Sunday, June 23, 2013

True Blood's Super Moon Night

Supermooniacs have a safe, fun night howling and watching (ironically) "The Sun", tonight's second episode of True Blood season 6.  The season of Puffy Chest Bill, I'll be counting his chesty puffs tonight. Episode info here, I told y'all already about Niall, love Rutger in this role.
We get to meet Ben and his contrived lame way to meet Sookie, didn't she learn anything since bullet sucking with Eric?

Rutina talks to Zap2it about shooting nights now that she's a vamp.
"Oh, my God, so many long night shoots!" the actress gasps, then laughs. "Sometimes I kind of miss being human. In some of the early episodes this season, we were shooting on a beach near the ocean, and we shot, like, all night, and it was very cold, and it sucked. But don't get me wrong; I love my job. And there is an advantage, really, because when you're playing a human character, you can be doing a scene at any time of the day or night, but when you're a vampire, when the sun comes up, you have to stop shooting!"
I love that she has been keeping her Facebook page updated.
Good interview at RollingOutMag with Rutina-
As the show enters its sixth season, the actress acknowledges that her character has gotten mixed reactions from some African American fans. Some have been critical of what they see as a stereotypical “angry black woman” on-screen.
“I’ve always let the writers do what they do and I just go to work and act. I’ve never really complained about anything and I’ve just let it be and tried to do my best to act it out appropriately and make sure Tara has layers and she’s not just an ‘angry black woman,’ ” Wesley explains. “She has definitely got her reasons for being so defensive. I try to create layers so that the audience can see this is a wounded girl. Hopefully people get that, some people don’t.”
That ‘angry black woman’ criticism stings Wesley at her core—as a black woman andas an actress. “I’m like ‘Can you not see her vulnerability?’” Wesley says. “That makes me feel [like] I’m not doing a great job as an actor. Or are they just not seeing other scenes where I’m, like, crying? We can stereotype ourselves and that’s really not fair.”
“I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more opportunities — especially since I’ve been a vampire,” Wesley concedes. “People see me in a different light. I get to be really sexy, instead of [always wearing] a tank top and jean shorts ripped at the bottom.”

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