Groff as a playwright in peril and "True Blood" star Rutina Wesley as an actress in the role of her life, plays Off-Broadway's Lucille Lortel Theatre. The Submission will officially open Sept. 27 for a run through Oct. 22
This is really awesome: Stephen Moyer‘s fansite,, approached mah boo Andy Swist a while back to see if he could do some original artwork for a charity auction. (Stephen, Anna PaquinAlexander Skarsgard, and the other castmembers do an ENORMOUS amount of charity work with their fanbases, which is really fucking cool.
Stephen and Anna both signed the work and it’s now up for auction, with the proceeds to benefit Facing the Atlantic/Facing the World. I’m so proud that Andy is a part of the fundraiser and that Stephen and Anna liked his work so much (Stephen told the ASM folks that “the Andy pictures are amazing”!).
Anyway, the auction is live until Oct. 1 and the work is already going for $510, as of posting time. Thanks to ASM, Stephen and Anna for inviting Andy to be a part of the charity drive, and to Andy for being so talented and generous and making such great pancakes.
The Vault has scans of the new EW up and it's a real spoiler!  A spoiler for a spoiler site, I'm beside myself with joy. There's more at the link above.
From Accidental Sexiness
Joe Manganiello and Kristin Bauer were spotted on the red carpet at the IRIS, A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil premiere Sunday, September 25th, 2011 exclusively at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.  As much as I want to go on about how hunky Mr. Manganiello is looking in these shots, I have to address Kristin’s stunning leopard print dress first!
One of the sweetest TB scenes ever, since we will see a darker side of Terry next summer...

He is a doll

Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson at the 25th  Broadway Cares Flea Market
  Take the first annual True Blood survey over at
Two of our fandoms are colliding and we could not be happier. Kristin Bauer, the snarky vampire Pam on "True Blood" is coming to "Once Upon a Time," a new ABC show that we named one of our most anticipated new shows for this fall. Bauer tweets, "packing for Vancouver - to shoot #OnceUponaTime - new fantastical TV show." Bauer will be guest-starring in one episode as Maleficent, the evil witch from "Sleeping Beauty" (so that's a third fandom colliding here), with the possibility for a recurring role,reports NiceGirlsTV. We think Bauer will make an amazing Maleficent. Zap2it
I actually have lots of Maleficent cartoons in my photobucket, this is perfect casting, it's Pam!

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True Blood's Hiatus Support Group Week 1 Continued

Welcome back or as Vlad would say, Bine ai revenit.  Drac has been waiting for you in his finest attire and fancy hairdo. He is a big TB fan and hates the long hiatus as much as we do.
HBO has Tainted Blood now in hardcover
True Blood, Vol. 2: Tainted Love
Marc Andreyko, Michael McMillian (w) • Joe Corroney (a) • J. Scott Campbell (c)
Hoyt, the human boyfriend of Jessica, tries to do a good deed… and it doesn’t go unpunished! Hoyt notices that Jessica has been staring at a poster for a local prom night, which leads him to romantically scheme to throw a surprise one for her at Merlotte’s (with the help of friends Sookie, Sam and Tara). Unfortunately, things go awry when Jessica drinks a bit too much of the punch, which just happens to be part of a tainted batch of Tru Blood! Now out of control on a rampage into the night, Hoyt, Bill and Jason do their best to help their friend. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette try to help Jessica a little differently, by seeking out Eric, and the local sheriff! It’s a thrill ride beyond compare as they fight to bring Jessica back to the safety of Bon Temps stretches dangerously close to dawn.
160 Pages

From the NY Post-
Making the most of his time off from “True Blood,” Alexander Skarsgard is taking on the role of a troubled former solider in his latest movie, indie drama “Disconnect.” The heartthrob star has been spotted this week filming at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, LI. In the movie, Skarsgård plays an ex-Marine who’s struggling to make ends meet and is emotionally distant from his wife, prompting him to seek an affair. The film also stars Frank Grillo and Colin Ford.
Interviews from the HBO Emmy after party, some info for next season, with the KING!.

From Dreadcentral, talking about his Straw Dogs' character

Finale Highlights

Janina was the first? WoW

Ever go on youtube looking for TB vids and see the weird fanmade stuff? Some of it is so bad, by really wacked out people and why are the worst make-up appliers doing Tarte TB palette tutorials? It is some scary shit, it's better for some people not to show what they look like, really.
NYU's online campus news has some good ideas for what should happen S5.
Expect Lafayette to be mofoing CRAZY. Lafayette has been a pretty mentally stable character on the show so far. He’s dealt with a lot of drama and disturbing things, but he’s overcame it all and found true love with Jesus. Now he’s losing the two people he loves the most. He has to finally have a breakdown. more at the link above.
HBO is giving us some Making True Blood production videos this hiatus!

Nice interview with Ryan from Singapore's Today Show.

It's no secret that we love all of the sexy brood of hunks on True Blood. But after interviewing Ryan Kwanten last Sunday, when he was here for the 24th Singapore Film Festival to promote his quirky little dramedy Griff The Invisible, he's become our resident favourite. More at the link above.

