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You, Yes You, Are NO Good.

The look when Sookie realizes Ol' Puffy Chest ain't ever going away. Everything you need to know about Episode 3, You're No Good .

Jessica's Blog Promo  Jess recovered quickly, she goin' hoin'.

Mysterious fairies, werewolf politics, and human drinking fountains are just a few of the items on this week's menu of senseless yammering. Brian and Andy from once again tackle the mysterious goings-on from the latest episode of HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Will Bilith ever leave his study? Will Sookie ever get to work? Will Lafayette and Emma ever have another kiki? Watch and learn!
I'm off to get a spray tan, then pick up chicks because I am the Billith.
                                        I feel Pretty, oh so pretty.
Oh hai, I was just flying by and saw your lite on. Screen grabs from Darlin Sookie's
Spoilery interview with Todd Lowe at The Wrap
There are a lot of changes on Season 6. For instance the showrunner changes. What do you think we’ll notice on-screen as a result of the handoff from Alan Ball?
I’m curious to see if there’s a shift in tonality. I didn’t really notice it in the script or in the table reads or in any of the days on-set. When Brian Buckner came in around the second episode, he got us going again. It’s a big machine, and it’s pretty well oiled. There wasn’t any palpable tension that I noticed.

Denis O'Hare at Wizard World last weekend 
From pernille_fashionaddict The Skarsgård gang!! Wow Stellan! You did good!! #skarsgård #alexanderskarsgård #billskarsgård #billskarsgard #valterskarsgård #samskarsgård #thegang #actors #sweden #ilovetheseguys #awesome #family #trueblood #hemlockgrove
Thanks to Skarsjoy for the scan.
Ryan Kwanten attends a reception for the world premiere of "Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil" at the hotel at Mandalay Bay, Vegas  Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America) more at Zimbio

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The Undead Do Dance

Deep Thoughts with Eric Northman, "Glad I stashed all my cash, should I tell Pam?
Recap with True or False options
True or False: Bill just invented a new kind of Capri Sun.
Bill's snack
This scene. Holy crap, I haven’t laughed so hard in forever. If this show gives us anything on its final run or well into a seventh season, I pray that it’s crazier and more disgusting ways for Bill to feed. Hopefully one that involves turning someone into a twisty straw. (Image via)
True Blood Sims is the antidote to any ills. I didnt know I needed more Eric and Cockatiels (or any birds) in my life till now.

Note to self, Fae like Spaghetti with Ragu and a beer chaser.  Great Grand Pop was reminding me of my Portuguese granpa, he schooled me on vamps and werewolves back in the old country, no lie he was a believer.
New ep synopses for E4 E5 E6 and E7 HERE and HERE in Spoilers

Actress Anna Camp attends the after party for the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays in Los Angeles presented by Montblanc held at The Shore Hotel  Source: Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America) via Zimbio.
The annual TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites panel is slated to return on Friday, July 19 with Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries), Kristin Bauer (True Blood), Katie Cassidy (Arrow), Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter), and “2 others”, per the tweet. The Fan Favorites panel is on Friday, again with no details on time or room. SDCC Blog

: She comes to Bon Temps to help vampires & super naturals, but ends up causing a bunch of trouble.
I think we figured this out when she was filming-

Get More: 

Movie Trailers, Movies Blog
Rob Kazinsky says some things about Ben that make me think the writers are purposely leading us viewers to think he's Warlow (he might be). More at Hollywood Crush
This is some pity of a spoiler from MegaBuzz- OMG! Are all our favorite vampires going to die on True Blood?! — Harold NATALIE: Bill's prophecy looked pretty damn scary, right? Kristin Bauer van Straten certainly thought so, saying it made her worry about her job security. But she says that there will be many twists and turns before that scary scene could come true. "A couple of the different worlds are overlapping," she says. "Vampires aren't the only ones in danger and aren't the only ones fighting, and we're not really going to know who's on what side." Who else is hoping a naked Alcide saves the day? No? Liar!

