Sunday, February 12, 2012

For You True Blood Romantics

How he did this with a straight face I do not know but he looks so Cupidey McValentine.
The serious look
The Coy Look (lulz)
All I know is they are from an old Star Magazine, couldnt find the kinkier one where he looks to be getting choked(!?)
One more from Ryan's appearance on "New Girl" Valentine episode.

Tara Buck talked to Moxie Reviews about her career and make-up choices for products not tested on animals, she looks fabulous. More pics and in depth interview at the link.
Hailing from the US, Tara Buck’s first professional acting job was on the hit television show, Party of Five. Tara’s theatre roles have included A Gift from Heaven (2005), for which she was nominated for anOvation Award, Marisa Megrzyn’s West Coast Premiere, Ten Cent Night (2009), and the leading role in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, How I Learned to Drive (2010). She was Rhea Reynolds in the series, Nip/Tuck before appearing on True Blood.

Fans know that you do a lot of screaming on the set of True Blood; when did you scream for real recently?
I was gardening and I discovered a dead critter. It really caught me off guard. My fiancĂ© came running out of the house at the same time my neighbor rushed over. Hysterical! Contrary to what people probably think I don’t usually vocalize my fear. That’s sort of a true blood exclusive.

More clips at
This video is from Janina's trip to DC last weekend, her sister stands in (the bit is over at about 5:50 in)-

This Andy Swist V-Day card is apropos of S5 with Bill and Eric on the run.
I forget to check Kristin's Facebook for updates, she pointed to her fan site for these new photos, they have many I've not seen before.
Janina tweeting from the Grammys, I think she went with Ahmir aka Questlove.
Zimbio has all the Grammy pics up this morning.
This morning I looked at the clock it was around 6am, I thought, gee I have time to get ready and go see Askars, then I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Skarsgardfans has piccies-
Sell those toys Hasbro and Askars is putting out a line of scarves soon, JK, or am I? NASDAQ
More pics at Wetpaint
From the Edun after party, Billy Farell's photo, more at link.
More pics promoting "Battleship" Poor tired Swede and teeny Taylor.
I remember when I thought Peter Berg was hot, time marches on. From MTV-

Ryan doing an interview with Extra on Friday (for Monday's show?), more pics at SocialiteLife
Coming soon to France
Nelsan as Dionysus in "Gods Behaving Badly"   Photo by Bauer Griffin
I can't think of better casting than Peter Mensah (Oenomaus from Spartacus) for any role on another show I watch.This actor can bring it, including tears as my Doctore. EXCLUSIVE from Deadline: Peter Mensah will join True Blood in a recurring role as Kibwe, Chancellor for the Authority. Originally from Africa, Kibwe works toward mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure. In addition to previous and current incarnations of Spartacus on Starz, Mensah has appeared in films including Zack Snyder’s 300, Antoine Fuqua’sTears Of The Sun, Touchstone Pictures’ Hidalgo and James Cameron’s Avatar. His television credits includeTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, WitchbladeThe Pretender and Star Trek: Enterprise.
This was the casting call for his character-Episode #502, "Authority Always Wins"
[KIBWE] Early 40s to early 60s. A slender African gentleman vampire, he's an Authority council member who believes rehabilitation for prisoners over stricter punishment...STRONG RECURRING PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT AUTHENTICALLY AFRICAN ACTORS FOR THIS ROLE.
More from NASDAQ yesterday, mostly the toys-

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