Look at Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in Dark Shadows, she looks like Pam!
Production on True Blood season 5 will begin in November 2011 and run through late June/early July 2012.
True Blood season 4 will likely be released on DVD and Blu-ray in late May 2012, season 5 will likely premiere on HBO in June 2012.

This will keep you warm till the show is back, if Bookies didnt point me to it I wouldn't know about it. Truly, Madly Deadly is available at Amazon.
I have been a vamp fan since I thought my granpa was Bela Lugosi, yeah I was a weird wee one. He had the hair and the thick accent and since my mother watched horror, what the hell did I know? They used some of Barbara Henderson's photos too, our friend from Skargardfans, that place about Stellan's less sexy kid (ducking).

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True Blood's Hiatus Support Group Week 1

Louis opens the door for us lost Trubies, he's our host this first True Bloodless week. I felt we needed the pretty that is Louis de Point du Lac to help with withdrawal, tres beau. Louis is not happy that in all his years in New Orleans he's never been approached to run for any office by The Authority, he wouldn't accept of course but it is the thought that counts. You all know how sensitive he is.
Let's see how much we can add to this week's post before it blows up, can it last till Friday?
From Matt at TVLine, more Joe-

Will True Blood Season 5 be the season that Sookie’s love life gets truly hairy? 
Speaking with TVLine at our Emmy weekend kickoff reception at Levi’s Haus, Joe Manganiello offered his thoughts on Alcide’s season-ending reaffirmation of love for Sookie, as well as shared the “bare facts” about shooting Alcide and Eric’s “naked showdown” at the lake.
“It was Valentine’s Day, and there’s me and [Alexander] Skarsgard naked, screaming that were going to kill each other, with Anna [Paquin] in the middle and my wolf Thunder a few feet away,” he recalls. “There were a lot of ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Anna’ jokes going around.”

Wetpaint has some S5 ideas from book 5, "Dead As a Doornail", read it in it's entirety HERE.
They are also guessing to who the wolf is that was snarling at Sam, HERE
Celebuzz has several photos of  Anna and Stephen from the Emmys last night-
Matt Roush of TVGuide got a question comparing Torchwood Miracle Day to True Blood
Miracle Day has to be at least a peg or two underneath guilty pleasure True Blood, with its often maddening policy of equal screen time for every single regular cast member. I like the show the best when they get most of the characters in the same place at the same time, but they're lucky if they have two out of five good stories going on simultaneously. Andy's V addiction was the most annoying subplot yet. At least the majority of the heavily proliferated cliffhangers made for a mostly satisfying finale. I'm just wondering how long they can continue to pull this show off in the long run. From what I've gleaned, the show is more or less going through one book per season and the 12th book is set to be released sometime next year. It appears as though HBO is interested in having this show on forever, but what of the actors, contract negotiations and budgetary concerns that tend to swell up over time? Looking at HBO's past, 5-6 seasons is generally the sweet spot for an HBO original scripted drama if it's lucky to get enough public and critical notice. I'm just trying to wrap my head around Stephen Moyer at age 49 in the 12th season of True Blood. My bet is that they're going to skip or amalgamate a few books, or go the Dexter route and splinter off into a drastically different canon (the most logical choice). It wouldn't hurt if they reduced the amount of filler subplots that tend to go on without leading anywhere. Any additional conjecture you'd like to add? — Gene
Matt Roush: The future of Torchwood, by all accounts, is in Russell T Davies' hands. (Sort of the way future seasons of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm always hinge on Larry David's own enthusiasm and drive.) If Davies comes up with another grand idea that catches Starz' fancy, there may well be more to the story, but it may not happen on a normal renewal timetable. Maybe a little time and distance would be the best thing for all involved, given how Miracle Day turned out. Regarding True Blood: For better or worse, this is a show about excess, and that includes an overabundance of characters to follow, not all of them earning the attention (Andy and Sam have been the two biggest offenders lately, at least for me). As long as True Blood sustains its popularity, I'm sure HBO will want to keep it around, but I don't see it lasting as long as the book series, in part because these actors and writers will all eventually want and need to move on. But now that they've told the story (from book 4) of Eric's amnesia and love tryst with Sookie — a high point for the book and TV franchise — I'm betting the series will begin veering even further away from the books than it has already. Given how forgettable some of the more recent novels have been, this can only be a good thing for the HBO cast and crew.
Get your votes in for the Scream awards, True Blood is nommed again, of course.
Screenrant has the Supes of True Blood listed and the caricatures are excellent- 
The HBO series True Blood has a wide variety of supernatural characters that keep viewers returning to the series every week (well, among other things). The series regularly features new creatures who wield a various array of exotic powers – from the well-known vampires, witches and werewolves to new twists on classic creatures like “were-panthers.” If you’re new to the series (or even if you’re not) – our friends over at Direct TV True Blood have created an infographic that breaks down all the different creature types on the show, along with their weaknesses, powers and how to become one within the context of the series.