Part of a longer piece at ETonlineLooking back on what you've been asked to do over the last six seasons, did you have any idea what you were signing up for with True Blood?
Trammell: [laughs] No. I really didn't. I knew I was going to be a bartender, and then Alan [Ball, executive producer] told me Sam was also a shapeshifter, and I was like, "Oh, OK, cool!" I really didn't think about the physics of it and the reality of when you shapeshift into an animal, you leave your clothes and then when you become a human again, your clothes are miles away [laughs]. I have done nudity before, I did full-frontal in New York a few times, so I was no stranger to taking off my clothes. It doesn't bother me at all ... although it's a bitch to stay in shape and it gets harder as the years go by, but I had no idea. Not at all. I had no idea I would be that naked. I also had no idea the show would last this long and get as crazy as it has. This show has taken on a life of its own, which is pretty incredible. We're all amazed and excited by it.ETonline: Looking at this season, Sam has lost Luna, seemingly lost Emma and been confronted by a group that wants him to come out publicly as a shapeshifter. What are you excited for fans to see?
Trammell: The thing that's great with the shapeshifters being outed is it allows us to talk about how you deal with that opportunity and how you decide whether or not to out yourself. We look at what it means, politically and socially, for yourself and the species. It gets so complicated with the werewolves and these activists. That's all so exciting. Plus, there are some major twists that happen this year with Sam. This show does a great job of, in a way, reinventing the world every year because we have new villains, new creatures, new characters and new co-stars. It's always different every year. It's not like we're in the same office all the time. I'm not even in the bar that much this year. That keeps it fresh for us, as actors. I'm digging this year more than I've dug the last few years. I love the vampire story this year so much. I can't wait for fans to see what's coming.

True Blood Season Six Spoilers Part 6

One thing that stuck in my mind was a TV critic saying we will be made to think a few different people are Warlow before we actually see him. So I am thinking about Ben with that idea in mind. Bill went out in daylight, imagine what Warlow could do?
Posting this again, from spoilers part 4The last we see of Sam by Ep 3, he’s got Emma but he sees Nicole limping away and tells Emma they have to help her. More
Nora is caught spying around Sookies house and says she's looking for Warlow.
The fairies in the club are killed by Warlow, and Niall stays with Sookie and Jason to protect her from Warlow. He reveals that they’re royalty, which is why Warlow wants Sookie’s blood. Claudine blasted Warlow into a nasty dimension when he killed Sookie’s parents, but the magic Sookie and Claude did last season released him. He’s after her now. Source/More 

Spoilers continued, from EW with Rob Kazinsky- Sookie Stackhouse met fellow halfling Ben Flynn. In episodes to come, Ben will help Sookie investigate Warlow, the ancient vampire who murdered Sookie’s parents, which means the two fairies are sure to grow closer. And judging from the steamy season 6 promo, the relationship is bound to ruffle some shippers’ feathers (shippers could fuck up a wet dream). Rob Kazinsky, who plays Ben, talked to EW about his many nude scenes in store, why Ben’s a better match for Sookie than her supenatural exes, and how he expects fans to react. Kazinsky admits he wasn’t previously familiar with True Blood. Cue the binge-watch: “I did sit down for 60 hours over three days and actually watch every single episode before my audition,” Then he laughs, “I realized as soon as I watched it that I better get down to the gym. It’s an intimidating proposition to be that naked.”
Happily Kazinsky has found himself in the fae world, where he can inject a bit of testerone. “I’m a hairy fairy,” he jokes. “They wanted somebody that wasn’t particularly fairy-like.If you see me, I’m not particularly lithe or delicate. I certainly seem more human than most of the other fairies on the show, so I think that, perhaps, [it grounds] the fairy fantastical element [viewers are used to seeing].”
Though Sookie resisted Ben’s advances in E2, Kazinsky promises they’ll develop a deeper connection throughout the season. “One thing that Sookie has never had is a similar person to herself. She’s been with vampires, she’s been werewolves, she’s been with the darker side of the supernatural, but she’s never found somebody that is in the same shoes as she is,” he notes. “[Their relationship] should feel like this is almost the home where she belongs. … After she’s been struggling with the darkness in previous seasons, this is the first time she’s had some kind of a ‘light’ guy in her life. That’s the main attraction for her.”
Although Ben proves soothing for Sookie, when it comes to her exes Bill, Eric, Alcide  not to mention her brother Jason — his arrival on the scene won’t be without some tension: “When a new man comes into Sookie’s life, all the old men have to come out,” he teases, then adds, “but mainly it’s about Ben and Sookie — how Sookie’s always been on the precipice of cataclysm

