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Count It Down.

Season Six Preview: Uncertain Futures
One question all Truebies must have after the surprising ending of seasons 5 is, "What happened to Bill?!" Brian Buckner reveals the season 6 opener just scratches the surface on what happens after you drink all of Lilith's blood -- and it's going to launch us on an exciting ride to discover Bill's -- or should we say Billith's -- new powers. And with new powers comes more heartache. According to Brian, "Look for things to get worse between Bill and Sookie before they get better. If they ever do."And what about love? We all know True Blood wouldn't be True Blood without any romance to steam up our imaginations, so what does that mean for everyone's romantic futures in the new season? The inside scoop tells us something we should not to expect: romance between Sookie and Alcide -- at least not immediately. What we can expect is a more grown-up, self-knowing, fate-accepting, knows-what-she-wants-and-goes-after-it Sookie, which will make her sexier than ever and her light stronger.
And Sookie's not alone in her heightened appeal. In the world of True Blood, vampires and humans have always had a special bond when blood is exchanged -- Jason and Jessica are no different -- but only time will tell us what that means in the new world order.
So what else can we expect to see this season, apart from a war between humans and vamps? Brian Buckner wants us to prepare for relationships to be tested and changed -- more so than has been done in previous seasons. Among them, Andy will learn that raising four faerie daughters is much more involved than just raising human quadruplets and Alcide's role as packmaster will be challenged.
Linda Stasi's review of Season Six First Episode-
Lesbian vampires, three-way werewolf sex, skinless naked ladies romping about the glen! Oh yes, and one old-man faerie godfather who seems to keep his clothes on.
This Sunday, the two-hour “True Blood” sixth-season premiere once again brings a whole new meaning to the term “blood lust.” Maybe it should be “lust blood.”
Anyway, the “terrorist attack” on the true blood manufacturing and bottling facility has left the real fake stuff in short supply, in turn leaving the vamps thirsty — and angry.
This threat sends the governor into full scale attack mode. He’s even been working with the feds, or maybe private industry, to develop vampire-killing assault weapons. They might even work!
While it isn’t really clear why the vampires aren’t all out there on the hunt without the good stuff, it is clear that the Louisiana state government is out to stop a reign of red terror before it begins.
Not as much gore as before, but plenty of pyro-technic action as Bill (Stephen Moyer) has transformed into a super-something. He was killed, yes, but he’s back in a new human form again — but with powers beyond the normal vampire bite-and-fly. He can see the future and it doesn’t look rosy. Bloody yes, but rosy no.
Meantime, the search is on for Warlow, the mysterious being. Will you finally get answers? Not in the first two episodes.
Lots of fakes—we know, we don’t. Oh, it’s him, no—it’s her. No it’s not.
Most of the same characters are back — Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is still my favorite with the best lines in the show — but a new bunch of characters have come aboard as well, including Arliss Howard (who is just terrific in the role) as Truman Burrell, the state’s governor.
The wondrous Rutger Hauer shows up in a beat-up station wagon as Niall, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) long lost faerie grandfather/godfather.
When Niall reveals to the Stackhouses that they’re from a royal line of faeries and Jason gets all excited to be royalty, Hauer deadpans “The genes skipped you.”
With huge references to the civil rights movement and with scenes of the future looking just like real-life scenes from the past, the show’s taking on a “Star Trek”-ian approach to history and current affairs.
The writing is still good — including Lafayette’s best-ever line in the premiere: “That was the sickest s--t I ever saw on TV,” he says, “And I watch ‘Dance Moms.’ ”
Bloody hilarious.

The 3,000 Year Old Vampire King of Mississippi is coming to Wizard World NYC & Chicago!
Denis O’Hare, <i>Russell Edgington</i>, “True Blood,” Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour!Denis O’Hare is an American actor noted for his award winning performances in Take Me Out and Sweet Charity as well as the HBO television show True Blood. He is also known for his supporting roles in the films Charlie Wilson’s War and Milk. In 2011 he starred as Larry Harvey in the FX series American Horror Story.
Kristin Bauer van Straten and  Rutina Wesley attend the opening of the Velvet by Graham & Spencer store in Brentwood, California.Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America
I really thought I posted this already, I don't see it though, sorry.
 1 big problem with pre-taping my "Secrets of the Set" tour for our live show next Sun is that I don't get to meet  
New Promos!
Carrie Preston, Michael Emerson and Sam Trammell at the Critics Choice Awards
I love them. Ben Linus is missed.
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Season Six Red Carpet 

Damn, I missed Sam and Ryan.

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