Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Moon is on the Rise

Will Tara pull through, is she the death that brings Bon Temps together?? Stay tuned folks, but I think they get that bullet out of her. Was it wooden or silver, or both?

From MegaBuzz- So what the heck is going on with Bill on True Blood? — Jonah 
NATALIE: That's what he'll be trying to figure out over the next few episodes, much to Jessica's chagrin. As Bill tests the boundaries of his newfound powers, he'll have some disastrous results. "Jess is terrified," Deborah Ann Woll tells us, "absolutely out-of-her-mind terrified. He's the last tether for her. She doesn't have Hoyt. She doesn't have Jason anymore. It's really scary to think that the one person she used to rely on is in this internal battle." 
Part of the interview Stephen Moyer from THR-
"Working with Anna is a blessing in many ways because I’ve been doing this 23 or 24 years, she’s been doing it 22 years herself, and she is just so professional on set," he tells THR.
"She is so clear, and the way that Anna learns lines, for example, is not the way I learn lines," he says. "She has a photographic memory. So she can read that piece of paper in your hand, and she’ll be able to quote it back in two full reads of it."In the season premiere of True Blood, Moyer's Bill has been reborn as a new version of himself after drinking the blood of the first vampire, Lilith. Paquin's Sookie feels that the new Bill is nothing like the Bill she once loved -- and asks him to leave her alone forever.
"Bill has changed so much," says Moyer, thinking back to the season-one Bill, a mysterious vampire who fell in love with human Sookie.
Moyer reveals that season six is very much about "identity" for many of the residents of Bon Temps, including Sookie and Bill.
"For Bill, we find out what this thing is that he's become and what it means and what it is to him," says Moyer.
For many fans, the loss of love between Bill and Sookie has always been a point of sadness. From what we've seen of season six already, it doesn't look like the two star-crossed lovers will be reuniting anytime soon, with Bill struggling to figure out what his new powers mean with a war between humans and vampires on the horizon.
"I don't know if Bill and Sookie are ever getting back together," says Moyer. "I don't know whether that's even possible at this stage."
"I don't know if it even is what the fans want," he adds. "I think she has so many suitors around her -- it could go all sorts of ways."
Lafayette, why can't one damn love interest stay alive on this show? Sookie Darlin'

I think children of the night can see in the dark, just saying Sookie. That was dumb.

The Campblood campers are back!  Yes, against all odds and the advice of medical professionals, we are back once again to recap the final season of True Blood. Join us as we try to figure out what the eff is going on with Warlow, Jess, Luna, the Governor, and all the rest.
Stephen's Q&A with HBO Connect is up
lucaswhore- What's your favorite villain till now? Rene, Maryann, Russell or Marnie?Stephen Moyer says:
Hmm... I would say it is a joint 1st place between Maryann and Russell. She is such an amazing woman and brilliant actress. Season 2 was really special. We didn't think we'd be able to find anyone like her. Not knocking Rene who we all absolutely loved! I would have to go with Denis just purely because he is just brilliant too. I sort of thank the show for bringing him into my normal life too, and to him for elevating our show into a different stratosphere. He's so brilliant, he brings everyone's game up to a different level.

New promo for E2.

Sneak peek for The Sun

Sneak peek for E3, You're No Good.

Pam needs to get all her cash and valuables together, and take it on the road with Tara,at least until Nora is dispatched (make it fast).

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