 with these guys, and here’s the one guy that gives her a shot at a happy life.”
Now well-versed in True Blood culture, Kazinsky is bracing for when that tension moves beyond the small screen and into the fan communities. “I’m expecting people to hate me and hate the character simply because I’m not Eric or Bill. There’s the pro-Eric camp and the pro-Bill camp, and everyone’s going to be like, ‘Who’s this douchebag? Who’s this fairy? He’s not scary!’” Still, Kazinsky has confidence that Ben will win over shippers just as he wins over Sookie: “I can promise, over the course of the season, Anna and I will earn our own little fan group — I hope!”
A little speculation on Big Ben, maybe he is there because of Warlow (or is Warlow! see below in red). He might have also been "sold" contractually to Warlow (like Johnny Stackhouse did to his own kin) for mating purposes to have blood to day walk, or some dark shit. Ben might originally be there to do a job but turns into a good guy who really likes Sookie  (A Vampire Bill story retread) maybe he dies trying to protect her (if it isnt Bill) and goes against Warlow. I'd rather it be Bill just so I can see Puffy Chest at his puffiest but Ben would have a good end that way. UPDATE either someone on IMDB is screwing with us or this is a slip but the actress who was posted for "Fuck the Pain Away" as Ben's mother is now listed as Warlow's mother!!!!! I'm not changing it in castings till I find more info. 
Update 6/30- Episode 3 seems to make it definite that Ben isnt Warlow, still might be there to procreate some fae babes with Ms Stackhouse for the big bad though. 
MegaBuzz is making me think that Ben was conscripted by Warlow to do the deed with Ms Stackhouse alright- What's Ben's deal on True Blood? He's obviously hiding something. — James
NATALIE: We'll find out why he's really in Bon Temps this week — and it's not good. But Rob Kazinsky swears that deep down, Ben is a good guy. "Everything he says in the first few episodes are not lies," he says. "He has a real genuine fascination, adoration and love for Sookie." 

This is how you get the Governor to bend, Willa either gets turned or just D-whipped by Eric all while she's in her nightie.
Jason looks very happy to meet Anna, she comes back as a successful writer but is she involved in torturing Steve? 
More episode synopses, this time from TVGuideSeason 6, Episode 4 "At Last"
Sookie confronts her attraction to Ben by inviting him to dinner; Eric counters Burrell's brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting him where it hurts the most; Andy's faerie daughters keep dangerous company; Sam and Nicole connect; Bill gives Takahashi the task of synthesizing a new kind of blood. Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2013Guest Cast Arliss Howard: Gov. Truman Burrell, Rob Kazinsky: Ben, Rutger Hauer: Niall, Keone Young: Hido Takahashi Season 6, Episode 5 "Fuck the Pain Away"
Sookie gets Lafayette to summon her dead parents (is this why he dunks the hell out of her/); Warlow revisits some painful memories with Lillith; Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures to rescue Pam; Sarah reconnects with Jason; Andy picks up the pieces of his ravaged family; Jessica seeks atonement. Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2013Guest Cast Rutger Hauer: Niall Arliss Howard: Gov. Truman Burrell Rob Kazinsky: Ben

The 7th Episode Titled "The Funeral" was changed (strange to do that this late) to  "World Without End".
Ausiello spoilers-
Question: Two episodes into True Blood‘s new season, and there’s no sign of Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin. What gives? —JonathanAusiello: The bitch is back this Sunday and has a “very tense” reunion with her estranged gay vampire ex Steve, teases his portrayer Michael McMillian, who says viewers “will get some insight into what happened in their marriage during Seasons 3 and 4… They have some unfinished business.” Bonus Scoop:Back on June 6, Camp tweeted from the True Blood set that she was in the midst of the “craziest day of work I’ve ever had… and I projectile vomited in Pitch Perfect.” Well, I hear things got so nuts that the actress ended up in the hospital with a bruised noggin! It was just a precaution and she’s totally fine, but still… Makes me wonder what the hell was going on.

