Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's In The Blood

Talk about untruth in advertising, Brides of Dracula has no Dracula in this movie, just a very strange momma's boy, Baron Meinster. 
It's saving graces are that it's by Hammer, the eerie mood it creates and Peter Cushing as the always reliable Van Helsing. It's the first sequel to Hammer's Horror of Dracula (Dracula in Europe) and the star David Peel retired from acting after it's release, quitter! It's one more Hammer classic that is on youtube in it's entirety, here's the scene of the most naive chick that ever lived going to the castle of the Baron with his super creepy mom.
Janina at the Vanity Fair DJ Night, wolf whistle alert! More at the link, this is what she said of the look on Twitter-I am wearing see-through cashmere hammer pants at the Vanity Fair DJ night. Yes. I said it.
Alexander arriving at the Independent Spirit Awards, hear what they are yelling to him? 
That's his younger bro Gustaf, has many, many more pics.
Kristin is a judge @ the Hero Dog AwardsGive your incredible canine the recognition he or she deserves. Nominate your dog for the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ today! Nominations end March 26 and public voting will begin on April 1.  And don't forget to save the date for the awards event in Hollywood on October 6! 
Actress Janina Gavankar and her mother Mohra Gavankar attend OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Party, that's another beautiful gown. - Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images North America via  Zimbio
Oscar parties with our Bloods, more at the sources-Just Jared Zimbio TheSuperficial
Grand news for mystery fans. Charlaine Harris, creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired HBO's "True Blood," is coming to town for SleuthFest according to The Orlando Sentinel. 
The annual conference, sponsored by the Florida chapter of Mystery Writers of America, shifts to Central Florida this year. The conference runs Thursday-March 4 at the Royal Plaza Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista. Harris is the main luncheon speaker at noon March 3.
The TV series has benefited from the tensions between vampires Bill and Eric. How central is that to your story?
They [the actors] are wonderful, but the story is very different from my story. It was never a Bill vs. Eric situation in my mind.
How has Sookie changed over time? Is she more fun write these days?
I don't write Anna Paquin, I write Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is always a lot of fun to write. She's growing, changing, She's very strong. She's a girl girl. She'd be OK on her own without a guy. She'd like to have a relationship. It's not necessary to her happiness.
Are you happy with the decisions "True Blood" executive producer Alan Ball has made?
Certainly I've had thoughts about that. I'm very fond of Alan. I think he's a genius. He's made good decisions for television. He's not consciously trying to imitate the books. That would be boring for him and boring for me. If I knew what was going to happen, why would I watch? Viewers and readers are getting two experiences. Read the whole thing at the link above.
Looks like Brendan McCarthy, Nate the werewolf biker will be back for season 5, he now is Tanner on Justified. He is as tall as Joe and just as hot, or hotter depending who you ask (me). He is listed for E1, Turn, Turn, Turn.
Possible Casting spoilers from IMDB for S5E5 Boot N Rally Ally-


 (Episode Cast)
Clint Culp...Vampire Hank– Episode #5.5 (2012) … Vampire Hank
Anna Khaja...Iraqi Woman
True Blood (TV series)
 Episode #5.5 (2012) … Iraqi Woman

– We'll Meet Again … Iraqi Woman

Queerty has info on Ball's Banshee-
Though its name stems from the legendary monster of Irish folklore, Banshee, the new show that gay TV guru Alan Ball (right) is whipping up for Cinemax, doesn’t have much in common with his current supernatural series for HBO, True Blood.  Already greenlighted for 10 episodes on Cinemax, Banshee is a crime drama about an ex-con who takes on the identity of a sheriff in Banshee, PA, but continues to engage in illicit activities.
Ball, who is prepping Blood for it’s upcoming fifth season, is executive producing the show with Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler handling writing duties.  Also coming from Ball is Wichita, a new HBO medical series about a Kansas surgeon caught in the middle of the abortion debate.
Eric's cuz?
More for E5 from our friend @Skarsgardfans, Barb thinks this is the location for scenes mentioned in the casting call-"Anther fan was able to get photos of filming , as well as the location, it used to be a hospital, Lind Vista Hosp., has been featured on TV as being haunted.More pics HERE and HERE
[SCRAWNY MAN (JIMMY)] In his 30s, very skinny, babbling in terror, he’s found in a padded cell. RECURRING [KATE] Late 20s-early 30s. Skinny, unconscious, Kate is one of the prisoners with the Scrawny Man in the padded cell. No lines in this episode, RECURRING

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