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Monday Premiere Fangover Continued

"When you stick Mr. Happy inside somebody's hoo-ha without a raincoat on, babies come out!" -Sex ed from Arlene. She hit that nail on the head.

Yesterday the HBO True Blood site said there was a new BabyVamp Blog, I kept looking, they finally put it up hours later after the episode. Guyism photos.
TVGuide's recap (in full at link)-I'm going to start the season with a bold statement: I wish Bill had just died. I think Stephen Moyer has done a fine job portraying Confederate soldier Bill Compton, but his genteel, fair-minded manner has long grown tiresome since, well, Sookie dumped him. On the other hand, Anna Paquin's quasi-romantic chemistry with Alexander Skarsgard's Eric and her relationships with her dim-witted brother and her vampire best friend Tara  have proven to be far richer, narratively speaking. On a show with too many characters to follow/care about already, Bill has seemed, of late, extraneous. I defy you to name one interesting thing that Bill did last season -- besides have sex with Salome. His death would have galvanized the cast, particularly Sookie and Jessica. I suppose one could argue that the writers agreed with me and, as a result, gave him a real doozy of an acting gig this year.

Glad LuvTheViking is still doing the Eric scenes this season.
Screenrant's take on the new season, all at link-  At six years of age, True Blood has already defined itself as a series, so any complaints of its complicated, disorganized structure are a bit of a moot point, and there’s no real opportunity for anyone – even the showrunner – to change that. And it shouldn’t change, really.
Because no matter how numerous or ridiculous the storylines, no matter how operatic the series itself is, there’s an undeniable allure to its madness which leads you to continue tuning in. There’s a reason why soap operas were so successful on television for so long, and True Blood has, for better or worse, successfully made use of such elements. Will this be one of the best seasons of television you’ve seen? Not likely. But you’ve got to give credit to a series that can get you to watch it on its terms where even if, at times, you’re frustrated, you’ll tune in next week.

Driving around with pop pop still under the influence of a concussion, hmmmmm?
Thanks to Tumblr GIF-ers JohnKrasinski and I'mhereforSookie. Love to Sandy Cooch too.
HBO is posting the TBLive from the set on youtube later.
  If you asked the cast a question TBLive, this is where the answers are.
The Fangover: Super Strengths and Undead Weaknesses
'True Blood' is back with a healthy dose of blood, lust and bloodlust. In this week's Inside the Episode, Stephen Moyer explains that he directed the Season 6 premiere as a thriller, which is evident in the explosive escape from Authority HQ. But there's also a hint of mystery in the episode, which poses the question of its title: "Who Are You, Really?"
For Bill, the answer is up in the air—like a levitating glass of Tru Blood. Telekinesis is just one of his new superpowers. Another nifty trait: surviving a staking. Sookie's failed attempt to goo-ify her ex had critics buzzing. Jessica was shocked and excited by her maker's transformation: "This is phenomenal and religious and impossible, really," the baby vamp gushes in her blog.

While Billith has no apparent weaknesses, Nora learned of Eric's biggest one: Sookie. The vamp gives Sook back her house (with a promissory note in blood, no less) and she rescinds his invitation in an effort to get her old life back. While Sookie pines for normalcy, Eric pines for Sookie, Pam pines for Eric and Tara pines for Pam. The viewers have their own longings. I would've liked to have seen [Sookie] at least kiss solemn, sensitive, real Eric goodbye,"
As if there weren't enough problems in Bon Temps already, the new governor believes V is for vendetta; he's fervently anti-vampire and is making laws to prove it. Between his press conference and the new powerful anti-vampire bullets, Rolling Stone names vamps as the losing species of the week: "Humans now have the ability to bring vampires to their knees, as Pam can attest. And it's not like they have an ally in Bill anymore–more like a potential dictator." Vulture agrees that vampiring is no picnic: "If the stress of it all makes you feel like eating your feelings, guess what? It's blood. You will be eating blood."
Things were no better for shifters this week, as we said goodbye to Luna. This wasn't her first on-screen death, actress Janina Gavankar tells TV Guide: "We shot one at the end of Season 5 where I died, but it didn't work or something [and] they cut it out," she says. "So, I had to come back and re-die this season."

TV.Com has some screencaps captioned this season, nice and I agree on the wolf statements. The premiere answered a lot of our prayers by cauterizing two unpromising storylines: Luna died with all the tragic farewell of someone who hops out of a car and races off to find a toilet. (“It’s dead” felt like a summation of the audience’s dispassionate reaction to the Luna-Sam relationship finally getting excised from our screens.) And Andy Bellefleur’s stint as Mr. Mom may be mercifully brief, what with his little pumpkins turning five years old overnight and swarming Andy in a charming cutaway scene. Thank goodness, because the ol' “a MAN changing DIAPERS?!” shtick gets on my last damn nerve.Obviously Mark Hudis—True Blood's new showrunner, but not for long—is no clearer on werewolf mythology than Ball ever was. Every time we cut back to the werewolves, someone was explaining some new clause in their wolf constitution (which I assume is carved into a chrome panel at a Waffle House in Ed Hardy lettering). Now Packmaster has to “inherit the flesh” by eating a chunk of arm? It all felt a little pulled-out-of-thin-ass, although I appreciated the Lena Dunham homage.
Great guy but he is as close to DEATH itself as it comes, see Sam and die.
EW's Recap, it's a long one (scene by scene) at the link- Eric wanted to know from Nora if there's anything in the Book of Lilith to explain what they just saw. She said she'd never read about a resurrection, but that it only took one drop of "Lilith's blood" to make her forsake her family and Bill drank the whole damn vial. If Lilith is walking the Earth in any form, it had to be destroyed. Jessica knew they were talking about killing Bill. She darted off, and Sookie told Jason that Jessica needed him. He wouldn't go to her. Pam, meanwhile, crushed some sand castles (classic!) on the beach we didn't realize they'd stopped at, and Tara went to her. Pam said she hated the beach -- "fish piss and sand in your cooch" -- but Tara knew what was really bothering her. She told Pam love doesn't have to be a competition between her and everybody else. Pam started to cry and wanted Tara to leave. Instead, Tara put her arm around her, and Pam eventually put her head on Tara's shoulder and sobbed. Enjoy that tender moment now, folks. You know with our Pam it will never last.
So Truebs, who will kill Nora? The Gov's men, Sookie, Eric (if she fucks with Sookie) Pam (I hope so)?
I was waiting for MW's Pros and Cons to finish this off-  
Pro: So that's 1, 2, 15 characters down time to catch up with Sam again HOLY SHIT LALA. We missed you. Of COURSE Lala is sleeping off tequilla on the floor and OF COURSE he still has the mental facilities to find and pull a gun on an intruder because Lafayette is THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST.Con: "My mom is dead I'm hungry." ALRIGHT THEN.
Pro: Lala offers the little werewolf girl, "something deep fried dipped in sugar and then fried all over again."
Con: There was not enough Lala in this episode. Not NEARLY enough.
Con: Hitchhiking in Bon Temps. ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.
Pro: Jason is picked up by THE Rutger Hauer! Who is amazing and I'm VERY excited about his presence in this episode.
Con: Jason and Rutger Hauer spend the rest of the episode in a fake car pretending to drive and talking.

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