Monday, July 1, 2013

You're No Good Rerun

Another good episode, maybe the best in a very long time. One thing I thought of in regards to Ben (meow) and Sookie, she never sparked up around other faes. When she said she "feels" Ben, is it because he's her match for Warlow's breeding plans (M. Warlow, Matchmaking since 1702)? Jason taking Lafayette's Oxys and he finally talks about all the concussions he's had and realizes he was having delusions. Poor Jason.
Gramps sure can zip all over and take passengers (he is The Hitcher star afterall). He says Warlow is THE proverbial shit hitting the fan. 
Pam finds glamouring boring, she is still in a mood and this Willa is not helping it. Surprisingly I like Willa, that was a hot scene, 2 scenes really, luckiest finger EVAH! Shipper heads are exploding, those fuckers.
Hi Steve, hi Dr. Overlark. Steve is still snooty because he is a hoitytoity "SpokesVampire". Does anyone else remember Eric and Nora taking briefcases full money from Fangtasia last season? He still isn't telling Pam about it. Ginger in her pink spongey rollers, she saves the day and never gets the props.
Deborah Ann is taller than Moyer, except on the show. Bill's walk in the sun to get some rays doesnt work out so well. The scene had me cracking up, I found it hilarious. "I don't understand", oh PuffyChest Bill is the best Bill.

Niall goes to the Fae Club and find's that Warlow was there first. Claude has a very reduced role this season, at least he got Rutger to stroke his hair, sigh. Fairy Detective/King does a good job of reading the blood, he does a reconstruction of the scene (a la Amelia) and finds Claude alive and then sends him off to fairy land. Before he splits he says he doesn't know how the vampire got in or is so powerful. Byes!
Is Jason the big death coming up? 
Andy and Gomer Pyle are looking at all the new government supplied anti vamp gear, including the lenses. Gollllleeee. 
Ricky is a bitch yet I like the role, she is mean to Emma so that has to change. Sam the Owl goes spying, a lot of that in Bon Temps this episode.
The return of Fort Bellefleur! Blah, blah, blah Holly and Andy, he is teaching her to shoot. 
OK, Ben isnt Warlow but still might be there to procreate with Sookie, he does bring the heat. Niall meets Ben, who says he is still looking for the club, suspicious. Since King Niall knows who Warlow is, he would know if Ben was Warlow, right? I'm ruling Ben out, but it does sound like Warlow has been on an all Fae diet a long, long time. Ben joins Niall's army, then there were 2. 

Jessica's sexy schoolgirl outfit turns out to be for Bill's mission, to get the Japanese Professor who made TruBlood, he wants to synthesize fae blood. Bill has chores and errands y'all, turns out to be asking Sookie for her blood. Touchy Puffy gets miffed when she refuses and  showboats with some floating plates. "Ive glimpsed the future" oh la-di-da 
Sara Newlin is back too, in 6 inch bitch heels, scarlet lipstick and a matching red dress! Steve is happy to see her, her? not so much. Sara is into god's plan of eradicating vamps and is in politics now. Steve's reply is that she took a paycut, he's still got it. She is working with Dr. Overlark who gets Steve to tell what he knows about Eric, which is what exactly?  
Jason get's his 139th concussion, looking more like we might be losing Ryan, who I know will have a great career no matter what. The actor is under rated and is due to break out. 
That do-gooder crew is just a distraction to me from characters I want to see more of. They go to the were wolves nabe like braindead assholes and want to talk, lol, record and take pics and of course they get busted. OwlSam is watching for Emma, so uses the op to get her, though he is nekid. He grabs Emma and now has jeans on (!?) another return, this time of Sam's ass crack. Sam, always too nice,goes to help Nicole after the wolves kill her pals and bite her. The Governor is in the car version of "Criminal Minds" hitech FBI van and call Eric's phone, (he got the number from where?). 
Our Ginger answers and gets Eric from his crib with Willa, the Gov was tracing the call and the vamps leave just in time. Niall senses Warlow outside (is he sensitive to  Warlow because he's his fae fairie warrior twin-O), he and Ben give chase but they find Nora outside trying to be Angela Lansbury, she fails. Andy runs into his gramps, Bill, who smell the fae girls (his greatgreatgreat grandkids) on the stuffed bear in Andy's cop car, the fucker does his signature smirk and walks off through the cemetary. 
Things noted in ol' Urno's mind from episode 3, I know more will hit later after ruminations.
Eric and Willa had some seshiness and so do Ben and Sookie, Ben isnt Warlow but might be doing his bidding as far as Sookie impregnating goes. Jason looks like he might be the big death (it is huge). Bill is up to no good as far as the Fae chillrun go, will he realize they are his relatives and maybe find some of his lost mind, will he ever get unpuffed?
Thanks to Imhereforsookie and DarlingSookie for the caps/gifs.

Eric scenes via Luvtheviking.
More Lafayette, less the whole Nicole and her creepy BF (they at least killed him off quickly) storyline. Source  He and Sam are golden, like he is with any character really. "What's the plan boyfriend?"
Recap Round Up (all at the links)-
TVLineMIXED NUTS| When the Vampire Unity Society pays a visit to Alcide’s wolf pack, Sam uses the distraction —Busybody smorgasbord! Yum! — to get Emma back. But they haven’t taken two steps before the do-gooder’s decided that he can’t leave Nicole to die as either kibble or a bit. Meanwhile, Andy scores a few points with Holly by taking her to Fort Bellefleur (his and Terry’s childhood safe place) and telling her that, if she can ever forgive him for his a-“fae”-er, he’d like to be her Fort Bellefleur. (Aw.) And, throughout the whole episode, Jason’s condition just worsens and worsens. What is up with his headaches and fully clothedness? That just isn’t like him!
WSJ's SpeakeasyAnd right at the end Andy has a seemingly harmless meeting with Vampire Bill, when Andy sees him walking home from Sookie’s and reminds him about the curfew. Bill notices a stuffed dog in the backseat, and Andy tells him how he has four kids now. He says, “Children are a blessing,” probably thinking about eating them. “You’re No Good” comes on loudly.
EW's in depth recaps Eric tried to tell Pam that Fangtasia was just a bar. “Not even you believe that,” she said, forcing Eric to look back over his shoulder at his throne (where he first met Sookie). Pam was still pushing for Willa’s death, but Eric, as always, is thinking big picture: They have nothing to negotiate with but Willa. She went with them as leverage.

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