Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't You Feel Me etc.

Bye Terry, this sure has been a bad few days for the Bellefleurs. Todd Lowe was always so good in the few scenes he had,  hope we get to see him in more things. He still has his band to keep him busy, he seems like a nice human which is getting rarer these days.
I'm really trying to keep up with the news but last week was a royal fuck up, usually I get every bit of SDCC up but I had no time to do it up.  I posted some things but I'm just now watching panels and interviews on the shows I enjoy (they are legion), I couldn't keep up with twitter at all. If you missed things from the weekend too, hang in there with me as we catch up the next couple of days. 
Recaparama, let's start with EW's, here's a bit as usual go to the link to read in full and look at pics.
Meanwhile, while Jason nailed his LAVTF recruitment interview with his cocksure attitude and extensive experience with "beheadedism,” Bill realized Jessica was missing and that his Vamp Camp vision must be coming true now. He asked Prof. Hido Takahashi to drain him within an inch of the true death so he’d reach a comatose state and could communicate with Lilith. Then, to drain the episode of any momentum it was building, we cut to Nicole telling Sam that Emma was crying and asking when she could see her grandmother. That scene was so strange, I was trying to think who could be using mind control on Nicole. I guess the writers just wanted to wrap this story line up stat.
Jason and Benwa forever!
Brian from Campblood and Backlot's high-larious take on the show- They Call Me a Danger Whore- 
Sam has called Meemaw Martha (Dale Dickey), who takes Emma home – but she’s not about to let The Littlest Werewolf bring Funyons into her pristine shack. She promises Sam that she won’t take Emma to the pack, and says she’s not running with them anymore anyway. Sam weeps, “Bye, bunny.” Meemaw barks, “I was serious about those Funyons!”
The Guvna visits Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire), who demands to be allowed to join Gen Pop rather than languish in solitary: “I’m dead and you’re still overprotective!” She wants to be with Tara so she can learn more about what she is… from a vampire who’s like a week old. Hitch your wagon to a star, baby!
TVLine's-HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO- Though Billith senses that Sookie is in danger (even emitting one of his patented “Suhkies” in response), he can’t wait until nightfall to ride to the rescue, so he dispatches daywalker Warlow to the scene. After Papa Stackhouse is sent packing by a magical fairy ball and a stern talking-to, Sookie spirits away Warlow to fairy land, lest Billith succeed in summoning him back (using the vomit-and-writhe method that Jessica so disliked). 

In the netherworld, Warlow spins a lovely tale about how, if he and Sookie got together, he could stop, you know, eating people. She’s still iffy about becoming a vampire, but she apparently likes what she hears – so much so that she lets her suitor du jour bite her (just a nibble), bites him (ew! She doesn’t even have fangs!) and then, living up to her rep as a “danger whore,” screws him while he’s tied to a rock to ensure that he doesn’t lose control and bleed her dry. Ah, romance!

Watch the whole SDCC panel at Geek Nation, just do your best to ignore the mod who dissed  Ryan Kwanten more than once. 
sorry but some SDCC vids are being removed.
Thanks to DarlingSookie, MissFord'sTumblr, HBO for pics and GIFs

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