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Fangovering At Last

The earlier Warlow theories we had were of him being a bad Fairie a la the books, Breandon.  Claudine didn't seem to fear him and knew him, she was more angry with him than anything when she zapped him to the clinker. 
Then they had some interviews, one with Hudis before he left, that Warlow was indeed a vamp. Was it a misdirect or they weren't decided at that point how to move forward with Benwa. Claudine had to be very powerful to zap the Fae/Vamp and the progeny of the original vamp Lilith, right? Yet she was easily offed by Eric, I know I said I wouldn't question things but come on, really. Why Lilith is such an intergral role now is a source of annoyance to me, she is in Bill's story and in Ben's now too, blech. The power of Dimples compels me thankfully and the promise that he will kill Lil and maybe a few others (please make it so). 
From Rollingstone-When Rob Kazinsky auditioned for his new role as Ben Flynn on the sixth season of True Blood, the 29-year-old British actor simply thought he was reading a part to play a faerie. "My intention from the beginning of this was to add some masculinity to the word 'faerie,'" he tells Rolling Stone from London. "I went in [to the audition] as burly as I possibly could be. Thankfully I don't have to wear gossamer wings or chaps." But the producers had a different, more devilish trick up their sleeve. A few weeks into shooting, he showed up for work one day and his costume rack read "Ben/Warlow." "I got my phone out and called the producer and said 'Excuse me, but am I Warlow?' And he said 'Yeah, you are.'" It was at that moment he realized that his role on the popular HBO series had instantly doubled up. Not only was he going to be playing Ben the faerie (and new love interest of Sookie Stackhouse), he'd be portraying one of the show's dreaded villains, who's been mentioned over the last two seasons and is the known killer of Sookie's parents.
At this point, Kazinksy's character hasn't mingled too much with the rest of Bon Temps' supernatural residents; he's mainly interacted with Sookie and her grandfather, Naill. But it's clear that he and Anna Paquin have a strong on-screen chemistry, which he modestly attributes all to Paquin. But Sookie's love interests always have more depth to them, and that's an idea that will play out over the course of the season. "If this character was going to be completely evil, everyone would be dead," he says. "He's a good guy at heart. But he hates what he has to do and hates that he's dependent on hurting people. And he keeps on having relapses." (HA!)
Brian's recap always a delight! 
Bill puts a bondage bracelet on one of the nameless faerie girls and uses it to take her blood. He then asks the Japanese dude he has trapped in his basement (Takahashi?) to synthesize it – like, right away, before Veep comes on. He says he’ll kinda try but Bill warns, “Failure is not an option.” Remember in the books when Bill’s biggest claim to fame was a vampire Facebook… on DVD-ROM? Oh how times have changed…At Chez Sookie, Jason asks Niall, “Even though you’re a faerie, you’re a straight type of faerie, ain’t ya?” Niall reads Jason’s mind and responds, “That Ben’s a handsome fella.” They discuss the sex dream and realize that Ben may be a vampire fae – because fae folk don’t give people sex dreams like vamps do. They’re instantly convinced that Ben is Warlow. Wait – hasn’t Niall been tracking Warlow for like 100 years or something? Wouldn’t he recognize him? Or at least smell him?

The Fangover: A Faerie Femme Fatale; Jessica Binge-Feeds; and Eric Issues Willa Another V-Card

Jason: "spit it out, tell me what you're unthinking." Ryan was wonderful this episode.
The whole Willa in her white flowing peignoir in the cemetary with Eric, and at her home had old school vampire movie goodness going. Bela Lugosi was all that was missing. 

Eric, like all of us, is pondering (this is his pondering face) what brand of lipstick can last so long without any freshening. Finally he has to ask...
                                              Amelia Rose Blair tweeted this.
He can make you laugh in one scene and break your heart in the next, Ryan Kwanten is great.
He has dimples too, but not on his face as noted since we first laid eyes on the Aussie.
TVLine's recap bitsie-NO SUNNY, MO PROBLEMS. No sooner has Nora explained to Niall a) who Lilith is and b) that only her progeny — Warlow — can lead her to the sun, thereby defeating her, than the old coot has fairy-zapped her a block away — where she’s summarily shot and apprehended by the authorities. (Apparently, someone in the writers’ room is as fond of her as I am.) Elsewhere, Billith and Jessica abduct Andy’s daughters — now a girl group made up of mouthy teenage Mini-Arlenes — and begin delivering their blood samples to Takahashi for synthesizing. Unfortunately, he’s nowhere near a breakthrough when Jessica loses control and binges on the youngsters. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” she doesn’t say but is clearly thinking.
Smell that Jess? Smells like Teen Spirit.
Bill's Puffy Chest scene, gotta admit I look for them now.

Thanks as always to DarlingSookie, HBO and I'm Here for Sookie for caps. Blood Bag's GIFs.
TVGuide's At Last post-During Sunday's True Blood, Warlow showed his true fangs after helping to save Jason's life. That's right, the thousands-year-old mysterious figure coming after Sookie is actually Ben, the faerie-vampire hybrid who implanted himself into Sookie's life to get closer to her. But when Niall and Jason figured out his true identity, Ben dispatched with Niall before glamouring Jason to not return home. At Sookie's house that night, she finally gets Ben into a vulnerable position after spiking his food with colloidal silver, calling him Warlow to his face. Dun. Dun. Dunnnn. What does this mean for who should've been Sookie's new love interest? turned to Kazinsky to get the scoop. More
Anna's complete webseries "Susanna" is now on youtube, all 12 episodes.
Looks like Robert Patrick has some scenes next week, 'bout time! 

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