From Drusilla Moorhouse's interview with Rutger Hauer, just the interesting spoilery bits- When questioned the legendary "Blade Runner" star about his double identity, he refused to confirm -- or deny -- the rumors.
"That's how it started, and at that point they said it was a misunderstanding (was it Hudis' idea?). It was a misunderstanding that was created -- but OK, who am I to say? Because I didn't know what I was doing. I signed on blind."
"Niall is showing up because the last of the fairies are in the wrong corner," Hauer explained. "And Sookie needs to know something that I can tell her. I can show her something that she doesn't know, and it will help her in the end. It will save her if she loses her life. But then there's all kinds of spins happening after that, that kind of make that go away a little bit."
"(Expect) big things in episode four," he promised. Rob Kazinsy agreed that the fourth episode is pivotal. As Sookie's new man, fairy Ben, he shares screen time with the iconic actor -- and savored every moment."Rutger was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me," raved Kazinsky. He's an incredible actor. ... We had so much fun."
The feeling is mutual. "We were really rocking," Hauer said about their "True Blood" scenes.
So how evil is Hauer's on-screen persona? "I have no idea," he teased. "I play a character -- I think he's pretty nice, you know. He's grumpy, but he's nice. I think he's got a dangerous side that makes him who he is."
"They wrote it that way a little bit and they cast me," Hauer added, acknowledging his reputation for portraying some of the big screen's scariest villains. "It's pretty clear that I'm going to go there a little bit."

This is some pity of a spoiler from MegaBuzz- OMG! Are all our favorite vampires going to die on True Blood?! — Harold NATALIE: Bill's prophecy looked pretty damn scary, right? Kristin Bauer van Straten certainly thought so, saying it made her worry about her job security. But she says that there will be many twists and turns before that scary scene could come true. "A couple of the different worlds are overlapping," she says. "Vampires aren't the only ones in danger and aren't the only ones fighting, and we're not really going to know who's on what side." 
From HBOMAX more short synopses, this time for E6 and E7-
"Dont You Feel Me": Sookie now immune to the Bill's influence, returns to a place accessible only to the fairies (I guess the club?). Bill decides to search for Lilith to get advice. Ericm Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get closer to the dangerous of Vamp Camp.
"World Without End":-Eric promises loyalty to Bill in his latest effort to save Nora. A tragedy near home forces Sam to ignore the warnings of Alcide and return to Bon Temps. Jessica shows her gratitude to James, a vampire friend incarcerated.
From TVLine's Latest, you read it here a while back and with better jokes.
In the second episode of True Blood Season 6, I sensed a little sexual tension between Sam and the new character, Nicole. Could Nicole possibly be Sam’s new love interest or will he be taking a break from the ladies after the death of Luna? –Rashad
Granted, Luna’s body is barely cold, but yes, things do seem heading that way – especially since Nicole’s current beau runs into some bad luck this Sunday while Sam makes a bold choice to run to the new gal’s rescue when the wolf pack runs amok. Oh, and there’s this: The official logline for the July 7 episode reads: “Sam and Nicole make a connection.” Case closed!

Ep. 63 Clip: Meeting the Sun
Was Lilith offed, bled and put in the vial by Warlow?

Ep. 63 Clip: Bargain of a Lifetime
From the Wrap's interview w/Todd Lowe, more at the link- TheWrap: Will we see some of his post-traumatic stress disorder return this season?
Todd Lowe: Yeah, he’s got a lot of anguish over having to kill his friend and commander, even though it was pretty much inevitable because there was [a demon] Ifrit curse. It was either him or Terry and I had to pull the trigger. Once again, he shot someone in front of his own eyes and is having a hard time coping with it.
How does that affect his wife Arlene and the family?
Well, Arlene wants no more of this marine, PTSD war backstory from before she knew Terry. She wants Terry as the husband, stepdaddy, friend and confidante. Unfortunately, Terry’s not so good at one of those three. He has own little special mission that he needs to go on and I’ll leave it at that. It's revealed towards the middle of the season.
Where should fans expect to see this scene?
Halfway through the season there’s a big moment that I haven’t gotten to play yet, so I’m excited. That happens in episode five or six, I think. I’m curious to see how that goes over.
The executive producers have been teasing that someone major is going to die this season. What can you tell us about the reaction of the cast to this departure?
I know we were sad to see it coming. I can’t say too much more. It was a bit of a surprise and it was kind of an emotional moment – we’ve been together as a cast since the first season.
So it is a longtime cast member, could even be Terry! Looks more and more like Jason is going to not make it, Ryan started tweeting at a point in filming that I noted.  I do think Ryan is the best, and will have a wonderful career on the show or off. 

