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Rewinding the Fangover

Got Blood?  A broken Pam is a kinder, gentler Pam, yuck but it was a great idea to hide the blood in a milk carton.

Askars secret to taking off twenty years from his look, add bangs like when he was a kiddie actor. Source

Brian is recapping the show for The Backlot (AKA AE) again this season-
Jason‘s (Ryan Kwanten) ice-cream-suited benefactor appears in front of his careening car – full-on Mister Boogedy style, mind you – and saves him. As expected, his blond chauffeur is NOT Warlow (of course not – why would he have been referring to himself in the third person last episode?), but in fact Jason’s fairy grandpappy (Rutger Hauer). He was apparently testing J-bird the whole time and homeslice failed miserably. At Merlottes, a quadrangle of neo-hippie college students arrive and Arlene wastes no time giving them shit, Bon Temps style. Meanwhile, Sam (Sam Trammell) is on the phone with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) – turns out La-la has pulled baby/dogsitting duty, and he and Ms. Emma are having themselves a kiki in Sam’s trailer. WERK.MORE
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The Fangover: Weapons of Mass Seduction
Bon Temps has had more than its share of high drama, but this season's human vs. vampire showdown escalates the stakes for the living and the dead. There's an all-out war on! Right now, the winning side consists of humans who paid attention in science class; they've whipped up an arsenal of anti-vampire technologies. Exhibit A: Tara was shot with a silver, UV light-radiating bullet. After using a beer bottle as a scalpel, Eric discovers "just how prepared the humans are to fight back," writes Entertainment Weekly, and readieshimself for war. He goes incognito to infiltrate the governor’s office and quickly learns that humans play defense too—exhibit B: anti-glamouring contact lenses.
Political Genius Nora finds a passage never translated correctly till she does it, sure. Again I have to think how friggin' stupid the Authority members seemed and now we know they were in more ways than one. “As the blood ascends, two will become one.” I guess Bill takes this to mean Fae and Vamp and then he goes on his quest to synthesize the blood by asking Sookie for a donation, hee. Any ideas on other meanings for the phrase? 
WSJ recap- Sookie is happy to see Jason back home, and he introduces her to Granpa Niall. They all have spaghetti. Niall Brigant, who is actually their great-grandfather, tells them that Warlow is here, and fills them in on Warlow’s story. He’s been obsessed with their family, and killed many of them. Niall is a king, which makes Sookie a fairy princess. Jason says, “That makes me a prince,” but Niall says, “The genes skipped you.”
They can stop him with a power that is in their bloodline; the ability to channel their light into a ball that will kill any vampire it touches. Because Sookie is only part Fae, she can only use it once, and after that she would be Fae no longer. “It’s like the sun,” she says as she follows Niall’s instructions and pours her love and pain and hopes into it, making this kind of a new-age Wayne Dyer moment to. Niall tells her it’s more powerful than the sun.
Glamour proof contacts could be big sellers, opticians in Louisiana rejoice. 
They have all those hi-tech goodies for slamming vamps but oops, but never knew some could fly? Oh Governor, your team slipped up.
Jurnee Smollett-Bell was on Access this morn and said Nicole is in this season a lot (oh joy),  she never watched the show or read the books when her agent called her to test. She has a scene with wolves chasing her upcoming. If they catch her and eat her I'm all in. Nothing against the actress but the extraneous plot of outing shifters isn't anything I'd be interested in. I hope she isn't Sam's new love interest but since they all die, maybe...
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RibCageHat (JenPero)
Oh hai, bienvenido, welcome, bienvenue, come on in, and make it fast.
                                        I'll never get unRutgered, never. 
Meredith has her Pros and Cons of The Sun up-
Pro: I love that in movies and television shows, important props are always displayed on the bedside table. In reality, anything I put on my bedside table is lost. Forever. Oh yeah, that important fairy contract? Yeah, yeah I remember. I put it right here. It's right here… under this bra, a clump of cat hair, this bite guard I thought I had swallowed and a collection of Weight Watchers fudgesicle wrappers.
Con: And then, Roy Batty said, "I'm your fucking fairy grandfather." And we all died a little that day.
Con: The fairy grandfather continues stating that he's been watching over Jason for his whole life. To which I say, you're the shittiest fairy grandfather on the planet. Where were you when Jason's parents were getting murdered, when he was being framed for murder, or how about when he was being raped by an entire VILLAGE of were-panthers? Fuck you, fairy grandfather.
Pro: "If you know me so well, you know I hate tests." First Jason-ism of the night, only to be briefly eclipsed by the fairy grandfather snatching away his special gun. "Can I have it back?" NO YOU CANNOT, JASON. More

Again, another underrated nuanced performance from Ryan, he is perfect as Jason. He breaks my pruney heart with that sad look.
Cheering on his team from FyeahBajen
Jamie Gray Hyder talks about more than one death at WetPaint. SPOILERS
More Eric scenes.
EW with Rob Kazinsky, more at the link- Sookie Stackhouse met fellow halfling Ben Flynn. In episodes to come, Ben will help Sookie investigate Warlow, the ancient vampire who murdered Sookie’s parents, which means the two fairies are sure to grow closer. 
TRUE BLOOD #14, Written by Michael McMillian, Art by Beni Lobel, Release Date: June 26, 2013. Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Alan Ball, actor/writer Michael McMillian concludes this climactic arc that has former Merlotte’s waitresses returning from the dead! Source has more pages up.

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