Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sun Rewind

The second episode, The Sun,  opens with Sookie dreaming of Warlow breaking out of the portal from the realm he was jazz handed into by Claudine. Clearly he isn't Niall (hahaha I told you, now you kids take your ball and get off of my porch). The John Stackhouse contract is on her nite table all lit up. This time in the scene it looks like Warlow is tossed out onto the bridge, like he was spit out and almost fell. Niall has to get out of the car when Jason got on his 'you're Warlow" trip. 
Then he has to tell him he's his fucking fairy grandpa, and has been watching his crazy for Jason's whole life.  Of course I liked the Warlow info, Jason's being goofy since childhood and Bill was unintentionally funny IMO.

He blood cries because he feels too much, dammit. Then he drinks up a blood hooker (Jessica procured for him) Daniel Plainview style. The 3 lilithlings are guides taking him to Lilith in a park called No Place in the sunlight, which wasn't needed except to up the nudity. 

I feel bad for Patricks wife, she thinks he left her for another woman and she's pregs. I don't know but that isn't cool Arlene, unlike her bit with the newbs was.
Ben seems like he is waiting for Sookie to start his loud creepy grunting noises. Sookie isnt creeped out like me, so she goes right to investigate like this is what happens everyday (then I realized it does happen to her everyday). She brings the trying too hard guy to her house, the couch where a lot of ass has been is where he lands.  He fake passes out but first says, she's like his high school sweetheart, did he go to FairyHigh in Faeville?. That Nicole is too abrasive for me and she is coming on too strong, too fast to Sam, not an interesting story line. her group is the Vampire Unity Society, could they be any cornier?  Andy in the field looking for Maurella with 4 laughing girls was a hoot. 
Ben has dimples and he knows how to use them, even if he is playing a fairy bum guy role, he asks for a date. 
Back at Fangtasia (which is getting more screentime now that it's closed), Nora is trying to AGAIN find something in the vampire bible. She says she was kept a secret from Pamela to protect Pam, Eric's sister being in the Authority and all. Eric steals a uniform from Mr. Dorky McDork of the Wildlife and Fisheries Dept., who was on his way to a meeting  with cool guy Governor Burrell.  Willa is her father's receptionist, weird. Eric knows a lot about Whooping Cranes, who knew he was a member of the Audibon Society? The Governor can't be glamoured (contacts?), he is a fiesty little fucker, me like his character. He calls Eric a sneaky somabitch, he's funny. 
Jason and Gramps get close, Niall tells them about his background and Warlow. He is teaching Sooks how to harness her limited ball of light into a super nova, no mention of champagne. Niall isnt a Prince like the books, but a king, this show loves kings. 
Lafayette is still caring for Emma at Sam's when Sam gets back and who turns up but Martha and a less and less likeable Alcide. They want to take Emma, against the child's wishes. Eric goes into Ralphie Glick mode and floats up to Willa Burrell's bedroom window, she is happy to say the least, he isn't in Jim Carrey hair mode, though I would enjoy that.  
Jessica and that prayer, girl, you are a vampire and you can't hedge your bets at this point. Bloody faced Bill is in gagaland, yet even then he is puffy chested. It would be cool if PuffyChest and Warlow go head to head and fairy blast kills both (I like to speculate).
Screencaps from Darlin Sookie.

Recaparama, just a bit from each, more at the links.
EW always has long indepth reviews- 
Jessica heard Bill screaming and went to him. He told her he could feel all the vampires' pain: One was being whipped, one was being burned alive, and one was being dragged behind a truck. He said he couldn't help them, and then he went catatonic as Jessica wept and tried to get him to wake up. The three bloody models we'd seen run into Bill's body in the final moment of the season premiere had escorted "him" to No Place to see Lilith, who's now clean and clothed -- though the gauzy gown is see-through so we can see her hooha, for some reason. (So we'd recognize her?) She told him he doesn't get to be just Bill Compton anymore. Something has begun. Events have been set in motion.
Meanwhile, Lilith explained to Bill that God made her as vampire and Adam and Eve as humans. Though she is worshipped as a god by some, as Bill may come to be, there is only one God. A tyrant is coming, she said. Bill won the battle for her blood, so he is the one worthy of completing her work. And still, we learned nothing. Bored now. Jessica had no idea what to do. She thought perhaps Bill was hungry, so she ordered in some food -- a blonde, Veronica, from Human Edibles ("We're tasty"). Veronica said it's $50 for a bite on the wrist, $75 for the neck, and $150 for other places. When Bill didn't respond to Veronica's tender offer to make him feel better, she spooked and wanted her $50 minimum before she bolted. But then we heard bones cracking, and she was violently pulled back toward Bill as her body contorted in all kinds of positions. She knelt in front of him and her left arm was bent back over her head -- and then Veronica's blood flowed out of her mouth and into Bill's. This was nearly as shocking and disturbing as Bill's head-twisting sex with Lorena. All Jessica could do was collapse to the floor having no idea what she'd just witnessed.
Vulture's review- As a society, we've learned not to expect too much of a midget pony. Yes, most of us agree that midget ponies look terrific. But say one of them clip-clopped up to the rolled-down window of your El Camino and began to speak articulately about theology or civil rights or the importance of family? You'd have to admit: that would be pleasantly surprising. Guys, it's the same thing withTrue Blood. Right when we stop expecting intelligence from this show, sometimes an episode like "The Sun" clip-clops up to the open window of our proverbial El Camino and spits mad wisdom. This was a surprisingly good and thoughtful episode of True Blood! Except for the super-dumb parts, in which case it was like, "Okay, run along now, midget pony. That'll do."
TVLine's take on the epHERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE | Sam’s s–t day starts with a visit from the Vampire Unity Society strongly encouraging him to come out as a shifter and ends with Emma being forcibly taken from him by Alcide, Martha and their pack. Andy’s day, though marginally better, culminates in his showing up at the invisible fairy Studio 54 and begging Morella to take their kids. Meanwhile, Arlene lies to Patrick’s pregnant wife — remember Patrick, from the Smoke Monster debacle? — that he ran off with another woman. (Tsk, Arlene! Tsk and also tsk!)

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