From EW's interview with Amelia Rose Blaire about Willa-”I feel like she has a lot of love. And I hope that’s what comes across — love for everyone around her.” And we’re guessing we haven’t seen the last of her juicy scenes: “This role, I have found, is all about going to the place that scares me and pushing myself to step up. Which is really cool,” she said. “I feel like a lot of the time as actors, it’s hard to find a role that challenges you to do something that you’re not sure if you can do, or if you can make it happen, or if you can go there. This show has continuously challenged me to keep stepping it up.”
Vulture's interview with Anna Camp, just the spoilery parts- She's a woman who is very steadfast in her beliefs, and that can be scary, people who refuse to change, who refuse to open up their hearts and minds to differences in the world. So she's scarier. She's getting scarier by the minute. She's very dark. She's really crazy and vindictive. It gets really juicy.She said she's gotten into politics?
She might run in the same circles as Governor Truman Burrell. I think she's really trying to out-shadow her ex-husband, and she's taking control of her life, and really wants to take back the power. [Laughs.] She's in power suits! That red dress, I was so stoked when I saw it. And Sarah Newlin's hair is such a part of my character; I just wanted to make sure she came back with it bigger than ever.
What's the deal with her spiky heels? They look like they could be a weapon.
Ding ding ding! They could be! A high heel can have a very meaningful job in a certain scene. [Giggles.] It's very Sarah Newlin. She may not be good with stakes or guns, but she knows how to work a high heel. And this is the first season where you get to see Sarah Newlin in a room with a vampire, and how she is confronted with everything she abhors, and how she reacts is pretty great. Sarah's a badass. She's more of a badass this season than I even expected her to be.

Question: How long until Sarah reunites with Jason on True Blood?! ‘Cause I know it’s going to happen! —Terry
Ausiello: Twelve days to be exact. In the July 14 episode, Anna Camp’s much-missed Ms. Newlin “reconnects” with her ex-lover, per HBO. In that same episode, Sookie seeks Lafayette’s help in summoning her dead parents, and Eric and Tara go to desperate, drastic lengths to rescue Pam. TVLine

So if Jason is having Ben dreams, is this from a Ben dream of  Sookie's? Is Ben just sexy fairy bait that Warlow is using to ensnare the Stackhouse siblings? Is Warlow going to be the the black sheep of the Stackhouse family, a wayward fae that was Lilith's lover or some such? 
Holly's son or sons show up again too, whoop.

GIF  Still holding out on a Gideon Emery Warlow in my life, please. Update it was Benzini all along.

Season Six Episodes Part 2

Episode 6.03 - You’re No Good Writer: Mark Hudis  Director: Howard Deutch 
Bill looks for a solution to an impending catastrophe; Eric takes a hostage, while Sam tries to recover one. Irate over Burrell’s blatant aggression towards vampires, Eric takes matters into his own hands and takes a hostage. After dangerously testing the limits of his powers, Bill enlists a TruBlood innovator to synthesize a new type of blood – but has difficulty finding the right donor. Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her. Sam receives unexpected help from Nicole and her Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) associates. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) finds his past ideals turning into a current nightmare. HBO Press release
More in Castings
Sounds like there is a flashback with Sookie in this episode as well, from the castings link. Since the posts tend to be long-ish, we will do one for every 2 eps this season.

Episode 6.04, "At Last"
Sookie confronts her attraction to Ben by inviting him to dinner; Eric counters Burrell's brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting him where it hurts the most; Andy's faerie daughters keep dangerous company; Sam and Nicole make a connection; Bill gives Takahashi the task of synthesizing a new kind of blood. Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2013 Guest Cast Arliss Howard: Gov. Truman Burrell, Rob Kazinsky: Ben, Rutger Hauer: Niall, Keone Young: Hido Takahashi TVGuide

