Saturday, June 29, 2013

You, Yes You, Are NO Good.

The look when Sookie realizes Ol' Puffy Chest ain't ever going away. Everything you need to know about Episode 3, You're No Good .

Jessica's Blog Promo  Jess recovered quickly, she goin' hoin'.

Mysterious fairies, werewolf politics, and human drinking fountains are just a few of the items on this week's menu of senseless yammering. Brian and Andy from once again tackle the mysterious goings-on from the latest episode of HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Will Bilith ever leave his study? Will Sookie ever get to work? Will Lafayette and Emma ever have another kiki? Watch and learn!
I'm off to get a spray tan, then pick up chicks because I am the Billith.
                                        I feel Pretty, oh so pretty.
Oh hai, I was just flying by and saw your lite on. Screen grabs from Darlin Sookie's
Spoilery interview with Todd Lowe at The Wrap
There are a lot of changes on Season 6. For instance the showrunner changes. What do you think we’ll notice on-screen as a result of the handoff from Alan Ball?
I’m curious to see if there’s a shift in tonality. I didn’t really notice it in the script or in the table reads or in any of the days on-set. When Brian Buckner came in around the second episode, he got us going again. It’s a big machine, and it’s pretty well oiled. There wasn’t any palpable tension that I noticed.

Denis O'Hare at Wizard World last weekend 
From pernille_fashionaddict The Skarsgård gang!! Wow Stellan! You did good!! #skarsgård #alexanderskarsgård #billskarsgård #billskarsgard #valterskarsgård #samskarsgård #thegang #actors #sweden #ilovetheseguys #awesome #family #trueblood #hemlockgrove
Thanks to Skarsjoy for the scan.
Ryan Kwanten attends a reception for the world premiere of "Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil" at the hotel at Mandalay Bay, Vegas  Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America) more at Zimbio

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