Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Monday Fangover Begins AGAIN.

Warlow started the signing in blood trend, who else will join in this season?

6 Weeks Ahead trailer. 
WSJ's Speakeasy Recap (in full at the link) 
Sam carries Emma into Merlotte’s and is startled by Lafayette who says he saw Luna on TV and it was the sickest thing he’d seen, and he watches “Dance Moms.” He shows Sam the clip. Emma says, “My mommy’s dead. I’m hungry.” Lafayette asks her if she wants something dipped in sugar and fried and deep fried all over again.
A taste of AVClub's review- True Blood’s insistence that the werewolf storylines are anything but an interminably boring excuse to strip Joe Maganiello down to his birthday suit is at the point of being laughable. In this premiere Alcide accepts his place as pack leader—which he does by ingesting human flesh while in his human form, which is disgusting—and then has a threesome. Mostly off camera. That’s the whole story! Werewolves are the redneck id of True Blood, all eating and fucking and killing in the most uninteresting way possible, and that shows no sign of changing here. Photos/GIFs from ImHereforSookie, TrueBloodGifs

I still dont buy him as Warlow, it's a ruse I tell ya!  It's Jason's brain not right, hope he makes it through the season, I'd miss Ryan.
From Kristin's twitter.
TVGuide's interview w/Anna. Sookie gets a new love interest in Rob Kazinsky's Ben this season, but is she open to love yet?
Sookie usually starts out every season saying, "I'm not getting involved with anyone. I'm going to be my own person and stay away from trouble." But that doesn't make interesting television. [Laughs] She ends up in these situations with guys that usually end up being very complicated. Needless to say, it always gets more complicated than it should be. She always intends for things to be more simpler than they turn out.
How is Ben a different love interest than Bill, Eric or Alcide?
There's a common ground there because they're both faeries. She hasn't, until very recently, been around many of her kind that she likes, so at least starting out, there's some hope.
SPOILER ALERT FOR BOOK FANS: Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, paired Sam and Sookie together in the final book. Do you feel like that would translate well to the series someday?
Yeah, I heard she ends up with Sam! I think there's always been a really strong connection between Sookie and Sam. Whether or not that is really plausible considering what has gone on in each other's lives and what they've been through and what that's done to their friendship, I'm not really sure it would work. I definitely think there's at least a decent shot that they could be happy together. There's no really major wounds to be healed as far as their relationship is concerned. Who knows? That kind of stuff is not up to me.
Given that Louisiana has declared war on vampires, and Warlow is coming after her, how will she be handling that this season?
The world, as usual, is a very dangerous place for her. What's interesting this season is that she's a lot less naïve and wide-eyed about it all. She goes in with a — cynical is the wrong word — but she's not quite expecting the world to be a beautiful place, which, how could you be after all these odd and traumatizing things have happened to her? She's more mature and realistic about her situation.
My reaction to werewolves being cannibals, they are in the crapper the same way as Hot Shotters at this point. 
TVGuide has more on Anna Camp's return, of course Jason is in the mix.
Holier-than-thou horndog Sarah Newlin was last seen on HBO's True Blood as a minister's cheating Mrs. back in 2009. When the crazed character reappears in Bon Temps on June 30, we'll learn "she's written a best-selling book about what it means to be a Christian fighting vampires," Camp says. "And she's working her way into politics, because she's craving more power and fame." (also in spoilers).

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