That Sexy Fairy is in Jason's head! How does Willa have the freshest lipstick after everything that happened since she was getting ready for bed in her vintage Peignoir?
[LAVTF TEAM COMMANDER] Male, mid 30s to 40s. This SWAT team comm/ander prepares his crew for an assault on a house...POSSIBLE RECURRING CO-STAR. possibly Xavier Clarke is cast.
[NIALL'S MOTHER] Female, Caucasian, Mid 20s to early 30s. Seen in flashback to 3500 B.C., she is Young Niall's (Rutger Hauer) protective mother...CO-STAR Linn Bjornland is cast via IMDB
[SECURITY CHIEF] Male, late 20s to late 40s. Horrified by a vampire "visitor," this security chief is concerned for the safety of his employer.Possible recurring. via Bookies
[FOUR 18 YR. OLD FAIRIE GIRLS] Some appear in later episodes  #1, #2, #3, #4 in order- Natalie DreyfussHannah KasulkaJordan MonaghanBailey Noble are cast.
[FW] Lorin McCraley is cast (he was the Grabbit Quik Clerk from S1) but he looks like NuWarlow to me. 

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Rewinding the Fangover

Got Blood?  A broken Pam is a kinder, gentler Pam, yuck but it was a great idea to hide the blood in a milk carton.

Askars secret to taking off twenty years from his look, add bangs like when he was a kiddie actor. Source

Brian is recapping the show for The Backlot (AKA AE) again this season-
Jason‘s (Ryan Kwanten) ice-cream-suited benefactor appears in front of his careening car – full-on Mister Boogedy style, mind you – and saves him. As expected, his blond chauffeur is NOT Warlow (of course not – why would he have been referring to himself in the third person last episode?), but in fact Jason’s fairy grandpappy (Rutger Hauer). He was apparently testing J-bird the whole time and homeslice failed miserably. At Merlottes, a quadrangle of neo-hippie college students arrive and Arlene wastes no time giving them shit, Bon Temps style. Meanwhile, Sam (Sam Trammell) is on the phone with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) – turns out La-la has pulled baby/dogsitting duty, and he and Ms. Emma are having themselves a kiki in Sam’s trailer. WERK.MORE
GIF from Vampire Blondie
The Fangover: Weapons of Mass Seduction
Bon Temps has had more than its share of high drama, but this season's human vs. vampire showdown escalates the stakes for the living and the dead. There's an all-out war on! Right now, the winning side consists of humans who paid attention in science class; they've whipped up an arsenal of anti-vampire technologies. Exhibit A: Tara was shot with a silver, UV light-radiating bullet. After using a beer bottle as a scalpel, Eric discovers "just how prepared the humans are to fight back," writes Entertainment Weekly, and readieshimself for war. He goes incognito to infiltrate the governor’s office and quickly learns that humans play defense too—exhibit B: anti-glamouring contact lenses.
Political Genius Nora finds a passage never translated correctly till she does it, sure. Again I have to think how friggin' stupid the Authority members seemed and now we know they were in more ways than one. “As the blood ascends, two will become one.” I guess Bill takes this to mean Fae and Vamp and then he goes on his quest to synthesize the blood by asking Sookie for a donation, hee. Any ideas on other meanings for the phrase? 
WSJ recap- Sookie is happy to see Jason back home, and he introduces her to Granpa Niall. They all have spaghetti. Niall Brigant, who is actually their great-grandfather, tells them that Warlow is here, and fills them in on Warlow’s story. He’s been obsessed with their family, and killed many of them. Niall is a king, which makes Sookie a fairy princess. Jason says, “That makes me a prince,” but Niall says, “The genes skipped you.”
They can stop him with a power that is in their bloodline; the ability to channel their light into a ball that will kill any vampire it touches. Because Sookie is only part Fae, she can only use it once, and after that she would be Fae no longer. “It’s like the sun,” she says as she follows Niall’s instructions and pours her love and pain and hopes into it, making this kind of a new-age Wayne Dyer moment to. Niall tells her it’s more powerful than the sun.
Glamour proof contacts could be big sellers, opticians in Louisiana rejoice. 
They have all those hi-tech goodies for slamming vamps but oops, but never knew some could fly? Oh Governor, your team slipped up.
Jurnee Smollett-Bell was on Access this morn and said Nicole is in this season a lot (oh joy),  she never watched the show or read the books when her agent called her to test. She has a scene with wolves chasing her upcoming. If they catch her and eat her I'm all in. Nothing against the actress but the extraneous plot of outing shifters isn't anything I'd be interested in. I hope she isn't Sam's new love interest but since they all die, maybe...
Photos/GIFs from DarlinSookie, HBO, Blondiepoison, Besidethewall, ImHereforSookie
RibCageHat (JenPero)
Oh hai, bienvenido, welcome, bienvenue, come on in, and make it fast.
                                        I'll never get unRutgered, never. 
Meredith has her Pros and Cons of The Sun up-
Pro: I love that in movies and television shows, important props are always displayed on the bedside table. In reality, anything I put on my bedside table is lost. Forever. Oh yeah, that important fairy contract? Yeah, yeah I remember. I put it right here. It's right here… under this bra, a clump of cat hair, this bite guard I thought I had swallowed and a collection of Weight Watchers fudgesicle wrappers.
Con: And then, Roy Batty said, "I'm your fucking fairy grandfather." And we all died a little that day.
Con: The fairy grandfather continues stating that he's been watching over Jason for his whole life. To which I say, you're the shittiest fairy grandfather on the planet. Where were you when Jason's parents were getting murdered, when he was being framed for murder, or how about when he was being raped by an entire VILLAGE of were-panthers? Fuck you, fairy grandfather.
Pro: "If you know me so well, you know I hate tests." First Jason-ism of the night, only to be briefly eclipsed by the fairy grandfather snatching away his special gun. "Can I have it back?" NO YOU CANNOT, JASON. More

