Friday, February 10, 2012

Blame It on the Hiatus Full Moon

The first werewolf movie ever, made 6 years before Lon Chaney Jr.'s Larry Talbot made his debut, was Werewolf of London. It had nothing to do with roaming the moors, the woods, or the Pacific northwest, but instead had Wilfred Glendon getting bit in Tibet. I would think he'd turn into a Yeti myself but that's just my Harry and the Hendersons infatuation talking. I haven't seen it since I was a child but always thought it was more Jack the Ripper than Werewolf. 

The great Jack Pierce designed the makeup for this movie as well as the more famous Wolfman, the star Henry Hull refused to wear it, he thought it hid his features too well. This was why it was more like Jekyl and Hyde/Jack the Ripper to me. The photo is the original make-up intended and you can see it was used to perfection in the later Lon Chaney Jr. movie.


  1. Loved watching werewolf movies growing up!! Thank you so much for reminding me of some of the great ones!! Gotta love the Alex interview!! Never thought he'd do one in the bathroom!

  2. I grew up on horror movies, I had no choice but to get on board. The writer of the Alex bit has some interesting tweets about it, lol.