Direct TV
[Via: Direct TV True Blood] has 5 supes they'd like to see next season on True Blood, including Leprechauns, ha!
They have freakin' fairies; why not leprechauns? Maybe throw in a few unicorns while you're at it.
Lindsay Pulsipher will replace Hilary Duff in the remake of Bonnie and Clyde-THR
                       Loads of photos from HBO's Emmys After Party At Socialite's Life
From True Blood News, The Nest, I see even spoilertv posted it-
Will Rev. Steve Newlin try to form a Fellowship of the Fang? Will the King be fighting with Bill and Eric or against them? Is the new formidable Vampirella Russell's maker or his child? Will it not suck? 
Writer Raelle Tucker and Executive producer Alan Ball talk to TV Guide about True Blood’s Season 4 finale and some hints about what will be happening in Bon Temps in Season 5.
 Will Tara (Rutina Wesley) Survive? 
“I can’t say whether she will be back in her present form, but we’ll continue to tell Tara’s story,” says Tucker.
Are Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) marked men after killing Nan and her guards?
 “They’ve been fighting witches all season, and now they will have to fight  the power elite of their own kind,” says Ball. Adds Tucker: “For once in their lives they need to rely on and trust each other. They team up to face a common enemy.
Is Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) really back? 
Yes confirms Ball–and with “an interesting new alliance,” teases Tucker.
Will Werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello) finally win Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) heart?
 “They have a deep friendship and chemistry that we’ll continue to explore,” Tucker says. “But Sookie will be trying to stand on her own two feet next season.”
Will ghosts from Terry’s (Todd Lowe) past threaten his wife, Arlene (Carrie Preston)? 
“The ghosts will come back, and he and Arlene are going to be challenged by that,” Tucker confirms. “Terry’s PTSD comes from a particular incident we’ll learn more about. Scott Foley’s Patrick Devins has a huge part to play.”
What kind of vampire will former fang-hater Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) be?
 “He will do what he believes is the righteous thing that God wants him to do, although it will be altered by his new condition,” Tucker says.
Any exciting new characters coming up? “There are a couple of new roles that will be very sexy,” says Ball. One in particular is “a strong, mysterious female at the center of one of our main stories,” Tucker says. “She’s fierce, one of the strongest women we will have seen on the show, a force to be reckoned with.”Source: TV Guide Magazine, issue dated September 26-October 2, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

True Blood Hiatus Support Group

Barnabas wanted to host the weekend and he's not someone you say no to, worse than Uncle Karl!
He seems to really like Joe Maganiello, who knew? It must stem from Alcide reminding him of hot stuff Quentin, can't blame him.

More photos of Joe from GQ Style UK, he needs Just for Men for Beards.
From CinemaBlend-
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgard: three of the most in-demand young actors working in Hollywood today. The first broke out in last year's Inception, is earning Oscar buzz for his role in the upcoming 50/50 and has a part in Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie. The second has been everywhere this year and his performance in Drive, which is set to premiere tomorrow, has earned the actor almost unanimous praise. The third is a star on HBO's hit showTrue Blood and, like Gosling, has a new movie opening tomorrow (Straw Dogs). You have to imagine that every casting agent in Hollywood wants at least one of them to star in their new project.
Gordon-Levitt, Gosling and Skarsgard are now being looked at for the starring role in Steven Soderbergh's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Unlike Clooney, however, who was being looked at for the role of Napoleon Solo - the character originally played by Robert Vaughn- the three young actors are being looked at for the part of Ilya Kuryakin, Solo's partner (yes, I am aware how weird that sounds). The story comes from a source close to the production, who says that the three actors are just a few of the names that the studio is looking at, the full list including upwards of 20 actors.
From Shockya,com
True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, known as Bill Compton to fans of the Allan Ball series, is now officially attached to star in director Darren Lynn Bousman’s (Saw, Repo) devilish tale of a camping trip gone awry. According to Variety, Moyer has inked a deal to star in the movie titled ‘The Barrens’, where he will play a man who decides to take his family on a camping trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Becoming “convinced they’re being stalked by a legendary winged monster that looks like a deformed hybrid of several different animals,” Moyer’s character will undoubtedly go mad
Speaking to Variety, Bousman ensured the outlet that he plans to take the horror picture “another step further. I don’t want to turn it into a cheesy creature feature. It’s about the characters for me, and having watched Stephen for years on ‘True Blood,’ I have no doubt he’s the right leading man.

From AfterElton, lol! I bet Harkness did tell him that.
This week saw the season finale of True Blood, and let's just say the show lived up to the "blood" part of the title as a lot of that sticky fluid was shed, including some belonging to characters very popular with AE readers. At the top of that list was Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), Lafayette's boyfriend. Also dying wasTara (Rutina Wesley) and Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck), all of whom were at the very least queer characters, if not actually gay

McMillian discusses his current writing project, “True Blood: Tainted Love,” co-written with Marc Andreyko. The series deals with his character from the show, Steve Newlin. The story takes place between seasons 2 and 3, and McMillian teases the future of Newlin on the HBO series which just wrapped its 4th season. CBR
HBO has many new stills for each main character from season four up on True Blood's Facebook page. Terry in  ginge sandwich look at him smiling.

This scene should be watched daily

Scans from the latest EW are at Skarsgard Source, this is only one of the pages there.
From the Vault Sookie with a wee Goblin, member of the Fae, lol.