Again, another underrated nuanced performance from Ryan, he is perfect as Jason. He breaks my pruney heart with that sad look.
Cheering on his team from FyeahBajen
Jamie Gray Hyder talks about more than one death at WetPaint. SPOILERS
More Eric scenes.
EW with Rob Kazinsky, more at the link- Sookie Stackhouse met fellow halfling Ben Flynn. In episodes to come, Ben will help Sookie investigate Warlow, the ancient vampire who murdered Sookie’s parents, which means the two fairies are sure to grow closer. 
TRUE BLOOD #14, Written by Michael McMillian, Art by Beni Lobel, Release Date: June 26, 2013. Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Alan Ball, actor/writer Michael McMillian concludes this climactic arc that has former Merlotte’s waitresses returning from the dead! Source has more pages up.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sun Rewind

The second episode, The Sun,  opens with Sookie dreaming of Warlow breaking out of the portal from the realm he was jazz handed into by Claudine. Clearly he isn't Niall (hahaha I told you, now you kids take your ball and get off of my porch). The John Stackhouse contract is on her nite table all lit up. This time in the scene it looks like Warlow is tossed out onto the bridge, like he was spit out and almost fell. Niall has to get out of the car when Jason got on his 'you're Warlow" trip. 
Then he has to tell him he's his fucking fairy grandpa, and has been watching his crazy for Jason's whole life.  Of course I liked the Warlow info, Jason's being goofy since childhood and Bill was unintentionally funny IMO.

He blood cries because he feels too much, dammit. Then he drinks up a blood hooker (Jessica procured for him) Daniel Plainview style. The 3 lilithlings are guides taking him to Lilith in a park called No Place in the sunlight, which wasn't needed except to up the nudity. 

