Sunday, July 7, 2013

At Last

Pics, gifs via IHFSDarlin Sookie,  Miss Ford, all great.

I didn't think True Blood would make it so obvious, it seemed too easy but he be he.You know what? I don't mind this Ben thing, and will I admit the main reason why. He is so pleasing to the eye and DIMPLES!
I could poke holes in this turn but after almost 6 whole seasons I've learned it's so much better when you just watch and dont think too hard on the story line. Enjoy the ride, he did pledge to find Warlow, right?
Zap2It's recap-Thank goodness it only took four episodes to reveal Warlow's identity: it's Ben! Was anyone that surprised? Probably not. In fact, we discussed last week how there's no way a seemingly perfect guy can waltz into Sookie's life and actually be perfect. Instead he's the vampire who killed her parents and she is sworn to, which is sort of romantic in a way, right?

RollingStone's- Weird ScienceIf the Bon Temps vamps don't start coming up with some better war tactics soon, they're all going to end up in Gov. Burrell's camp (named, as I suggested in an earlier recap, the V for Vendetta-ish "Overlark." For those keeping track, the prison camp in V for Vendetta was called "Larkhill"), just as Bill envisioned. By the end of "At Last," Nora andPam had been shot up with silver-UV-light bullets, ostensibly taken to Overlark, and Eric's 1,000-year-old arrogance (which he perceived as "wisdom") bit him in the ass as he turned a willing Willa (pun intended) into his second progeny, in the hope of having her "prove to [her] father that [she is] not a monster," only to have her sink her newborn fangs into Burrell within minutes of their reunion. Oh, and Jessica might have killed all four of Andy's now-18-year-old faerie daughters, unable to control her lust for their honey-scented blood.

The Wall Street Journal's -  We open with Jason on the floor, and Nora running away. Niall catches up to Nora and, apparently hypnotizing her with his fairy ball of light, asks her how she knows about Warlow. She then asks if he knows of Lillith, the first vampire, who will bring destruction to us all. She tells him about the mistranslation in the vampire Bible, and that only Warlow can kill Lillith. Niall gestures her into the path of a SWAT team, who shoot her. 

Eric Scenes
AVClub's review-  Stray observations:
Of course Sarah Newlin is fucking the Governor. Of course she is.
For a governmental agency, the LAVTF is surprisingly efficient, this week capturing Nora, Pam, and Ginger for their secret prison.
The Governor’s over-the-top scene at Ginger’s house was a lot of fun, but far too brief. Now that Russell’s gone, we need at least one person willing to chew the scenery at an alarming rate.
Those werewolves sure are a kind bunch, killing all those people for sport. At least that opens the door for random grief sex with Sam and Nicole, I guess? (Yeah, I have no idea where this story is heading, either.)

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