I feel bad for Patricks wife, she thinks he left her for another woman and she's pregs. I don't know but that isn't cool Arlene, unlike her bit with the newbs was.
Ben seems like he is waiting for Sookie to start his loud creepy grunting noises. Sookie isnt creeped out like me, so she goes right to investigate like this is what happens everyday (then I realized it does happen to her everyday). She brings the trying too hard guy to her house, the couch where a lot of ass has been is where he lands.  He fake passes out but first says, she's like his high school sweetheart, did he go to FairyHigh in Faeville?. That Nicole is too abrasive for me and she is coming on too strong, too fast to Sam, not an interesting story line. her group is the Vampire Unity Society, could they be any cornier?  Andy in the field looking for Maurella with 4 laughing girls was a hoot. 
Ben has dimples and he knows how to use them, even if he is playing a fairy bum guy role, he asks for a date. 
Back at Fangtasia (which is getting more screentime now that it's closed), Nora is trying to AGAIN find something in the vampire bible. She says she was kept a secret from Pamela to protect Pam, Eric's sister being in the Authority and all. Eric steals a uniform from Mr. Dorky McDork of the Wildlife and Fisheries Dept., who was on his way to a meeting  with cool guy Governor Burrell.  Willa is her father's receptionist, weird. Eric knows a lot about Whooping Cranes, who knew he was a member of the Audibon Society? The Governor can't be glamoured (contacts?), he is a fiesty little fucker, me like his character. He calls Eric a sneaky somabitch, he's funny. 
Jason and Gramps get close, Niall tells them about his background and Warlow. He is teaching Sooks how to harness her limited ball of light into a super nova, no mention of champagne. Niall isnt a Prince like the books, but a king, this show loves kings. 
Lafayette is still caring for Emma at Sam's when Sam gets back and who turns up but Martha and a less and less likeable Alcide. They want to take Emma, against the child's wishes. Eric goes into Ralphie Glick mode and floats up to Willa Burrell's bedroom window, she is happy to say the least, he isn't in Jim Carrey hair mode, though I would enjoy that.  
Jessica and that prayer, girl, you are a vampire and you can't hedge your bets at this point. Bloody faced Bill is in gagaland, yet even then he is puffy chested. It would be cool if PuffyChest and Warlow go head to head and fairy blast kills both (I like to speculate).
Screencaps from Darlin Sookie.

Recaparama, just a bit from each, more at the links.
EW always has long indepth reviews- 
Jessica heard Bill screaming and went to him. He told her he could feel all the vampires' pain: One was being whipped, one was being burned alive, and one was being dragged behind a truck. He said he couldn't help them, and then he went catatonic as Jessica wept and tried to get him to wake up. The three bloody models we'd seen run into Bill's body in the final moment of the season premiere had escorted "him" to No Place to see Lilith, who's now clean and clothed -- though the gauzy gown is see-through so we can see her hooha, for some reason. (So we'd recognize her?) She told him he doesn't get to be just Bill Compton anymore. Something has begun. Events have been set in motion.
Meanwhile, Lilith explained to Bill that God made her as vampire and Adam and Eve as humans. Though she is worshipped as a god by some, as Bill may come to be, there is only one God. A tyrant is coming, she said. Bill won the battle for her blood, so he is the one worthy of completing her work. And still, we learned nothing. Bored now. Jessica had no idea what to do. She thought perhaps Bill was hungry, so she ordered in some food -- a blonde, Veronica, from Human Edibles ("We're tasty"). Veronica said it's $50 for a bite on the wrist, $75 for the neck, and $150 for other places. When Bill didn't respond to Veronica's tender offer to make him feel better, she spooked and wanted her $50 minimum before she bolted. But then we heard bones cracking, and she was violently pulled back toward Bill as her body contorted in all kinds of positions. She knelt in front of him and her left arm was bent back over her head -- and then Veronica's blood flowed out of her mouth and into Bill's. This was nearly as shocking and disturbing as Bill's head-twisting sex with Lorena. All Jessica could do was collapse to the floor having no idea what she'd just witnessed.
Vulture's review- As a society, we've learned not to expect too much of a midget pony. Yes, most of us agree that midget ponies look terrific. But say one of them clip-clopped up to the rolled-down window of your El Camino and began to speak articulately about theology or civil rights or the importance of family? You'd have to admit: that would be pleasantly surprising. Guys, it's the same thing withTrue Blood. Right when we stop expecting intelligence from this show, sometimes an episode like "The Sun" clip-clops up to the open window of our proverbial El Camino and spits mad wisdom. This was a surprisingly good and thoughtful episode of True Blood! Except for the super-dumb parts, in which case it was like, "Okay, run along now, midget pony. That'll do."
TVLine's take on the epHERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE | Sam’s s–t day starts with a visit from the Vampire Unity Society strongly encouraging him to come out as a shifter and ends with Emma being forcibly taken from him by Alcide, Martha and their pack. Andy’s day, though marginally better, culminates in his showing up at the invisible fairy Studio 54 and begging Morella to take their kids. Meanwhile, Arlene lies to Patrick’s pregnant wife — remember Patrick, from the Smoke Monster debacle? — that he ran off with another woman. (Tsk, Arlene! Tsk and also tsk!)